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I cannot possibly emphasize what a constant trial it is being friends with me.


Favorite moments from Drunk History with Impractical Jokers Q and Sal.

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Can you do 28, 37, 39, 40, and 41 for Sirius Black on your 1k follower thing? Congratulations on the 1k darling, you deserve way more than that and I hope you have a great day!

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Sirius Black x Reader
41. “I love you.” - “You’re drunk.” - “Very well spotted. But I still love you.” 
28. “Can you stop being so freaking cute so I can concentrate?”
37. “Have you ever imagined *the character* naked?” 
39. “Like what you see?”
40. “Sorry I’m late, I had some stuff I had to do.” - “By “stuff”, she means me.” 
Warnings: Smut

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Sitting at the desk in your kitchen, you suffering with the wrappings of the present that you going to give to Lily and James for the housewarming. Surely there’s a spell for this, but you couldn’t find it in any of your books, and you were angry anyway, since your boyfriend is still not home. You crumpled an another piece of wrapping paper, tossing it to the other side of the room when Sirius appeared in the doorway. His hair disheveled, his steps slightly wobbly. He shots you a cocky smile, leaned on the door post.

„Are you seriously drunk? We’re going to a party!” – you fumed, but he just slowly walked to the table, sitting down in front of you.

„First of all, tipsy.” – he explained; his eyes weary, but smirking. „And we had to test that firewhisky before the housewarming with Prongs.”

„You got drunk with James?” – you articulated slowly, eyes widened.

„Yep.” – he said happily.

„Lily must be happy too, then.”

A smug smile still on his face when you turn your gaze back to the box, fiddling with the paper. The staring at you in silence, resting his elbow on the table with his face on the palm as he mumbled lowly, „I love you.”

You smiled, not looking up at him. „You’re drunk.”

„Very well spotted. But I still love you.” – he said, now with a louder voice.

Shaking your head, you giggle, standing up to give him a glass of water. He was playing with the glass like some kid, glancing at you with his puppy eyes and sad face. „Can you stop being so freaking cute so I can concentrate?”

He smiled on your question, eyes examining your face carefully. He was watching you as you finally managed to wrap the present, collecting the garbage and dropping in the bin. You clutched your hands around his biceps, trying to pull him up. „Come on, we have to change. We’re going to be late.”

„Mhm.” – he mumbles as he finally standing up, following you into your bedroom.

Sirius watched you in amazement as you were standing in front of your wardrobe, only in your underwear. Still rather clumsy, he stepping closer to you. „Y/N? Have you ever imagined me naked?”

You turned your head to him, blinking fastly before placing your hands on his shoulder. „Sirius. I’ve seen you naked a thousand times.”

„Yes, you have.” – he said with a satisfied voice.

Rolling your eyes at him, you took a step back. Change your clothes.”

As he started to undress, you watched him in the corner of your eyes, acting like you fixing your hair. Yes, you have seen him naked so many times before, but his body is still a way too big turn on to you.

„Like what you see?” – a huge smirk appeared on his face again as he was walking towards to you, wrapping his arms around your waist. He started to kissing your neck immediately.

„Sirius, not now. We’re going to be late.”

„I want you.” – he mumbled against your collarbone, his hands slipping down on your back, massaging your bum. – „I’ll be quick.”

„So romantic.”

As he chuckled, he lost his balance a bit, so you gripped his arm, pulling him to the bed and pushing him down, crawling on top of him. He smiled in satisfaction before you started to kissing him; the bitterness of the alcohol still can be tasted on his soft lips as he slid his tounge into your mouth, deepening the kiss. You feel as he getting harder, so you reached down, slipping his boxer down so you could stroke his member. He moaning into your mouth in response before starts to kissing your neck again; his hands caressing your body everywhere he could reach it before starts to rubbing your clit through the fabric of your knickers. You stood up to pulling it off of yourself, sitting back on him quickly. A loud moan left your mouth as he slipped two fingers inside you, pumping in and out in a steady pace.

„So wet fo me, darling.” – he growled, covering your neck with wet kisses.

Gripped his wrist, you pulling his hand away from you. He held you as you slowly push his throbbing cock inside you, digging your nails into his chest as you rocking your hips on top of him. Both of you moaning louder and louder with every minute.

„You doin’t it so good. Riding me so well.”

