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Lily Evans leads a simple life of making pies and waking the dead. She doesn’t wake them for good, mind – only for a minute, until she and Sirius can find out who killed them. Their latest case: James Potter, moneyed heir, messy haired, and recent murder victim. Keeping him alive is a terrible idea. Too bad Lily’s always been a bit reckless.

Dead Men Rise Up Sometimes by cgner

Peculiar Moments

NOVEMBER JILY CHALLENGE | @thejilyship vs. @jiilys

relationship milestones - “'it’s their first kiss and they are leaning in painful slow, then suddenly one of them goes for it and “oW you headbutted me??”

Over the past couple of weeks, James and Lily had found themselves in a couple very peculiar situations. A couple very frustrating situations for James in particular, and the entirety of the combined situations had him on edge.

It started in the library. They were Head Students now, and so on top of all the work they would normally have to do, they had to schedule prefect rounds, go over docked points and detention slips, organize and run meetings and  set Hogsmeade trips. So they frequently went to the library together to work on these tasks and then they would study together afterwards and this was James’s new favorite thing. He’d been made captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, owned an invisibility cloak and a map of the school that let him know where anyone was at any given time and his favorite thing about his seventh year at Hogwarts was studying with Lily Evans every Tuesday and Thursday evening. He knew he was whipped, he just wished that she knew. But she didn’t.

The first of these peculiar situations happened on a Thursday in late September. Lily and James had been meeting twice a week in the library for almost an entire month now. They were friends even. The first time they had met up, she left as soon as they finished their head duties. The second time she had asked him a question about their Transfiguration homework and the third time they had stayed in the library until lights out.

But this Thursday in late September was different than that night. The main difference was that he was sitting in the seat next to her instead of the seat across from her. He knew it had been a stupid idea about two seconds after sitting down because he could smell her floral scented shampoo and when she laughed he could see her eyes light up and she would touch his arm sometimes and he didn’t know what to do about these things.

It was getting late, and she was getting tired, and when Lily got tired she laughed a lot more than normal, and she laughed quite a bit as it were. So tired Lily just laughed after almost everything either of them said, and at ‘funny words’ in their homework problems and when she dropped her quill or when James ran his hand through his hair and James absolutely loved it. Every time he left the library on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, he tried to get them to this point. To the point where she was a delirious, laughing mess.

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anonymous asked:

I love your blog so much! I'm in love with your Brotters. I just want to thank you because I read the part where Albus and Scorpius tell James his freckles are beautiful and I seriously cried. I have freckles and althought I always quite liked them I constantly hear people telling me they don't which makes me feel awful. The way you wrote that really touched me so thank youu! 😘

Omg, really! This makes me so emotional, I’m so glad that it affected you that way!!! And I love freckles- they’re so beautiful and special and always captivate me and make me want to map them out. I’m so sorry people have said such rude things to you (why would anyone do that!), but they’re missing out because freckles give you such a unique beauty that deserves to be appreciated :)

Thank you so much for sending me this, and thank you for being so sweet!


I don’t believe you did any of this for a pardon, or a passage to Nassau, or to be able to walk away from anything. I think you intend to reclaim your captaincy. I think you intend to take control of this ship. And then I think you intend to return to that beach, armed to the teeth, and seize every last ounce of gold off of it.

ok I lied. additional reactions to last night’s supergirl episode in no particular order:

1. Alex Danvers mom’ing Winn and James is maybe my favorite thing ever

2. everybody at the bar! !!! That bar is the best introduction of a new set ever, I love the bar, I love the people at the bar, I love that everyone hangs out and drinks and gives each other shit at the bar

3. what if mon-el is like “i like you” to kara and then kara has to do what maggie did to alex (because everyone knows she’s into Lena) and explain she’s there for him as a whole “last of our kind” thing but just as like…a friend. and it’s like a parallel. (that’s not going to happen, but what IF)

4. ok, but for real, is…alex…coming out…a red herring? like, are they actually playing up Lena Luthor and Kara danvers having big ol’ crushes on each other? are they giving us alex like “hey look, like we said! Someone dealing with their sexuality” which we all KNEW was coming only to spring “oh by the way, kara too” on us? It just…it’s so far fetched and yet….it…kinda….seems like that?

5. james being a crazy vigilante. “no we can’t stop now! we’re helping people!” like ok james, chill, bro, this is exactly what kara and alex were talking about with the masks and the angst and whatnot. 

6. kara, wise beyond her years, experiencer of trauma and kryptonian therapist talking j’onn through seeing his family and stuff was so. good. 

Ever since I’ve known you, you’ve been there. OK. You’re always there. Even when I don’t want you there, you’re there. That’s what a husband does. You fight for me. Thats what a husband does. You care about what I eat. That’s what a husband does. You’ve cooked for me even when I don’t ask. That’s what a husband does. When I pass out you comb my hair so there’s no knots in it. That’s what a husband does. So guess what? You’re gonna be a great husband to Lily cause you’re a great husband to me.
—  Sirius Black to James Potter, probably