james x tani


- Sorry your dad didn’t hate me more. That was the idea, right? Bring the invader to dinner? You know, in high school I was the go-to guy for girls looking to piss off their fathers.

- Why were you the one the girls would bring home?
- I guess they thought they could fix me.
- Did they?
- Only one came close.
- What was her name?
- US Navy. But we’re going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment.
- She showed you the world.
- World ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Last Resort 1x03

My today unpopular opinion

I love Dichen Lachman, I love Tani, I love James/Tani since the pilot. 

I read anywhere posts full of hate for Tani and they make me really sad. Grace/James may have potential, but I think James and Tani make a great couple. Dichen and Daniel have a lot of chemistry. Besides, when they are together, there are always sparkles. 

I also think that Tani’s storyline could very interesting. And I love Dichen’s acting since Dollhouse: she’s so expressive!

Last but not least: James and Tani’s scenes are not boring at all to me! They bring out all my fangirl’s feelings XDD