james yammouni

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Austin Mahone Imagines

Welcome Home
Tell Me That You Love Me
Before He Cheats
Always Come Back To You
Prom? Prom


IG You & Austin are “Just Friends”

OGMagcon/Omaha Imagines

Cameron Dallas

You Can Let Go Now
Let’s Get Lost
All Together Again
Since When

Nash Grier

Snow Angel


Nash goes to Coachella without you
Nash goes home to NC
Nash plans an International Tour & asks you to go.

Hayes Grier



Hayes checks out your ass

Shawn Mendes

Confessions of A FanGirl


You’re pregnant and Shawn is at the Studio

Aaron Carpenter


Aaron cheers you up after a bad day
Aaron asks you out

Taylor Caniff

Don’t Make Me Regret This

Dillon Rupp


You get mad at Dillon
You want him to stop smoking
He talks about your sex life with the guys
You get mad at him for being away too much
Your daughter gets her period
He gets jealous

Jacob Whitesides

Let The Haters Hate

Matt Espinosa

Surprise, Surprise

Carter Reynolds


Jack Johnson

No Pressure
Dream Come True
Love Me, Love Me
Never Be Alone


“Babe, Is everything okay?”
“I was kidding, chill”
“How can you love something so broke?
“You’re hot when you’re jealous”


Johnson hasn’t seen his girlfriend in a few weeks b/c of tour
Drunk Johnson asks if you’re ready for his mom’s Birthday
Johnson surprises you at College
Johnson wants to see you before he leaves for tour
Johnson gets jealous
Twitter AU Johnson has’t seen you in 4 months
IG AU “Just Friends”
Hes afraid of your older brother
IG AU you spend the day at the beach
He compliments you on your IG photo
He gets jealous
You break up

Jack Gilinsky

Anything For My Little Girl
Daddy’s Little Girl
For The First Time Pt 1 (Pt. II)
Birthday Boy
The Wait is Over
We’ll Get Through This
Random Rainy Day
Love & Protection
Secrets Pt. 1 (Pt. II)
Surprise, Surprise
Forever & Always
I’m All Yours Pt. 1 (Pt. II)
A Thousand Miles
You Need Me, I’m There
We Got This


Gilinsky is at his parents and wants you
You think Gilinsky is ignoring you
Gilinsky asks you out but you already said yes to Cam
Horny Gilinsky accidentally text you instead of Johnson
Gilinsky tells you how Sam talks about your sex life
Gilinsky feels bad for leaving you with your daughter
IG You & Gilinsky are “Just Friends”
He’s jealous of Sam
Twitter war with Madison & G 

Sammy Wilk

Secrets Pt. 1 (Pt. 2)
Only You
Meet The Parents
Maybe One Day Pt. 1 (Pt 2)
Try Pt. 1 (Pt. 2)
Let Me Love You
Make it Up To You
#1 Fan
Never Again


“You’re in love with me?”
“Go fuck one of your skanks” 
“Stop hiding yourself”
“You’re hot when you’re jealous”


Adjusting to long distance with Sam
Sam is away, horny and missing you
You text Sammy during a Thunder Storm
You & Sammy fight over some pictures you saw
You’re jealous of Stass
IG AU “Just Friends” 
He cheated on you
He thinks you’re using again
LA changed him

Skate Maloley

Let It Out
Mine & Only Mine
Fell for You Like Woah
So Ridiculous
Little Dude
We’re Gonna Be Fine
Tattoos & a Bad Girl
For Right Now
It’s Our Job
Nap Chats
Say Yes
My New Old Life
Back To Sleep
Better Than I Thought Pt.1 (Pt. II)
I Wasn’t Ready


“Stop hiding yourself”
“If you’re reading this its too late”
“Its not what it looks like”
“Don’t lie to me”


Skate texts you after your first time
Nate Motivates you to finish an Essay
You like Nate & he knows
Skates on tour & checks in on you and your daughter
Skate wants to see what you look like pregnant
Skate accuses you of flirting
You cheat on Skate
Nate gets jealous
You’re feeling insecure after you see his new video
He FaceTimes you
He’s with his family & wants you
IG AU “Just Friends”
IG AU You’re Pregnant
He admits he likes you
He wants his old life back
IG/Twitter AU Him & your Ex throw shade
He cheats & chooses the other girl (Part II)
IG/Twitter Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
Your lip ring
You’re afraid of thunder
He misses you while on tour
You left tour & he wants you to come back
You prank him
He’s bothering you while you’re in class
You’re Swazz’s sister
You miss him while he’s away
He asks you to prom


Live A Little


Swazz sees your scars
IG You’re “Just Friends”
He’s alone with your daughter
He wants to fix your relationship (Part II) (Part III)
He admits he likes you
You’re sick & you make him your slave for the day
He Proposes

All/More than one


Omaha boys find your pregnancy test
Omaha Boy gets nervous before going on stage
You’re late to Jack & Jack’s Event

Derek Luh

Turn Around


“Have you been drinking again?
“I’m with the boys”
“I’m not going to be your toy”

“Back off”


You guys collab and then he asks you out
IG Post you’re a VS model
He wakes you up to sext
He’s away & your kids miss him
He misses you
He’s worried about you
You accuse him of being in another relationship
He’s insecure
You smoke without him
He promises to be better than your last
You’re a recovering addict
“But Imma keep it cool”
You find out he is using again. (Part II)
The fans ships you
Ride or Die
The night before your wedding
You get custody of your son (Part II)
“Just Friends”
He wants more time with your daughter
“All I care about is you n the music”

Janoskians Imagines

Beau Brooks

Best Day Of My Life
Taking Risks

Daniel “Skip” Sahyounie


Luke Brooks

Just Wanna Be With You


Luke makes fun of your hair

James Yammouni


James is having a hard time dealing with Zayn leaving 1D
James is afraid of loosing you

Jai Brooks


Jai says he can beat you at FIFA
Jai gets Jealous
You tease him during an interview
You confess your feelings for each other
Another girl keeps flirting with him