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James K. Polk's Presidency: A Summary
  • polk: tis i, the dark horse (i came out of fucking nowhere)
  • polk: well lookie here i won the presidential election
  • polk: here's my list of goals
  • *4 years later*
  • polk: well lookie here i accomplished every goal
  • polk: *drops mic*
  • polk: not even gonna run again
  • polk: peace

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"It’s not fair!"

     ‘ nice one James ! ‘

        James let out a breath that felt much like a   gut punch.
              No the world had never been fair to those who
deserved it. To Lily, who devoted her life to a war she was never meant to fight. To Sirius, who fell at the hands of a family he had clawed away from, only to be torn away from the ones that truly loved him. To Harry, who watched the scenes unfold like a Greek tragedy, only to wake up & realize it’s not a nightmare.

not fair, & hasn’t been since the day Harry was born.
     Fairness would be living in Godric’s Hallow with both his mother
& Father. Fairness would be not having to live in a safe-house on the countryside that changes every year. Fairness would be a year—just one year that does not seem to mercilessly take down Harry James Potter. Fairness would be a Sirius Black who is alive.
                 ( There was a memory painted in stone of a small Black boy sitting nervously underneath the sorting hat. )
                                          ‘ no… ‘ He whispers, allowing one his slender hands to cup Harry’s chin. He’s shaking, or maybe it’s James who’s body cannot seem to slow itself down. Through watery eyes he can just barely make out the
startling green that mimics so beautifully what his Lily looked like.    She’d know what to say.      She would tell him that everything happens for a reason—maybe God, or karma, or fucking mother nature had a plan, & that in the end they’d be alright. Everything would be alright, & she’d say it in such a soothing way that you’d believe it. Even if just for a moment. & really, all James wanted right now was just a moment that didn’t feel like he was suffocating. 

( & Atlas shrugged. )

             ‘ You—-you deserve   much more   than this, Harry. I… I can’t tell you why these things happen to us, but you know—you HAVE to know that Sirius loved you like you were his own son. ‘       Because that’s what he   was. James Potter was strong, impressively so, but not even he could have shouldered this weight alone. Sirius Black was the first one to drag James out of the gutters after that first halloween. he was the one to take Harry when James went after Pettigrew the first time… and the second… and the third. Sirius Black saw Harry off on the Hogwarts Express every September first, side-by-side with his brother in every respect but blood. He was there for Christmas, and birthdays, and every day of the week not spent in the Order. He was the one to give his   life, so that two little Potter boy’s may live.
                             ( He could still see how those cool-gray eyes shined with laughter )
                     Selfishly James had wished it was him, at first. But Harry needed him.
& until the day the red light at the end of a wand engulfed James Potter, he would always be there for his son. Until the very end.

                   ‘ Sirius… Lily… they will always be with us.
                                                       Even if just in our hearts. ‘

Dating James Potter Would Include...
  • Classes together being incredibly fun
  • But also incredibly distracting
  • Him saying your name from behind you about a hundred times
  • Until you turn around
  • And you’re met with a cheesy grin
  • “Hi.”
  • Hidden glances
  • Mouthing jokes at each other in classes
  • You pulling his glasses down from the top of his head when he thinks he’s lost them
  • Him grinning widely at this
  • “Thanks, love”
  • You getting butterflies whenever he calls you by a nickname
  • “Love”
  • “Babe”
  • “Baby”
  • Him telling you to look away at Honeydukes
  • No, INSISTING on you looking away
  • Later, you figure out that it’s because he was buying you all your favourite candy
  • And he wanted it to be a surprise
  • (Kind of a fail there, James, mate.)
  • Because there’s no occasion
  • Just the fact that you’re the best.
  • Him loving nose kisses
  • Him loving all your kisses
  • But especially the nose kisses
  • They make him go a lil red in the face
  • God forbid anyone finds out about this though.

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“I’m all for dressing up… but, how do you wear this?”

“James, love … are those overalls you’ve wearing?  Actual denim overalls like you’re a farmer about to go stride through his fields and chastise his crops for growing too slowly or whatever it is people dressed like that do?”

He stares at James, eyes bright with delight, because standing in front of him, to his great surprise and amusement, is a shirtless James Potter in a full-on pair of overalls and nothing else – on backwards, no less, he’s almost positive.

“I’m not sure what’s going on here, James.  Are you wanting to do a little farmer role-play, is that it?  Or did someone convince you that this might be some kind of Muggle formalwear?  Either way please go on and get it off your person, it’s – far too much look for any one man to hope to carry off.”

Refresh the Fancast For The Love of God: Girish Kumar as James Potter

“It was as though he was looking at himself but with deliberate mistakes. James’s eyes were hazel, his nose was longer than Harry’s, and there was no scar on his forehead, but they had the same thin face, same mouth, same eyebrows. James’ hair stuck up at the back exactly as Harry’s did, his hands could have been Harry’s and Harry could tell that when James stood up they would be within an inch of each other’s heights.”

anonymous asked:

Which vampire brother(Diabolik Lovers) would be a counterpart to each incubi brother from Seduce Me? Sorry if this is a weird question for you, but I was just curious. By the way, I am IN LOVE with your new visual novel! Hope you make more awesome stories in the future xoxo :)

James - Reiji

Erik - Laito

Sam - Ayato

Matthew - Kanato

Damien - Shuu

A Little Family

Loud screams could be heard throughout the whole hotel. It was rather unsettling. There wasn’t normally sound considering the terrible things that have happened within the walls.

James was bothered most by these noises. They bothered him because they were coming from you. Normally the sound of screams excited him (in more ways than one) but tonight he flinched every time you screamed.

“Mr. March! What are you doing?! Your wife needs you!” Miss Evers yelled at him, James was pacing in his office.