You fastened your pace to his words before you resting your head on his chest. „Sirius, I-I’m close.” – you whined, and he was gripping your waist, holding it steady as he starts to pounding into you hard and fast, for an another minute or so before both of you reach your high.

Panting hard, you crawled next to him, trying to catch your breath. „Lily will kill us.” – you said finally, jumping up from the bed and disappearing in the bathroom for a quick shower.

It’s already dark when you apparated in front of their house. After Lily opened the door, you gave a hug to her and James.

„Sorry I’m late, I had some stuff I had to do.” – you tried to save yourself, but your boyfriend – being himself – stepping closer to your friends, an enormous grin on his face.

„By „stuff” she means me.”

With closed eyes, you let out a big sigh. „What have I done to deserve this?”

Lily chuckled, leading you into the living room. „At least you boyfriend didn’t run around in the garden with antlers on his head.”

„Girls, you’re so lucky.” – James said, patting your shoulders.

Enough Is Enough - Part 3

Summary: You have known Bucky Barnes your entire life and he is your twin brother’s best friend, so seeing him on a daily basis shouldn’t be all that much of a problem right? Wrong. You hate the guy, with a passion, and no matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to get rid of him. He is there, constantly, like some persistent little pest that refuses to leave from where it’s not welcome.

So what happens when you start to pick up on just why that might be? Will your strong opinion on him change or become even worse?

Note: This is the third part to my entry for Tay’s AU Writing Challenge I had the prompt  “I don’t hate you. It’s just that if you were on fire I wouldn’t piss on you to save your life, is all.” and chose to have it as a Bucky x Reader fic.I’m so glad that you are all enjoying this….your feedback is appreciated soooooo much <3 This isn’t the final chapter just incase you are a little unsure at the end. There’s still more to come!

Bucky x Reader (AU)

Words: 2,547

Warnings: A swear word, angst, and some bullying towards the reader.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3

‘Enough Is Enough’ Masterlist

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


“When it comes to you I am scared of everything….mainly losing you like I did my mom, my dad, and the rest of my family. You and Steve are the only people left in my life now and I’m scared that if I let you get too close to me then you will be taken from me. I figured you hating me was the best route to take.”

In all the years you had known the male stood before you this was the first time you ever heard such raw emotion coming from him and before you could say anything to him your heart broke at the sight of tears rolling down his cheeks as his own emotions finally got the better of him and his chest heaved with the sobs building up inside him.

                                                 * * * * * * * * * *

You had been stood staring at him for a good ten minutes now, mouth hanging open, as your mind replayed what he had just said over and over again. It was like it was being played on an endless loop until you finally accepted that he’d actually said it because right now you were definitely convinced you had just been hearing things. There was no way he just confessed his feelings to you….he hated you!

“Are you…..going to say anything or just stand there like some kind of shocked goldfish?”

Although there was an amused tone to his words the look in his eyes showed how anxious he had grown at your extended silence.

“I…” Your eyes turn to face him but words were still the last thing your mind was attempting to conjure up. But then your face soon distorts into an angry expression as the reality of what he said finally sank in. “…is this some kind of sick joke? Wait…..did you and Steve BOTH plan this?!”

The anger that was beginning to build up inside of you overrode any previous feeling of anxiety you’d had as you squared up to him and drove a single finger hard into his chest. His eyes widened in surprise at the last reaction he had been expecting from you.

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Dating James Potter Would Include...
  • Ruffling his hair up for him
  • All the marauders loving you
  • Watching every quidditch match and being the loudest supporter
  • Painting your face for the matches
  • Matching yours and Sirius’ faces
  • “C'mon moony” then chasing him with makeup
  • All 4 of you running to meet James on the pitch (with your matching facepaint)
  • Drunk kisses at the celebratory party
  • Roaming hands (it’s James, what else could you expect)
  • “Y/N! My pants have gone!”
  • “You took them off. When you were dancing on the table.”
  • “You like it though”
  • Kissing whilst laughing and feeling him smiling against your lips
  • Tickle fights that lead to kissing
  • Revision sessions that lead to kissing
  • Everything leads to kissing to be honest
  • Sneaky stares in lessons
  • Him not revising and just staring at you whilst you revise
  • Him admiring how your mouth twitches or eyebrows furrow as you read
  • James picking you up and taking you to bed when you’ve overworked yourself
  • Mumbling “not done”
  • Him chuckling, “Yes you are my little worker bee”
  • Holidays together
  • You drive him during the summer
  • Christmas at the Potter’s with your family
  • His parents absolutely loving you because you’re a ‘good influence’
  • He’s had 2 less detentions a month since dating you
  • They’ll take what they can get
  • Educating him on muggle life
  • “No don’t- you broke it”
  • “It wouldn’t turn on”
  • “You don’t just jab your wand at things that ‘don’t turn on’.”
  • Hogsmeade dates
  • Snowball fights (he gets very over excited by them)
  • Quick passing-in-the-hall hugs
  • Long I-love-you hugs
  • Strong you’re-perfect hugs 
  • Stealing his clothes because they have the James smell
  • “Is that mine?”
  • “Not any more”
  • Him whispering ‘I love you’ for the first time whilst stargazing

