I’ve literally read so many supercorp fics lately (probably all of them) that i genuinely forgot that the greatest love story of all time aka a super and a motherfucking luthor isn’t canon and lena doesn’t walk around in an ‘i love my wife’ t-shirt every day under her business clothes. also:

Team Super!

In honor of the season finale tonight, here’s a mega Supergirl Season 2 fan art. Thanks for the all the lovely comments, messages, reblogs, and shares, and for all the new friends and followers that have found their way here from me doodling these fun characters. Enjoy the episode tonight (and be nice to each other).

A collection of my dad’s Supergirl commentary

“What do you mean both of the Danvers sisters aren’t lesbians??”

“so you’re telling me the CEO isn’t gay????”

“I agree with Cat, Superman is pretty hot”

“is supergirl at least bi or something? There’s no way she isn’t into Lena.”

“they just had eye sex for three minutes!!!”

“who the fuck is this Mon-el guy and why is she dating him?”

“If J'onn can read minds, then he has to know that Kara is neck deep in the closet.”

“oh come on! They’re obviously flirting with each other!”

“I’m beginning to understand why you cry over these lesbians all the time.”

“These writers are terrible, where did they even find these people?!”

“you better grow up to create a better TV show than this.”