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You watch him edit

Everyone in the house was gathered around the tv watching Jai destroy at Fifa. 

“Hey guys! Where’s Luke?” you shout over the cheers and laughter. Jai shuts off the TV and powers down the Xbox before answering. 

“I think he’s in his room editing out latest video. It’ll probably take him all night so we’re gunna go to  he park and mess around. Maybe go out to eat.” He said.

“You wanna come?” Beau asked politely. 

“Um..nah. I’m kinda tired from today’s adventure. I might just settle down with a movie…or something…” you said, thinking to yourself about a night alone in the house with Luke.

“Suit yourself. We’ll be back.” And with that they all left.

You rushed upstairs. Maybe you and Luke could have a quiet dinner just the two of you or cuddle and watch a movie without the boys barging in. Maybe even get to other things that always get interrupted. 

You slowly open the door to Luke’s room and see him sitting on his bed working on his computer. He glanced up quickly before going back to his work. You ignore his stale greeting and climb onto the bed, silently leaning your head on his shoulder. 

“Hi…” you say.

“How’s it going?” he asks. You lean the side of your face in and he gets the hint to kiss your cheek. He then continues to edit, playing and replaying clips. Minutes pass and he continues to ignore you. You were so excited to spend sometime with Luke but never knew how serious he got when he was editing. You sat up, leaning against the wall and pulled your hair out of your face, lowing your lips to his neck. You laid a couple soft kissed along his collar bone and below his jaw before picking up the pressure and sucking on the skin trying to get his attention. You gave him a small bite before he scrunched his shoulder to block his neck and finally looked away form the computer. 

“Look…I really need to get this done! I only have a couple minutes cut so far and still need to mess around with the effects and audio and I’d really appreciate if you could just leave me be!”

Your heart fell. His worls hurt but you knew he didn’t mean it, he was just stressed. How could you be so stupid? You knew Luke was under a lot of pressure to get this video published as soon as possible for the fans and you should’ve known he wouldn’t want you to be there, distracting him and prolonging the process. 

“I’m sorry.."you said crawling off the bed and moving towards the door. "I…” you play with your hair nervously. “ I should have known you’d be busy. I’ll..I’ll just go” you said grabbing the door handle before opening it.

“No wait…” Luke said, reaching up and grabbing your wrist. “I just really need to get this done…but if you don’t mind how mind-numblingly boring this is you can stay if you don’t distract me…”

You closed the door and sat down on the bed next to him. “Well then…I’ll just hang out quietly on your bed.” You slowly crawled over him to lay down.

You sat and watched him tinker around on his computer, laughing at the boys in the video as Luke tested each clip. His brow was furrowed as he replayed the clips. He tested out songs for certain clips and licked at his lips, playing with his piercing. it was almost like he was teasing you, but you stayed calm, resting your head on his pillow or staring at the ceiling. His warm brown eyes flickered with the glare form the screen and his face was illuminated, showing the mole on his nose and the cute dimple in his cheek when he smiled. The click on the trackpad and keys was starting to annoy you since you couldn’t see what was going on but you enjoyed the quit, peacefulness of Luke’s face. You both would laugh fall into fits of laughter, watching the boys in their scenes and Luke would occasionally test out a silly edit to make you smile. 

“Hey. So…whenever I let anyone watch me edit they kind of have to be my…slave(no not sex slave). So you could get me a glass of milk?” He asked smugly. 

“Sure…” you said getting up. 

“And…” he started, playing with his curly hair and pushing the patch of blue to one side, “I’m kind of hungry…”

“Luke please…I thought you would atleast have a little more respect for women.” You said. You got his glass of milk and started making him a tuna salad sandwich. Great you thought, not only am I making him food, but I’m making him a sandwich. You added some watermelon to the side not sure what he wanted. 

“Wow..” he said when you walked in. “Thanks…why do you always do what i ask?”

“Cause…idk…i want to…” You said.


“I’m just helping you boys out. Heaven knows you can barely do anything for yourself.” you smirked. “And I love you…so i don’t mind doing it…”

That caught him off guard. “I love you too. More in fact…” he said confidently, pushing back the computer to eat his sandwich. 

“More? Please?” You said snuggling up under his arm, getting close to him for the first time. “I kindly did your laundry yesterday. Now that’s real love.” you laughed. 


This Freaking Song // Jai Brooks

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This Freaking Song // Luke Brooks

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