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Goldfinger Fort Knox scene



It’s undeniable that James Bond films are awesome, despite their gender stereotypes. Because we can’t help but be fascinated by the female girl power, and the high-tech adventures in exotic lands. And of course, the catchy soundtrack adds to the mystique!

So here’s one of my feel-good Bond tunes, ‘Goldgfinger’ by Shirley Bassey. Perfect for a dance party in the living room, or for karaoke in front of the mirror. xo -Iddi doll


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  1. The first film I ever saw was James Bond Goldfinger 
  2. My favourite classes in high school were Biology and English 
  3. The only thing I can successfully make is Banana Bread 
  4. I used to own a rabbit named Franklin Sir Buns-a-lot, his nickname was Frankie.
  5. I was named after the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Tiffany & Co.
  6. I like breakfast

The next movie in our Bond-athon is Goldfinger, quite possible the most beloved of all the films.  This is the epitome of Bond movies, one that hits all of the best clichés that are spoken of in the genre.  Fast cars, beautiful women, ridiculous quips and an over the top villain, not to mention the greatest henchman of all time.  

The film starts with James infiltrating an enemy base while wearing an absolutely smashing hat with a seagull attached.  I understand the purpose of camouflage but I feel like there had to be something better than taxidermy bird hats.  Come on Q-Branch.  Step it up. But in terms of other fashion statements in the movie, I really do love the style of the sixties.  If we could bring that back without the gender roles, I would be a happy, happy person.  Maybe I’ll try to bring it back.  I could start a trend from the middle of the godforsaken desert, right?

Speaking of gender roles, James Bond continues to devalue the entire female gender.  It makes my skin crawl and I look forward to the arrival of the Daniel Craig era because at least there the women give as good as they get. The frustration starts nearly immediately when we meet Felix Leiter (greatest American spy of all time, eat it Jason Bourne) who is with a woman James instantly dismisses, “Say goodbye to Felix, darling.  Man talk.”  Cue eye roll from me and yet she takes it with a fond smile and leaves the room without question.

When Bond encounters the first ‘Bond-girl’ of the movie, Jill Masterson, it is quickly apparent that she is far too good for him.  Smart, sweet, and by way of meeting James, guaranteed a quick and probably painful death. That happens sooner rather than later, and James finds her dead body painted gold and left on the bed; an iconic scene but one that says volumes about how women are viewed in the early films of this series (and some of the later films as well).

As a roleplayer, one of my favourite partners plays Bill Hart, aka Agent 008.  So when M threatens to replace Bond with 008, my thoughts immediately went to good old Bill.  Luckily for Hart, he doesn’t end up going against Goldfinger because this is Bond’s movie and what fun would it be if he didn’t succeed.

The best part of any Bond movie (in my oh-so-humble opinion) is the appearance of my beloved Q along with whatever gadgets he has and his sly sense of humour.  While Ben Whishaw has my heart with his version of Q, every single one of them has some traits that continue throughout every incarnation. One of them being Q chastising James for not returning his equipment, especially considering how wonderful all the things are.  Goldfinger gives us an Aston Martin with fun tricks like oil spills and ejector seats. Q: the only reason James Bond has survived as long as he has.  Let us give thanks to Q-Branch.

Goldfinger is an iconic villain, possibly the most iconic of all time.  He’s a megalomaniac who is so obsessed with gold that he is willing to send a dirty bomb into Fort Knox to make sure he his gold becomes even more valuable.  He dies in a spectacular fashion but even so, he is secondary in my mind.  

My favourite Bond villain of the Connery era isn’t one of the main ones, but a henchman named Oddjob. This is his movie and he is awesome. The man says nothing the whole film aside from the occasional grunt.  He’s built like a rock so when Bond punches him, Oddjob grins and Bond shakes off his hurting fist. But what about Oddjob makes him so great?  His weapon of choice.  While many would use a gun, or a knife, or something traditional, Oddjob throws his hat.  Yes, you read that right.

He throws his hat.

This ends up being his downfall as well, the love he has for that hat leads him to a shocking situation.  But it’s hilarious to watch Bond vacillate between confusion, amusement and fear.  Oddjob brings out more emotions in James Bond than any other character so far.

While I love Oddjob, there is one other who I love more and wish could have been treated properly by the film and the main character.  The main ‘Bond-girl’ of the film, Pussy Galore.  I can’t even write that name without rolling my eyes.  Ms. Galore is Goldfinger’s pilot and a badass woman the likes of which we haven’t seen yet in Bond films.  She stands up to James, and even gets a few good shots in on him. She has no interest in him whatsoever, which unfortunately spurs him to the lowest point I have seen so far.  

Pussy Galore said no. James Bond didn’t listen.  Guess which one got his or her way.  

The way women are treated in these films makes my skin crawl and I just want to cry.  It did lead to a fabulous conversation with my son about why what Bond did was so awful but still, I wish I didn’t have to explain that in the first place.

Overall, if you can look past the mysoginstic trappings and rape apologetics, this film is fun.  I understand why it is the most beloved of all 007 films.  But I have trouble dissociating myself from the horrible treatment women and minorities suffer from and often find it difficult to see James as anything other than an asshole who should be in jail.

James Bond just used his latest…I’m gonna call her a one night stand…as a human shield. 

I know this was made in the 60s, and I know that as a product of those times that Connery’s Bond is misogynistic (plus, you know, evidence from his first two Bond films), but damn. Just…damn. 


English model and actress TANIA MALLET👑 who is best known for her role as tilly masterson in the james bond film Goldfinger. She is in a wide-collared coral shantung sheath by Matita. Shot a tourettes sur-loup in the south of france. Photographed by📷 Eugene vernier, July 1960.

Tania Mallet was born in the seaside resort of Blackpool, England. She took a course at Lucy Clayton’s School Of Modelling, and started working as a model at just 16 years old.

In 1963 she was considered for the role of the lead Bond girl in Desde Rusia con amor (1963) , but she didn’t get it. However, the following year she was cast in the next Bond film, James Bond contra Goldfinger (1964) , playing the ill-fated, Tilly Masterson. She agreed to appear in “Goldfinger” as an experiment. She was earning £2,000 a week as a model, and after much bargaining managed to secure only £150 a week as her fee for the film. She claimed that she could not afford to continue working as an actress, because she was earning more as a model.

Tania had mixed feelings about her time on “Goldfinger”. Filming was fun, but in her personal life her long-time boyfriend had died at the same time. She took a couple of other tiny roles in smaller films, including Michael Winner’s The System (1964) but had no desire to pursue a career as an actress. She is married to her second husband. She continues to attend Bond events and autographs her photographs at these events.

things i’ve cried about (today) since weaning off my anti-depressants/anxiety medication

1. the book “go dog go” 
2. the theme to the james bond film “goldfinger”
3. when an animal welfare canvasser came up to me and asked “do you think animals deserve to be treated properly?”
4. a particularly moving verse in othello
5. the start-up screen in mario 64

feels good to be stable

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