'Star Trek: Discovery' Delayed Again as Spock's Father Is Cast
The CBS All Access series will no longer debut in May.

ITEM ONE: I really liked Ben Cross’s performance in the Kelvin timeline Star Trek, but hot damn does this James Frain dude look like Sarek. Here’s a picture of him from the Fox Batman AU Fanfic show Gotham to help bolster this claim.

ITEM TWO: Dammit, guys, straighten your shit out. And get it off this CBS platform and onto something that people who aren’t NCIS addicts have. (Or at least let me buy a season pass on Amazon. Can that be a thing?)

ITEM THREE: Is this the first time we’ve had the same character at roughly the same age played by three different actors in the franchise? It is, isn’t it?


CLUE The Movie -  Fan Cast

Every so often a rumor goes around about remaking one my favorite movies! I don’t think it needs a remake, but if one happened, this is who I would cast.