A new BBC America Original Supernatural Series INTRUDERS is premiering this Summer.

INTRUDERS is about a secret society devoted to chasing immortality by seeking refuge in the bodies of others. 

A contemporary, chilling, paranormal tale set in the moody Pacific Northwest, INTRUDERS spins a fascinating and complex web of drama. As strange, apparently unrelated events start happening, multiple story-lines — a missing wife, an assassin covering his crimes, a child on the run — begin to intertwine to reveal a conspiracy that will forever change our understanding of human nature.

Starring John Simm and Mira Sorvino with James Frain & Tory Kittles. From Writer & Executive Producer Glen Morgan (The X-Files) based on Michael Marshall Smith’s novel ‘The Intruders’.

Don’t let them in. Watch the teaser now.


“Family. That’s my agenda. Sometimes family is more than just the people under your roof. They’re people who jump in head first, who aren’t afraid to make fools of themselves to help you. Who don’t hide their faces in shame if you fall down. If your family is suddenly bigger than you expected and your house gets too crowded, do you tell your family that they need to find a different place to live? You make room. You adapt. You find creative solutions to keep people together. Our schools fans are our family.”

Thank you, thank you, thank you for another incredible season, #CloneClub. You’re one of a kind.

Attention #CloneClub: Exciting orphanblack Season 3 casting news to report!

BBC AMERICA, in association with Space and Temple Street Productions, announced casting additions to the new season of Orphan Black. Justin Chatwin (Shameless) and James Frain (Intruders) join the channel’s hit original drama for its third season, which is currently in production and set to return in 2015.

Justin Chatwin joins in a recurring role as Jason Kellerman. With rugged good looks and street-smarts, Jason is a savvy drug-dealer in the guise of a charismatic businessman.  James Frain guest stars as Ferdinand, a well-educated, “cleaner” who is both charming and intimidating. Ferdinand is a powerful player in a secretive, multi-national political faction that operates with questionable ethics and a ruthless approach.

Also joining the cast this season is Ksenia Solo (Black Swan) as Shay, a soulful and compassionate holistic healer with a great sense of humor destined to become a new friend to Cosima Niehaus (Tatiana Maslany).*  Kyra Harper (Warehouse 13) will play Dr. Coady, a ruthless doctor and advisor to the military. Coady is outwardly the soul of reason, but her maternal, nurturing manner conceals an agenda that even her superiors do not suspect.  And rounding out the additions is Earl Pastko (Murdoch Mysteries) as Bulldog, Ferdinand’s silent, imposing and violent personal bodyguard. Communicating with his boss by looks only, Bulldog carries out the dirty work of his shady employers.

Welcome Justin, James, Ksenia, Kyra and Earl to the trip, #CloneClub!


To be honest…I don’t know if I’m gonna make it without you.

Cobblepot grieves for his mother and meets his father in a new sneak peek from Monday’s episode of Gotham, Mad Grey Dawn.


favourite tv shows in no order: the tudors (2007-2010)

 I am reminded of something Wolsey once told me, that I should only tell the King what he ought to do, never what he could…“For if the lion knows his own strength, no one could control him”.


CLUE The Movie -  Fan Cast

Every so often a rumor goes around about remaking one my favorite movies! I don’t think it needs a remake, but if one happened, this is who I would cast.



#5 | Thomas Cromwell

Whatever people say, Mr. Cromwell, either to your face or behind your back, you are still my first minister, whose love and loyalty I have no cause nor reason to doubt. If there is anything important to be done, I know who best to do it.