“Miss Evers?” He asked. He was so absorbed in his own thoughts that he hadn’t heard her at all.

“Sir. It’s time.”

James quickly followed Miss Evers into the room that he shared with you. You were in labor. You had been for a while. James had been stressing everyone involved with the delivery so they kicked him out until it was time for you to push.

You were coated in sweat, your face contorted in pain as a scream fell from your lips. The minute James walked through the door he rushed to your side holding your hand.

“I’m here darling. I’m here.”

“Ma'am, you need to push now.” One of the maids helping with the delivery said.

You screamed as you pushed, you grabbed and held onto James’ hand for dear life.

After a few more pushes a baby’s cry could be heard. You collapsed back onto your bed breathing heavily as the maids cleaned up your child.

“You did it doll.” James said smiling as he kissed your forehead. You smiled up at him.

“This kid better be worth it.”

“Of course they will. They are our child, aren’t they?”

You laughed. James sat down next to you on the bed as the maids returned with your child.

“It’s a very healthy girl ma'am.” Miss Evers said smiling as she handed the baby to you.

“She’s beautiful.” You say staring down at you child.

“She took after her mother.” You hear James say quietly. You turn to look at him and notice the slight tears in his eyes, not thy he’ll ever admit it.

“I love you so much.” You say to him.

He turned to look at you then kissed you softly “I love you more. And I promise to love our child with the same amount of love that I feel for you.”

The hotel was quiet once again. Everyone returned to their daily routine. No one knew that there in that hotel a small family had just been formed. Laying in each other’s arms all night that perfect little family was as happy as they could be.


 I feel like some of that was OOC but anon asked for super fluffy so I delivered. I hope y’all enjoyed it!!



Baby It’s Cold Outside

You got up from your position on the bed you were sharing with James, you grabbed your dress and started to change when you heard James’ voice “Darling, please don’t leave.”

“I really can’t stay.” you said as you continued to grab your stuff.

“Darling it’s cold outside.” he said almost pouting.

“This evening has been so very nice.” you said smiling as he walked toward you taking your hands in his.

“Your hands are just like ice” he said as if he was the only one who could warm them.

“My mother will start to worry…”

“Beautiful, what’s you hurry?” he lifted one eyebrow smirking

“My father will be pacing the floor…” he pulled you flush against him and whispered in your ear, “Just listen to the fireplace roar.” He began to lightly kiss your neck.

You pulled back a little, a smile on your face. You had been thoroughly convinced to stay, you never really wanted to leave in the first place, but you decided to continue to tease him.

“I ought to say no..” you leaned back into his touch.

“Mind if I move in closer?” he whispered as he moved his hands down your back to cup your ass.

“…at least I’m going to say that I tried.” you mumbled under your breath as you clutched James’ shoulders, the two of you swaying to imaginary music.

He chuckled, “What’s the sense in hurting my pride?”

You laughed. He stared into your eyes “Baby, don’t hold out.” You kissed his lips.

“Now why would I do that? It’s cold outside.” You were smiling so much it hurt. James chuckled, his eyes full of mischief, he scooped you up and took you back to bed.

“Darling, you are a revelation.”


Hello lovelies!! Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays depending on who you are!! I know it’s been a while but I promised this one a while ago and since it goes with today being Christmas I decided to do it!! Almost all of the dialogue are lyrics from the song ‘Baby its Cold Outside’.

Hope you enjoyed!!



I am pretty convinced that James Franco is perfect at what ever he does.

example 1. eating

example 2. begging

example 3. winking (oh my)

example 4. trying to act cool

example 5. smiling (aww)

example 6. doing weird stuff (still hot)

example 7. playing with his cat 

example 8. laughing (melts)

example 9. listening to music

example 10. when he does a weird look

also this look

 LASTLY example 11. when he licks his lips (faints)

your argument is invalid xoxo

Carpool Karaoke

Author: avengerstories

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader

Word count: 1,978

Originally posted by dark-and-stormy-mind

Standing outside of the hotel, you giggled as you noticed your manager, Alicia, snapped a picture of you being fussed over by a makeup artist and a hair stylist simultaneously. You still weren’t used to all the attention, but ever since you had landed a role in a new romantic comedy, being surrounded by a whole team had become common. As they put the finishing touches on your appearance, Alicia approached you.

“They’ll be here in two minutes,” Alicia said. Today, you would be filming a Carpool Karaoke segment with James Corden. James was your co-star in the new movie and the studio thought it would be a great idea to use it as promotional material for the movie in a few months. Alicia continued to fill you in on the itinerary and protocol for the filming. Her phone buzzed and, as if on cue, a black Range Rover pulled up a few seconds later; you had a to wait a minute while James filmed the intro to your entrance. After a quick thank you to your team, you happily sauntered over to the car and got into the passenger seat.

“Hi!” You greeted each other happily, leaning over the middle console to give each other a hug. You buckled in and James began to drive.

“Thank you for driving with me,” he started, using the usual scripted material. “I know you’re a very busy person, but I just can’t seem to figure out my way around here.” You chuckled quietly as he turned onto the main road. Filming had moved to Georgia for the last two weeks and James had already wrapped on his scenes.

“It’s no problem at all,” you tell him with a smile. James had easily become your best friend/ big brother during shooting. “We miss having you on set.”

He looked over and smiled. “What do you say we listen to some music, huh?” He turned a dial, raising up the volume. The first song on the playlist was “I Will Survive”. Both of you sang along, jokingly throwing in dramatic gestures towards each other. The song faded out allowing James to talk.

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hey y’all! i’ve been quiet this week cause it was tech week for both of my a cappella groups. thought I’d share my solo this year – “retrograde,” by james blake. the drop in this song is my very favorite thing hehehe

hope you like xoxo riley