A/N: I hope you like this my loves!! Thank you so much for all of your support!!x I think I’ve worked how to celebrate 2,000 but I’d love to hear your suggestions! Much love x 

Why Not Me

James Potter x Reader

A/n: Probably gonna do a part 2 if you guys want one because I feel like I could keep going with this. Warnings: some swearing, a little angst. Words: 2155

 You had known James Potter since you were three years old. You lived in the house next to his and you two had grown up together. After being best friends with someone for 13 years obviously you get attached, and it’s natural to be protective of them. That’s how you were justifying you’re feelings at this point, but it wasn’t working out too well. It wasn’t painfully obvious that you felt more then friendship towards James, everyone knew you two were close so no one suspected a thing. Especially not James, he was too head over heels for Lily Evans. Lately he hasn’t played you a lick of attention, he was too busy trying to catch hers. It’s not that you didn’t like Lily in fact you two were very close friends, you just envied her. You envied how easily she captured his attention and had him wrapped around her finger with a few simple words. It was just so frus-”Y/N! Y/N! Y/N!” Your other best friend Victoria was frantically waving her hands in front of your face standing in front of where you were previously spaced out sitting at a library table.  “Yes” you replied in a monotone voice, still in a daze from your little disconnection from reality and a little thrown off  by your thought path. “What are you doing I’ve been looking for you forever!” she shrieked. “Why what’s wrong?” I asked. “No. You’ve just been missing for hours and everyone was getting worried. It’s almost curfew and no one had seen you since last class. Did you skip dinner? Have you been here the whole time? I swear I checked here at least five times.” She bombarded you with a tsunami of words. “Wait is it really that late I didn’t even realize” I said as I rushed to pack up all my books and parchment. Had I really been zoned out for that long? “Well hurry up I don’t wanna be caught out past curfew I already have detention for what feels like the rest of my life” she overdramatized. “Okay, okay I’m going as fast as I can” I said as we made our way through the halls back to the commun room.

When we entered I felt nauseas at the sight of Lily and James basically snogging each others faces off on one of the sofas. Victoria saw you quickly look away and whispered in your ear “Just ignore them.” Linking your arms together and ushering you to your dorm. Your other roommates were all sitting around in the room doing their own little things. “Finally you found her!” exclaimed Abbey. “Wait honey what’s wrong?” asked Cara as she looked up form her book seeing your solem expression. “Ah it’s not because of that Potter boy again is it? You just need to get over him,” stated Abbey matter offactly. You didn’t even respond, instead just flopping down on your bed. “Look Y/n it’s gonna get better you’ll get over him,” said Victoria sitting down next to you. “How am I supposed to get over my best friend, I’ve known him for so long?” I asked “Well first you’ll realize that he’s a bloody bloke if he decided to choose her over you. Then you’ll find a new boy and you won’t even give Potter a single thought.” Abbey said as if she just solved a difficult math question. “It’s not that easy Abbey” victoria chastised her. “No she might be somewhat right. What if you found another boy to get over James, like a rebound?” Cara offered. “Is it really a rebound if we were never together?” I asked still replaying the scene from the common room over in my head. How happy they looked together. “It’s the principal that counts” Cara said. “Yeah that’s a great idea! It doesn’t have to mean anything. You can find a boy Saturday at the party after the quidditch game’” Abbey was way too fond of this plan. “I don’t know guys, I don’t even think i’ll go to the quidditch game” I said sitting up. “Now that’s just ridiculous of course you’re going to the qudiditch game and for once I actually agree with Abbey.” Victoria said “Well thanks for letting me know how you really feel about me,” Abbey mocked hurt.

