If you’ve never read the book Good Omens, let me tell you what you’re missing

-An angel who is so goddamn lazy that he makes a deal with the demon he’s supposed to be thwarting so that neither of them have to do any work and he has more time to spend running his bookshop, and who wants to stop the Apocalypse because he loves sushi

-A demon who pretends to be suave and cool but who really just geeks out over his car and loves James Bond and listens to nothing but Queen and thinks gluing coins to the sidewalk is proper demonic activity

-This angel and demon are probably not gay for each other but I mean they’re holding hands on the cover art.

-This angel and demon try to stop the apocalypse but they fuck up so badly that they do literally nothing useful the whole book and somehow it’s still all about them.

-Technically it was the Satanic Nuns who fucked up, but we don’t really talk about that.

-Death (the horseperson) playing a trivia videogame in a diner.

-The four extra horsepersons that were never mentioned in Revelation.

-The antichrist who almost destroys the world because he wants to save the whales

-The only piece of fiction I have ever seen besides Supernatural that somehow manages to include both the Christian apocalypse and space aliens.

-The context of the phrase “gayer than a tree full of monkeys high on nitrous oxide.”

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Will Marvel ever use Captain Britain in the movies?

I sure hope so! I would love a ‘Captain Britain’ movie in phase 4. So long as they don’t water down the British-ness. The success of ‘Kingsman: Secret Service’ really got my hopes up for a Captain Britain movie as the tone would be very similar. Many people who aren’t familiar with the character think he’s just a British version of Captain America but they are similar in name only. 

A Captain Britain movie could have everything - action, humor, superpowers, secret agents, magic, dimension hopping. It’s like James Bond meets Doctor Who meets Harry Potter with superpowers thrown in. They could utilise British attractions and culture similar to how the ‘Kingsman 2′ trailer has done with the black cab chase scene. It could be really great and honestly I would welcome more MCU movies not set in the US.

Also, the soundtrack would be amazing. Just use iconic songs from British rock bands like Sex Pistols, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Queen, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, The Who, The Kinks, The Clash etc. Basically writes itself. 

Saoirse Ronan to play Mary, Queen of Scots in biopic directed by first timer Josie Rourke

The project was originally announced four years ago, when the idea was that Susanne Bier would direct. However, Bier has since moved on to other things: she brought John le Carré’s The Night Manager to the screen, turning it into a mega-hit for BBC TV. And there have been unconfirmed reports that she will direct the next James Bond film.

Mary, Queen Of Scots will mark Rourke’s film-making debut. She has been artistic director of the Donmar since early 2012. Before that, she ran the Bush theatre in West London, and she worked as an assistant director at the Donmar when Sam Mendes was running the Covent Garden-based venue.

Rourke’s predecessors at the Donmar — Mendes and Michael Grandage — have also gone on to film-directing, while continuing to work in the theatre.


Inspired by replies on my earlier post: In which Ben Whishaw is a third Holmes brother. Bond goes to the palace to rescue Q’s brother. The naked man in a bed sheet is definitely not what he expected.

I think someone must have made this kind of thing already but still.


one gifset per appearance → olympic opening ceremony, london (27/07/2012)

The British Royal Family attended the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony, directed by Danny Boyle. In it, there was a sketch of James Bond visiting the Queen in Buckingham Palace where he escorts her by helicopter to the Olympic Stadium and they supposedly parachute off. The part where the Queen makes Daniel Craig wait was completely improvised.

Prompt #76 - Found

Fandom(s): James Bond, Mrs Brown (1997)

Pairing(s): James Bond/Olivia Mansfield, Queen Victoria/John Brown

Character(s): James Bond, Olivia Mansfield, Queen Victoria, John Brown

Word count: 100

Summary: James and Olivia’s trip to Balmoral leads to a startling discovery.

Olivia closed the time-worn diary trying to process what they had just read.

“So, all of it was true?” James whispered.

“Yes, it would seem so.”

James watched as Olivia walked over to the secret compartment where they found the diary, and placed it back inside, locking it away from the world.

As they began to leave, Olivia turned, seeing the two spectral figures of Victoria and John Brown staring at her from the corner of the room, before disappearing from view.

Olivia smiled deciding to put the diary to the back of her mind.

Some secrets should remain untold.

A brand-new “7D” tomorrow!

A homage to James Bond and monkeys on hats! “Shapeshifter / There’s a Monkey in My Hat” – with guest star “Weird Al” Yankovic – premieres tomorrow at 9:30 am ET on Disney XD!

Can you guess which James Bond film the second image refers to?


00Q AU: 

Prince George Edward Quinn Windsor - affectionately known as ‘Q’ - entrusts his bodyguard/secret-boyfriend James Bond to pick up his Grandmother and get her to his latest film premiere on time. 

The Queen uses this time to suss out her Grandson’s boyfriend - and to let it be known that nothing is a secret from her.