real canon stuff about lily evans
  • dark red hair, and
  • at 15 it was relatively short - “fell to her shoulders”
  • quick-tempered
  • combative/confident/had no problem with confronting someone who was deserving of it 
  • in no short supply of insults - “arrogant, bullying toerag”; “I wouldn’t go out with you if it was a choice between you and the Giant Squid”; “fat head”; “I’d wash your pants if I were you, Snivellus”
  • independent/strong in that she rightly saw absolutely no problem in dropping a friend the moment they mistreated her and let no one else control her - “You’re not going to - I won’t let you -” “Let me? Let me?”
  • exceedingly smart, especially in Potions - ”one of the brightest”
  • “vivacious”
  • “charming”
  • had a certain edge that could be compared to traits found in Slytherins - “I used to tell her she ought to have been in my house”
  • “cheeky”
  • made her anti-Dark Arts stance very clear and warned Snape well in advance that she wouldn’t stand for being friends with someone involved in them

every part of Jim Kirk is beautiful

  • his round booty
  • his squishy tummy
  • his floofy hair
  • his allergy to shirts
  • his sense of honor and duty
  • his devotion to his family
  • his inability to be a pencil pusher
  • the fact that he shows his emotions
  • his love of romance
  • that he is a massive nerd
  • his hatred of salad and injustice

if this is Roddenberry’s Ideal Man of the future, then I am 100% okay with that

Just remember, apparently Victor Hugo wrote Les Miserables naked!

So the next time you’re reading a description of Enjolras… 

‘angelically good-looking, an untamed Antinous’

‘the long, fair lashes over blue eyes’

‘the fresh lips and perfect teeth’

‘Enjolras, with his girlish face, his bare neck and untidy hair, had at that moment something of the look of an antique god’

‘…with his fair hair flowing back like that of an angel on his dark chariot of stars, or like a lion’s mane’

‘His beauty, now enhanced by pride, was radiant, and as though he could be neither fatigued nor wounded, even after the appalling twenty-four hours which had passed, his cheeks were flushed with health.’

…he was probably naked when he wrote it.


The Something Rotten! marketing team delivers the 90s nostalgia - THE 1590S NOSTALGIA - in this promo video for the original Broadway cast recording!