It was Saturday night and the Hufflepuff team were down by so many points that they couldn’t even win if they caught the Golden Snitch. Of course it was James who was scoring all the points as he was ‘the best chaser in Hogwarts history’ as he liked to refer to himself. There he goes scoring yet again as the seekers continued to chase the golden snitch around the pitch. It wasn’t long before Gryffindor caught the golden snitch and the crowd went absolutely ballistic. James being the cocky bastard he was did a victory lap around the stands winking at me as he flew by. Everyone started making their way off the stands and towards the players to congratulate them. It seemed like Lily was the first one down, throwing herself into his arms like you used to when he still paid his “best friend” a care in the world. Using that term loosely now considering he hasn’t given me more then a handful of acknowledgments since him and Lily stated their little love affair.

Meanwhile I was still sitting on the bleachers next to Remus, the rest of our friend had been lost in the crowd. “So I assume you’re going to the party?” he inquired. “I don’t really know yet I’m not in a party mood tonight,” I replied in a slight daze, James and Lilys display having thrown me off. “That’s exactly how I feel but Sirius would have my head if I don’t attend the ‘most legendary party ever’ as he’s been calling it” he said. We both laughed lightly because only Sirius could make such a big deal of one of the hundreds of partys thrown every year. “Well I suppose if you’re going it wouldn’t hurt to give you some company” I said with a slight smile somewhat distracted from my previously gloomy thoughts.

We walked together, in no rush, back to the Gryffindor common room. By the time we got there the party was already in full swing and it seemed that Sirius was already wasted as he stumbled up to the two of you “What a surprise my two favorite people,” we said while balancing his entire body weight on Remus, leaning against him with an arm swung over his shoulder. “Where’ve you two been? James was asking ‘bout ya” he slurred his word together at the end making his words barley eligible. “Why was he looking for me?” remus asked confused. “Not you Moony the pretty one” Sirius said grabbing a lock of your hair twirling it around his finger and winking at you before he went prancing off sloppily to some other people. “We should probably try to slow his drinking,” you said. “There’s no point trying, you take a cup of fire whiskey out of his hands and the second you turn around he’s got two more.” He joked even though we both knew it was true. Shouldn’t you go talk to James anyway, find out what he wanted?” He more so pointed out then actually asking. Just then as you looked across the room you spotted him a cup of alcohol in is hand and Lily perched on his lap. Averting your gaze “I think I’ll enjoy your company much more.” you said and he gave you a goofy grin.

As the night went on you and Remus had found a couch that wasn’t occupied by drunk couples trying to get it on. You were slightly intoxicated, that’s putting it lightly. Your friends kept popping up to have a quick chat and handing you different concoctions every couple minutes. Remus on the other hand was sober as could be, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t enjoying the beautiful giggling girl hanging off his arm and practically sitting in his lap going off about how her little brother once brought a niffler home and tried to keep it as a pet. His cheeks blazing at the extremely close proximity. You hadn’t even noticed how close you were to him, not really being aware of anything all your senses were slowed and your brain was fuzzy just saying anything that came to mind. “We should go for a walk” you said giggling again even though you hadn’t said anything funny “It’s getting really stuffy in here I need some air” Grabbing his hand and pulling him towards the exit before receiving a reply. You two were in the hallway in no time, you prancing around and Remus trying to keep up. “It’s still so hot out here,” you exclaimed cursing your clothes. You ripped your sweater off and threw it away, Remus scrambling to pick it up while you keep gallivanting away. “Woah Y/n maybe you should slow down” You stopped abruptly and turned on your heels grinning wildly as he skidded to a stop right in front of you. Your breath fanning across his chest before you looked up to his eyes “Thank you Rem, you’re a real great guy” looping your arms around his neck, your fingers playing with the little wisps of hair at his nape. “Why are you thanking me I haven’t done anything” he stuttered out, trying desperately to not stare at your chest that was pressed against his “Oh but you’ve done so much for me” you said barley above a whisper but it was loud and clear to him. His heart racing a mile a minute as you leant closerand closer until your lips met.

