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I also went ahead and did everybody’s favorite trashlord wizard because I saw the opportunity, and seized it. So while I’m scrambling to take off the other half of my beard, here’s James Fleamont Potter being an absolute dork :)


James Fleamont Potter

Harry: Come on ‘Mione I’m super straight!

Hermione: Please you’re about as straight as Malfoy.

Harry: There you go! I’m straight!

Ron: Dude…Malfoy’s not straight…

Harry: Really?

Hermione: Yeah

Harry: *wrapped in a pride flag* I have something to tell you

Sleeping Habits

Remus Lupin couldn’t help but notice the way Sirius Black moved in his sleep. He probably would’ve never noticed if it weren’t for his “furry little problem” and the times it kept him up at night, anxiously waiting for the full moon. During those nights, Remus took to watching Sirius sleep since his actions caused your eyes to look towards him anyway. It was sort of endearing, the way Remus would sit on the edge of his bed with his knees tucked into his chest, his eyes carefully following Sirius’ every move.

At first, Remus thought it was quite funny the way Sirius would sort of run in his sleep (like a dog), moving his feet constantly and rubbing holes into the sheets. But that’s not all Sirius did in his sleep. His eyes also flickered back and forth underneath his eyelids, constantly looking about. His lips would move but the only noise that ever came out were soft mumbled. His eyebrows were often furrowed together, making his sleep look rather agitated. But the worst the absolute worst thing Sirius did in his sleep was when his body shook as if he was being attacked.

It was this movement that Remus became most concerned with because it was so unnatural and there was simply no way Sirius could be sleeping well if he was constantly jolting about like that. When these actions occurred, Remus would just throw another blanket onto Sirius and it seemed to do the trick, bringing Sirius’ mind back into reality without waking him up. Remus never wanted to wake Sirius up when he was like that afraid to get punched in the face during the heat of the moment.

One night, however, Remus couldn’t stand how many times Sirius had already spasmed in his sleep, so he got up to check on his friend. Sirius’ body was covered in sweat that glistened in the moonlight that peaked through the window. His dark hair clung to his forehead in a messy pattern and the sweat pooled slightly in his collarbone.

“Sirius,” Remus said, reaching down to touch his shoulder.

Sirius’ hands instantly shot above him, covering his head as his knees were brought up to his chest. His breathing became more rapid and shaky as he shook.

“Please don’t. Please. It hurts…” Sirius said, though his voice was weak and he sounded like small child to Remus.

“Sirius, it’s me. It’s Remus.” Sirius peaked out at Remus, who was now sitting on the edge of Sirius’ bed. Sirius let his arms fall from covering his head as he sat up, crossing his legs as he sat across from his friend. He kept his gaze down, feeling embarrassed about the state Remus had found him in.

“Sorry. I thought….sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry.” Remus shook his head and reached forward to push Sirius’ hair off his forehead. “Let’s change you into something different. These pajamas are soaked.”

Remus helped Sirius out of bed and handed him a new change of dry clothes. Sirius let Remus help him, feeling slightly awkward at the way Remus would run his hands across his face to wipe the sweat away and how he helped Sirius in and out of his clothes. But…he also enjoyed it. Remus’ hands were gentle, a feeling he was not used to and he quite liked. So he let Remus take care of him.

“Thanks.” Sirius mumbled after he was all dressed and Remus had wiped Sirius’ face with a cloth. He turned to go back to his bed when Remus grabbed his wrist.

“Your sheets are soaked with sweat, too. You can sleep in my bed tonight.”

Sirius’ heart jumped and he stared at Remus for a long moment before nodding and following Remus to the other bed. Remus pushed the covers back and Sirius laid down, feeling the warmth of Remus’ blankets and he sighed contently. Remus smiled and turned to figure out where he would be sleeping when it was his wrist that was being grabbed.

“Will you stay with me?” Sirius sounded like a little kid and Remus’ heart shuddered from sadness for the young man and also happiness for Sirius wanting his comfort.

“Of course.”

Remus crawled under the blankets, laying side by side next to Sirius, their shoulders and hips touching because of how small the bed was. Then, Remus rolled to face Sirius and pulled him into his chest. Sirius let out a shaky breath as he buried his face into Remus’ neck, a few tears escaping his eyes. He wasn’t sad. He wasn’t scared. He was simply grateful. And they fell asleep, their arms wrapped tightly around one another.

It was the first night in a long time that Sirius didn’t move in his sleep.


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Sirius: *Wearing sunglasses*

Remus: *Boops Sirius* You look really good, Padfoot!

James: *Takes his glasses off and tries on Lily’s sunglasses*

Lily: Yeah. You keep them on. The more of that hideous mug is hidden from view the better.

goohugavulcan  asked:

hhmm ok hc that Sirius in dog for just gets so excited about Remus. Like greeting him estaically- jumping to lick his face tail going wild after like 10 minutes apart-When I leave the house w out my dog and come back, even it's just to grab something from the car, my dog goes wild, Sirus is like this. He thinks he's a lap dog, which is rich coming from a creature who nearly comes to Remus' hips when he's on all fours. His dog brain just goes, "Moony! It's Moony! OMG IT'S MOONY!!!!"


