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TV MEME +2/3 episodes that make you cry

❝i’m sorry. i really am. i did the others quick and clean, i wish i could have done that with you. im sorry i had to do this. but i have to make yours look like a car jacking. i have to make it look like an amateur did this, and it’s going to hurt, it’s going to take some time. i’m sorry. but i’m going to sit here with you. til its over. i’m not going to let you die alone, you’re not alone. your daughter’s going to be okay. nothing is going to happen to her. she is safe. it’s okay, it’s okay. you’re almost there. you’re almost there. any minute now.❞

scandal season 3 episode 14 kiss kiss bang bang

A little bit of Niall in my life
A little bit of Niall by my side
A little bit of Niall is all I need
A little bit of Niall is what I see
A little bit of Niall in the sun
A little bit of Niall all night long
A little bit of Niall here I am
A little bit of you makes me your girl.

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the royals || and then it started like a guilty thing (2x09)
there’s a girl in my room who chose to stay in a very broken, unhealthy place for so many reasons. she stayed because she felt unworthy and unloved. unworthy of being loved. it occurs to me that there’s always been a girl in that room who felt that way and who made those choices. but only one of those girls was strong enough to get out, and it’s not me.

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“The Royals” Are Back December 4th on E! | E!

I’m freaking the hell out!!! So much Jaspenor I can’t waaaait ♥