You tasted of fire whiskey and sweetness. He placed his hands on your hips as you kept tugging on his hair. Neither of you hearing the loud steps comig your way. Your reaction was slow when Remus was so quiqly pulled away from you and pushed against the wall by a fuming James Potter. “What do you think you’re doing mate.” He yelled at Remus. “Woah Prongs calm down” Remus tried to defuse the situation but if anything he just made James more livid. You still drunk off your ass decided it would be a good idea to jump on his back to try and stop him “Rem run i’ll hold him off,” you said in a panicy tone “and see ya tomorrow save me a muffin at breakfast” you giggiled totally forgetting how paniced you were a moment ago. Remus jogged off down the hallway you still on James’ back.

“What the bloody hell do you think you were doing with Remus of all people” James pried you off his back so he could face you “What’s that supposed to mean?” you questioned giggling because of James furrowed eyebrows. “You two were just snogging in the hallway, you can’t just going around doing that Y/n” he elaborated still so very angry. “Why not you and Lily do it all the time? Why am I nto allowed to do it” you started getting upset, all the suppressed emotions rising up in a fury. James soffened as soon as he saw you getting upset “look Y/n I’m-” he tried apologising but you interrupted him “No James tell me why can’t I be happy? You think you can just leave me and i’ll stop everything I’m doing until you come back? No James I’m done. I am so over always being second to that Lily Evans.” You were now yelling hysterically, tears streaming down your face, completely inconsolable. James was shocked into silence not knowing how to respond to your outburst. “Why not me? Why wasn’t I good enough? I loved you so damn much and you picked her. You chased after her all these years while I was here the whole time. Then as soon as she acknowledges your existence I’m completely throw aside, I get replaced by some stuck up red head who ignored you for years!” It was all coming out now, your body racked with sobs. James pulled you into to his chest ignoring your attemps to push him away just holding you close whispering “I’m so sorry” and “I didn’t know” over and over like a broken record. “Do you know how much it hurts? I loved you. I love you, and you don’t even care about me, all you care about is her.”

That’s how the remaider of your night went. Not really coming to a resolution, just letting it all out as James held you, and when you finally fell asleep he carried you back to your dorm placing you in bed. This was a conversation for tomorrow, when you were sober, right now you just needed to sleep. To live in your dreams and shut out reality.

Business and Pleasure - Part 5

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son.

Word Count: 1,231

Warnings: Swearing, slight violence

Originally posted by marvel-freak

Steve was there in mere minutes. He must have rushed over from work, as he was still wearing his usual suit and tie.

Without a word, he enveloped you in a tight hug, his embrace comforting. You couldn’t help the tears that escaped your eyes, trickling down your face. The two of you stayed like that for a few moments. Steve was silent, waiting for you to speak first. You hadn’t been very coherent on the phone. All he had really understood was when you asked him to come over. The pain in your voice was evident, making him panic. He had just been leaving work, so he grabbed the first cab he found and made his way to your new home. The fare had been expensive, but he didn’t really mind. It was the quickest way to get to you.

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The film was shot in eight weeks, and required no retakes. During the scene where James Stewart hiccups when drunk, you can see Cary Grant looking down and grinning. Since the hiccup wasn’t scripted, Grant was on the verge of breaking out laughing and had to compose himself quickly. Stewart thought of hiccuping in the drunk scene himself, without telling Grant. When he began hiccuping, Grant turned to Stewart saying, “Excuse me.” The scene required only one take. [x]