  • Everyone knows that Sirius Black and Remus Lupin are madly, sickeningly in love.
  • Well, maybe not so much that last part, they swear on their lived they’re more tolerable than James and Lily.
  • They’ve a flat together, just around the corner from the Evans-Potter household.
  • As you know, Sirius Black is an Animagus, which takes the form of a dog.
  • Sirius loves to curl up as Padfoot, knowing Remus enjoys the silent company of man’s best friend when he’s reading or the playful gentleness of an overgrown puppy just after the moon.
  • However, he’ll change into Padfoot at other times, too. When he’s off work before Remus is, and he’s home alone because Lily’s got Healer training and James is training to be an Auror, he changes into Padfoot so he doesn’t feel the loneliness sometimes.
  • With a dog brain, Sirius doesn’t exactly feel complex emotions. It’s more like, hungry sleepy moony play hungry MOONY sleepy MOONY!!!
  • With a dog brain, Sirius feels the ache of missing Remus much, much stronger, but in a much better way. He feels like a puppy missing his owner.
  • Thus, when Remus walks in the door, Padfoot’s tail wags so hard his whole bod trembles. His tongue lolls out of his mouth as he pants heavily from excitement, unable to control himself from jumping around. He’ll run over and bowl Remus over, wagging his tail even harder at Remus’ laughter and stooping to lick him all over.
  • It’s a sight to behold, the larger-than-average dog knocking down the larger-than-average human.
  • After a few minutes, he’ll sit back on his haunches and change back into himself, asking casually, “Hiya, Moony love, how was work?”
  • Remus notes that he couldn’t have fallen in love with a cuter, crazier bastard.

Marauders Snow Headcanons.

Since it snowed here, I had some Marauders snow headcanons.

  • Snow at Hogwarts is a truly magical experience, everyone loves snow, but the Marauders are obsessed with it.
  • As they spent their last Christmas holidays together at Hogwarts, they enjoyed a lot of snow.
  • As soon as it would start snowing, they all would go out to play.
  • Usually, James and Sirius would be the ones to start a snowfight and then it would be full on war.
  • Sometimes, they would push each other into the snow, which usually ended with Sirius and Remus making out in the snow and James and Peter groaning. “Come on, guys! Just one snowfight without bloody snogging!”
  • But they don’t stop. Obviously.
  • When they wouldn’t be playing, they would just lay on the snow- Sirius and Remus with interwined hands- watching the snow fall around them, talking about things.
  • When Sirius would turn towards Remus, he would always be enchanted by how beautiful Remus looked like this; the tip of his nose and his lips red from the cold and his tawny curls covered with snowflakes and Sirius would usually miss what others were saying.
  • Later, they all would go to the kitchens for hot chocolate.
  • And then sit by the fireplace in the common room, just relaxing.

Starving Artist

Sirius shuffled the leather strap of his watch up his wrist to cover the black tattoo printed there, the same way he did everyday. He pulled the hair tie from his dark locks, mussing his hair slightly as he pushed notebooks and pens into his satchel and set out in search of the coffee shop suggested to him by James. With his deadline looming, Sirius needed to begin his articles for next month’s issue before his editor had finally had enough of his last minute submissions, and the term “starving artist” was beginning to become more than just an example of his lack of writing.

The cafe was a little further than he had wanted, and the January air had left him desperate for a cup of hot chocolate by the time he had pushed through the heavy door. As he looked around, he realised exactly why James had recommended it. Soft jazz music rang through the speakers that were settled between rustic, dim lightbulbs that hung from the ceiling. The walls were painted a light grey apart from the largest which was covered by one large bookcase. Sirius put his bag down on one of the three small tables before making his way over to the counter.

The scent of coffee and freshly baked lemon muffins hit him, inhaling deeply he contemplated tapping the bell infront of him before deciding to wait. He shoved his hands in his pockets, rocking backwards and forwards on his feet as his impatience grew as did his hunger. Despite his better judgement, he meant forward and grabbed the golden muffin that was sat on the countertop and brought it to his mouth, taking a bite out of it. He closed his eyes as he savoured the taste of the zingy fruit, a gentle half-moan of “mmm” escaping his lips.

“That good?” came from behind the counter.

Sirius’ grey eyes flew open and landed on the tall Male infront of him. “It’s incredible” he mumbled “could… I get a hot chocolate as well please?”

“That’s a lot of sugar this early in the morning” the barista smiled before setting to work on mixing the ingredients for Sirius’ drink. As he turned his back, Sirius was able to see how his broad shoulders stretched his plain white shirt across his back and the way his arms flexed with every movement made. It took Sirius a moment to realise but holy shit this guy was attractive.

“Long day ahead.” Sirius shrugged, a small smile settling on his lips.

“In that case, take a seat, I’ll bring this over to you when it’s done.” The barista smiled again, that sent a jolt through Sirius, and uncharacteristically flustered, he gave a quick nod to hide his blush and walked quickly back to his table.

Sirius took a moment to calm himself down before opening his notebook and grabbing a pen. He experimentally rolled his shoulders before waiting for inspiration to flow.


Sirius let out a canine growl from low in his throat, clicking his pen hard against the wooden table. He continued to angrily stare into space before a hand reached over his shoulder and set a mug down to the left of his notebook. His eyes followed the hand up a toned arm and finally to the barista’s smiling face.

“You’ll leave a dent on my table,” the man smirked, hand still resting on the table beside Sirius’ book.

“Sorry.” Sirius muttered, his face fully flushed due to the gaze of the barista.

“No worries, let me know if you need anything else.”

“Of course.” Sirius returned, a smile settling on his lips.

His eyes reversed their path as he turned his attention back to the table, looking at the man’s wrist on instinct. His heart stopped as he felt his chest constrict when he had time to recognise the tattoo. A lump grew in his throat as he processed what he had just seen, as on the baristas arm were two words.

Sirius Black.

He had met his soulmate.

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Sirius Black to padfoot owes everyone £10: uni culture is chugging your coffee in your car while listening to Gasolina on repeat

James Potter: ?????????

James Potter: you dont have a car

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