Inspired by replies on my earlier post: In which Ben Whishaw is a third Holmes brother. Bond goes to the palace to rescue Q’s brother. The naked man in a bed sheet is definitely not what he expected.

I think someone must have made this kind of thing already but still.


one gifset per appearance → olympic opening ceremony, london (27/07/2012)

The British Royal Family attended the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony, directed by Danny Boyle. In it, there was a sketch of James Bond visiting the Queen in Buckingham Palace where he escorts her by helicopter to the Olympic Stadium and they supposedly parachute off. The part where the Queen makes Daniel Craig wait was completely improvised.


00Q AU: 

Prince George Edward Quinn Windsor - affectionately known as ‘Q’ - entrusts his bodyguard/secret-boyfriend James Bond to pick up his Grandmother and get her to his latest film premiere on time. 

The Queen uses this time to suss out her Grandson’s boyfriend - and to let it be known that nothing is a secret from her. 

Eurovision 2014

The main theme of Eurovision 2014 was Eurovision History.

But it also had two smaller themes.
1) The Danish hosts were trying to be a little creepy as a nod to Danish actors always being hired to play villains in American and English films and TV. That was the reason behind the weird stalker segment and shooting fireworks at the commentators.
2) They acknowledged that Eurovision is very popular among gays, which is why it had one female host and two males who were being very *ahem* friendly with each other.

So could it be more fitting that a drag queen who sang a James Bond themed song won?

America in the background is because The Netherlands’ song was about as American as Eurovision will allow.

Overall there were quite a few good songs this year, so I encourage you to go look for them.

A brand-new “7D” tomorrow!

A homage to James Bond and monkeys on hats! “Shapeshifter / There’s a Monkey in My Hat” – with guest star “Weird Al” Yankovic – premieres tomorrow at 9:30 am ET on Disney XD!

Can you guess which James Bond film the second image refers to?