  • I think the best headcanon for wolfstar is that Sirius was drunk and angst and actually only came out to James because of that. Like it was really late at night in maybe fifth or sixth year and both James and Sirius have had like ... twelve to many shots of fire whisky. And at some point, between rousing choruses of Mind at Work from Hamilton and Seasons of Love from Rent, the boys start drunk talking. You know, when you start to talk about all your deepest secrets and suddenly it all comes spilling out. So James confesses his major insecurities to Sirius, not like Sirius didn't know but it's nice to know that James trusts him enough to tell him face to face, and Sirius pauses him in the middle of a quidditch self consciousness rant and just kind of blurts out; "I'm gay and I had a crush on you in third year."
  • And James's reaction, because he's drunk of his AAAAAAAAAAAASS, is to smile and lean in to Sirius. Sirius let's out a huuuuge sigh of relief, maybe he's not as drunk as we thought, and they fall asleep cuddled up to each other.
  • Cue my super insecure wolf baby walking in on the adorable scene. Now he had his suspicions about Sirius's sexuality but he figured that if Sirius was going to say anything he would do it in his own time. But seeing the two of them like that, sleeping with their faces super close together, very k-dramaesque, has his heart cracking for no apparent reason.
  • So he starts avoiding both of them.
  • He also, in his month or two of avoiding them begins to notice how coupley they act.
  • James is constantly pulling Sirius in for really drawn out hugs and glancing over at the other boy with a sort of soft worry in his eyes. Sirius is as playful as usual but there's something gentle in the way he looks at James. Something almost romantic.
  • What he doesn't see is the worry in James' eyes when he stares at Sirius' slowly thinning cheekbones. What he doesn't see is Sirius crying himself to sleep at night.
  • What he does see though, is Sirius sobbing in the dorm room one day during classes.
  • It's transfiguration in a mo' but Remus figured that was enough time to pop back to his room and grab his stuff. At first he's not sure he should talk to the boy but eventually he works up the courage to go over, because his and Sirius' friendship didn't mean nothing.
  • And Sirius sits their sobbing into his shoulder for the entire period.
  • They don't talk about it afterwards but Remus starts hanging out with everyone again. It's the gang all back together and Peter could not have been more relieved.
  • It's a couple weeks before they talk about it. It's a couple years, three months before graduation to be exact, that Sirius finally gives an honest response.
  • And their relationship takes work. It doesn't just magically start and they get whisked into a fairy tail. But it's a solid one and it lasts a long time.
  • And then Sirius gets sent to AzkabanZ
Kidnapped - Part 4 - James March Smut - (AHS Hotel)

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requested: yes
-request(s): “It would be awesome if someone at the hotel, like while she was walking around, touched the reader in a way she didn’t like, she says stop repeatedly and they don’t. James freaks the fuck out and gets all protective and murders the guy while the reader is just scared. James makes her feel better with sex.” -anon ; “I was thinking a part could be where John is flirting with the reader and James gets all protective (;.” (paraphrased bc im on mobile and can’t copy the request lol) -anon
type: smut
warnings: dom!james, daddy kink
summary: Basically what the requests said– After being harrassed by some of the attendants at the hotel who don’t particularly like you, James finds out all the awful things they’ve been telling his princess, and he becomes furious and comforts you when you’re feeling insecure because of everything they’ve been telling you (;
notes: IM SO GLAD YOU GUYS ARE LIKING THIS SERIES OMF IVE HAD SO MANY REQUESTS FOR A 4TH PART YOU GUYS DONT UNDERSTAND HOW HAPPY THAT MAKES ME OML. anyway if u guys like this and want me to keep going with a fifth part hmu lmao x

❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ ❥ 

 Your eyes cracked open, taking in your surroundings. You were laying on the couch in your and James’ living room. You glanced at the clock on the end table, seeing that it was 6:34 PM, and you noticed a small note next to it with your name scrawled in James’ neat cursive.

‘Darling, I had some business I needed to attend to, but I should be back shortly. Assuming you’ll be hungry when you wake up, seeing as it’s 6:00 now, why don’t you go ahead down to the bar, and I’ll meet you there for dinner by 7. All my love, James.’ 

 You a smiled a bit at the note, and then set it sound and grabbed your purse to head downstairs. Figuring that James would meet you there within the half hour, you grabbed a seat at the bar and Liz brought you your usual – a glass of Pepsi mixed with 3 vanilla shots and 5 cherries. You’d always ordered that when you first arrived at the hotel, and soon enough, Liz had added it to the menu, and named it, “The Y/N Special.” You sat there for a while, slowly willing your drink and twirling the straw between your fingers boredly. 

“Do you have the time?” you asked Liz after a while. 

 “7:26, hun. Was Mr. March supposed to meet you?” she inquired, leaning down so she was at your sitting level, holding herself up by resting her arms on the bar. You nodded and took another sip of your third drink with a sigh. “Don’t worry your pretty little head, I’m sure he’ll be down soon Y/N.” 

 A couple minutes after, John Lowe, the detective staying at the hotel, took the empty seat next to you. “Hey,” he turned to you with a smile, “Y/N, right?” 

 “Yup,” you responded, smiling politely back at him. He was just being friendly, right? 

 “Looking beautiful as always, I see.” 

“Oh.. um, thanks,” you said awkwardly, unsure if he was flirting with you or just being nice.

