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James K. Polk's Presidency: A Summary
  • polk: tis i, the dark horse (i came out of fucking nowhere)
  • polk: well lookie here i won the presidential election
  • polk: here's my list of goals
  • *4 years later*
  • polk: well lookie here i accomplished every goal
  • polk: *drops mic*
  • polk: not even gonna run again
  • polk: peace

Hello fellow DGHDA fans! It is I, James! I’m known for making a post about a me being at a support group and saying that I’m not over the end of season 1. But, anyway, this summer me and my family will be at San Diego comicon, doing a cosplay of the Rowdy 3 + Amanda (were 1 member short, but oh well. You work with what you got.) I will be Vogle, and my sister will be Amanda (my parents don’t know who they’re gonna be yet.) So if you happen to see 3 rowdy 3 members and an Amanda, that’s us! Don’t be afraid to say “Oh hey your James you made a textpost that got lots of notes!” Luv you guys!

XOXO, James

Taylor, you probably won’t see this but I have so much to thank you for. 2 years ago I was too embarrassed for anyone to know how much I loved you and your music let alone go to a concert of yours. I missed the RED Tour and will always regret it but the fact that I’m not only going to multiple 1989 shows but going to the with friends and meeting friends I’ve made here on the day just about makes up for everything.

James aka bigbroswift