james yammoun

James rant.

Listen here. I’m sick of seeing all this stuff like “ Ew James. Ahaha no.” Crap.
James Yammouni is perfect no matter if he fits your standards or not.  So maybe your favourite is One of the Brooks Brothers, So what? James is 1/5 of the Janoskians as are Jai,Luke,Beau and Skip. They are all equal but some of you guys treat James like he’s so sort of alien in the group. 

Honestly, some of you judge each one of the boys by appearance. So what James might not have the biggest abs or anything. James is perfect. You hear me? P-E-R-F-E-C-T. He shouldn’t be treated different from the others for anything. He has the same love for the fans as they all do, and constantly spends his time on Twitter talking to us and following us.

People who put any hate on James disgust me. He’s a huge hearted, perfect cutie, But all you want to do is judge him.