“Can I buy you a drink? You look like you’re almost finished with that.” John said with a small laugh.

“Oh, really no, that’s okay. I’m waiting for someone anyway, he should be down soon.”

“No, no, really. I insist.”

You shrugged to yourself. It was just a free drink, it’s not like he was offering to buy you lingerie or dildos. You tried to convince yourself he was just being friendly – you loved your boyfriend and accepting a drink from John wouldn’t change that.

“Liz?” he called. “Another drink for Y/N please. Add it to my bill.”

Liz shot you a questioning look, but made the drink and slid it over to you anyway. Time passed and what started with awkward small talk with you and John, soon became a slightly drunken full blown conversation, with one of you laughing every few minutes or so. Liz kept coming by to “check on you” but you knew she was just making sure nothing bad was happening between you two. She knew you would never in a million years want to cheat on James, but here you were, bored and still waiting for him, a little drunk, and having fun talking to John.

“You know this is really fun, we should do this again.” John smiled, leaning back and taking another sip of his beer.

“Oh, I mean this is fun and all but I’m not sure my boyf-” you started, but suddenly John leaned in and captured your lips in a kiss. You immediately began to pull away, but John was ripped away from you first.

“Just what do you think you’re doing with her?”

You instantly recognized the voice, and your eyes grew wide, not knowing what he’d do.

“J-Jesus, I’m sorry man I didn’t know she was taken.” John stuttered, tossing some money on the bar and standing up. “It was nice talking with you Y/N.”

James stood in his spot, fuming and not saying anything. You played with your now sweaty hands in your lap, waiting for him to speak. “James?” you cautiously asked, as the silence continued.

James didn’t turn towards you, but instead to the bar. “Liz, please have the kitchen send our usual to our room. Y/N and I have some things to discuss. Just put her drinks on my tab.” He grabbed your your hand and started walking back towards the room.

“Please just say something. I pulled away, it didn’t mean anything to me.” You told him as the two of you almost reached your room. He stayed silent, and you couldn’t tell if he was pissed, upset, a combination, or neither. 

“James, I’m sorry. I love you so much, you know I never would have-”

Suddenly James cut you off.

“Get undressed and go lie on our bed.”


“I said, get undressed and go lie on our bed.” he repeated. 

 “You’re… not mad?” you asked quietly, unsure of how to react.

“For God’s sake, of course I’m mad, just not at you. Now do as I told you to, I’ll be in in a minute.”

You bit your lip and walked into your room, stepping out of your shoes and letting your hair down as you walked. You shed your jeans, pulled your top over your head, and just as you started to unclip your bra, you felt a cold pair of hands land on your shoulders and sensually slide down to undo it. He scooped you up and brought you over to the bed, but stayed standing to start unbuckling his belt. You had to admit that seeing him like that sent a tingle right in between your legs, so you slowly reached down and started rubbing your clit through your panties. 

 “Ah ah,” James said sternly, leaning down to push your hand away. “No. Not tonight.” You knew he was only being extra dominant because he was angry at John, but you honestly couldn’t get enough of this.

Once James was fully undressed, he climbed on top of you, and crashed his lips to yours. You immediately threw your arms around his neck and threaded your fingers into his dark hair. 

His lips traveled down to the skin between your breats, leaving a trail of wet kisses and hickeys all over you. “You like that?“ he murmured. You nodded your head vigorously, and in reply James slipped his fingers under he waistband of your panties and pulled them down. 

 “James, please,” you groaned out. “Say my name again,” he growled,reaching one hand down to your pussy and pushing slow, hard circles into your clit. 

 "Oh-Ohh, fuck, James” you moaned again, feeling close to what you knew would be one of many orgasms that night. Just as you hit the edge of your climax, he removed his hand completely. “James!” you whined, tempted to just finish yourself off. But, of course you didn’t, because you knew James was in no mood for that tonight. Whenever he was angry he was extremely dominant.

 "Maybe if you hadn’t been flirting with that son of a bitch earlier, I would’ve let you cum.“ 

 "James, come on. How many times do I have to say I’m sorry?” you asked, feeling guilty but also annoyed. It’s not like you actually did anything. 

