The girl who gets Luke Brooks is seriously going to be the luckiest person on earth. He just seems like the perfect boyfriend. He knows exactly how to make a girl feel not insecure. He has those perfect big brown eyes you would want to stare into and it won’t make you feel uncomfortable. He’s got balls. I mean that in the non literal way.. like you could be walking in the street and he’ll do something like he does in the videos, not the ass hole stuff like knocking down clothes but like going up to random people asking them if they think you’re pretty to boost you esteem for the day. Luke’s not afraid to do something out of the ordinary that most people wouldn’t,  I’m not like that personaly but it wouldn’t hurt if I was I would actually love to be someone who doesn’t care about how people see them, how you appear to someone’s eyes. My brother is like that and I get embarrassed when I’m with him but he would always say “it’s not like you’re ever gonna see these people again” and it’s true.. for the most part.  Luke just seems like he’d do anything to make you happy.  He seems like when you two would get in a fight his temper would take over him and he might yell more than he needs too but as soon as he sees that first little drop leave your eye he’d do anything in his power to take everything back.

Let us not forget about that glorious ass of Luke Anthony Mark Brooks

Like can you imagine wearing one of his sweatshirts and cuddling with him on a rainy day. I live in la too and that doesn’t happen often but when it does I savor it. I love the rain. Can you imagine laying down next to him your cheek near his jaw and you feel his little scruffle from not shaving a few days. Like imagine some nights he doesn’t let you go to sleep until 3 or 4 cause he’s not ready to go to sleep. Or imagine some nights he let’s you go to sleep and he just stays on his laptop in the dark while you’re curled up near him and he looks down at you more often than he needs to and he smiles a smile that he never does in pictures with fans or even in pictures with you, it’s a smile that we’ve never seen before, kinda like his laugh in the tickle challenge.. I don’t know about you guys but I’ve never heard that laugh from luke before or any of the other boys for that matter. Just imagine actually being one of the people in Luke’s life that makes him smile, makes him laugh. There’s some girl out there that’s gonna get to do that for the rest of his life and not gonna lie I’m fucking jealous. As beau would say “I’M FUCKING FUMMING”  I’m jealous that some girl is gonna be able do experience all of those things with Luke. Like me I always tell my friends “Oh yeah I’m gonna marry Harry Styles, Justin bieber, luke brooks..” I don’t say all those names at once but different times.. but common let’s enter reality. I’m more than likely not going to marry any of them. Of course that sucks balls. That’s why all I have is is fan fiction. But besides that point.. fuck you to whoever is going to get to have Luke Brooks. I don’t hate you though, I envy you.

But yeah sorry I got a little carried away here but yeah. To whoever gets to spend the rest of their life with Luke Brooks you lucky son of a bitch you.

I feel like I haven’t posted about the boys (the janoskians) in awhile, so here’s a relatable photo yeah idk