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Mistletoe Hung Where You Can See

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A/N: I never understood mistletoe but 100% can see James stupidly trying to woo Lily with it. Anyway, I hope you enjoy and happy holidays!

Rating: T

Word Count: ~2900


“Why the hell did I have to make out with Peter twice?” Sirius demanded the moment James entered their flat.

James raised his eyebrows—both of them because no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t perfect the one eyebrow raise that all his friends did—and slowly made his way over to the lumpy couch where his best friend was sat. “I don’t know. Is there something you and Wormtail would like to share with the class?”

“Our flat’s been overrun with mistletoe! Why?”

“You realize you didn’t actually have to kiss him, right?” James replied, still unwilling to answer the question. Hedging was pointless though; Sirius knew him far too well and was probably already aware of James’ plan.

“Of course I had to kiss him. We were caught under the mistletoe, Prongs. I might not follow every rule but I’m not a savage. Back to the point at hand, why is there so much mistletoe?”

Sirius, damn him, had the smuggest expression on his face while he waited for James to own up to his pathetic attempt at romance. Knowing he was going to be teased mercilessly for the next few days, James took a deep breath and said, “It’s for the party we’re having this weekend. I wanted to get in the Christmas spirit.”

“I have no plans for the rest of the day,” Sirius said, leaning back and folding his hands behind his head. Even being halfway eaten by their monster of a couch, Sirius managed to look cool and aloof. “I will gladly sit here all night waiting for you to admit you’re trying to trick Evans into kissing you.”

“Not trick,” James protested. “Encourage, maybe.”


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