 "Why don’t you get on your knees and show me how sorry you are instead, darling.“ he responded, an evil looking grin playing on his lips. You smirked back at him and dropped to a kneeling position in front of him. “Open.” he commanded sternly, tapping your lips with the tip of his index finger. You gladly did as he told you to and parted your lips. James thrusted into your mouth quickly, and your eyes widened a bit at the sudden feeling. Your hand immediately went to grip the base of his cock, but he was doing most of the work. You wiggled your tongue in your mouth a bit, teasing his tip, and James moaned at the feeling you were giving him. His eyes were closed and his hands woven into your hair, and you could tell he was getting close. You hollowed your cheeks around his dick, and just when he was about to cum, he pulled out and started pumping himself. 

 "You wanna cum on my tits?“ you asked innocently, licking your lips. And before James could even reply, he released his load all over your chest with a loud groan. You stood up and began walking towards the bathroom, looking back at James with a smirk. “Come shower with me?" 

  James grinned, and easily caught up with you. His hand came down on your ass with a harsh smack, and then slid over to rest on your hip. You pushed the bathroom door closed behind the two of you, and James reached for the faucet to turn on the hot water. Just as you pushed down the lock, you felt his arms snake around your waist and his head rest in the crook between your neck and shoulder, breathing in your scent. You turned to face him and his lips immediately met yours in a frantic and passionate kiss. James’s hands gripped your butt, and lifted you up to his waist. You wrapped your legs around his hips and your arms around his neck. Slowly, careful not to hurt you, James stepped into the stream of hot water. You let the hot water run over your chest, and James leaned down to press wet kisses to your collarbones. A quiet moaned slipped out of your lips, and in response, James began scattering hickeys all over you, starting at your neck and traveling downwards until he had one of your nipples in his mouth. Once he was finished, he pulled his head back to admire his work. "To let everyone know who you belong to,” he whispered. “I need you,” you replied, squeezing your hands around his neck tighter to keep yourself at the same height as him. “Then you’ll have me.” James said, pushing into you roughly. “Mm…darling, you are a revelation.” You leaned your head back against the wall of the shower and moaned loudly, as James continued pounding into you. You reached your hand down to your clit, and quickly rubbed your wet fingers over the sensitive spot. Your stomach practically did backflips as you brought yourself closer and closer to your orgasm. James let out a gasp as he came inside you. He kept fucking you, desperate to make sure your came as well, and you clenched around him as you felt your own orgasm taking over. “Oh, fuck James,” you groaned out, reaching your hands, that were previously around his neck, up to your boobs and gripped them harshly as you rode out your climax. The two of you stayed there, panting, for a few minutes, before James pulled out and gently placed you on the floor of the shower. He turned off the water and stepped out to grab you both towels. “Here, my love. I’m sorry to leave so soon, but I have some work I need to attend to.” You grabbed the towel with a pout, “Right now? Can’t it wait?” James leaned down to kiss your forehead. “It cannot, I’m sorry. I promise I’ll be back soon, dearest.” And with that, James turned towards the door. “I love you, Y/N.” “I love you, too.” you sighed, but James had already closed the door behind him. You stepped out and got dressed again, and by the time you walked out of the bathroom, you saw that James’s towel was on the bed, one of his dresser drawers was open, and he was gone. You closed the drawer, tossed his towel into the hamper, and laid back on his bed to wait. You weren’t sure how long his “work,” whatever it was, was going to take, so you figured you may as well take a nap. You were exhausted after almost every time you had sex with James, so it didn’t take much for you to fall asleep once you were under the covers and had closed your eyes. Ales than an hour later, your eyes shot open to the ringing of the phone on the nightstand. You rolled over with a groan, and picked it up. “Hello?” “Y/N?” Liz asked, even though she knew that it was obviously you, “You need to come downstairs right now– it’s James.” HEY IM SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG TO GET OUT OH MY GOD OK ill link parts 1 2 & 3 at the top in case you haven’t read them yet but I hope you guys liked part 4 :-) I know EXACTLY where I’m going with this series thing now, which is why I ended this part the way I did lol so probably you all are getting tired of this whatever it is, but I’m defintely making a part 5 lmao. even though it’s a smut series I kinda wanna add more storyline (like things like pregnancy, engagement/wedding, either James or Y/N having an affair, a threesome, etc have been suggested, and hint !! I’m planning on one of these for the next part 😏😏 have fun figuring out which) so let me know any other ideas you have, I love hearing your guys suggestions!! ❤️ xx -l