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Baby Shower

Character/Person : James Madison

Pairing : James Madison x Reader

Time : Modern

Reader’s Gender : Female

Side Note : i had to do some research on jefferson’s wife so i could find out her name and what she looked like lol

Warnings : smut duh

Possibility Of Having Another Part : eh

Genre : Smut

Request : Hey uhhh can I request a Reader × James Mads smut and he really likes her legs( cause why not) and when they are getting ready for this party get together thing they get side tracked ;))) (I’ll stop I’m sorry 😂) yeahhh thanks (can you feel the intense awkwardness) by @kimmy-h-life

Word Count : 2507

Summary : Close friends of yours, Thomas Jefferson and his wife Martha Jefferson, invite you to their baby shower to celebrate an incoming member of their family. While getting ready for said baby shower, things get a little… side tracked.

You held your boyfriend’s arm tightly as you both maneuvered into the coffee shop to meet Thomas and his significant other.

Before you could reach forward and grab onto the handle of the door to pull it open, James removed his arm that was linked in yours to open it for you. You smiled and held out your arm for him to take again. 

Arm in arm you both walked in and scanned the place for Jefferson’s booth, immediately spotting him due to his head of hair. You stifled a laugh as he patted his hair for the third time that you’ve arrived at the shop.

“Jefferson,” James called out.

At the sound of James’s voice, Jefferson removed his gaze from his lover to look up at the two of you. His eyes rolled as an audible scoff left his lips. He waited a few seconds for the two of you to near before he said what was on his mind, “God, when are you two never polite? The only PDA I’m getting from you is arm holding and Eskimo kisses.”

You smiled and shrugged as James nuzzled your cheek just to spite Thomas. Thomas groaned at the sight of you giggling while his best friend continued to pepper your cheek with kisses.

“God, do you two even fuck?” 

A blush crept up your neck and you turned to meet an awkward gaze with James, who took out his handkerchief to cough not so subtly in.


you composed yourself before James could.

“It’s really none of your business.”

Thomas’s eyebrows shot up and he threw his hands up in mock surrender, “damn okay. James likes them feisty, note taken.” His southern drawl only made your irritation grow, along with his wide grin.

“So, why did you call us here.” James asked, after stuffing his handkerchief back into his pocket and rubbing small circles on the back of your hand.

Thomas eyed your intertwined hands and the circles that James traced on your hand before scoffing and sipping his coffee loudly.

“Right,” he set down his cup and threw an arm around his lover, otherwise known as Martha Jefferson.

“Baby shower.”

Your eyes widened as you quickly reached over to hold Martha’s hand in glee.

“Congrats, Martha!” As you leaned over the table your dress rode up, exposing your thighs that were hovering right above James’s lap. His gaze dropped from Thomas’s to your legs. His jaw clenched and he pulled his handkerchief to cough into it, trying to distract himself from your exposed body.

Thomas’s lips were upturned into a smirk, knowing well enough about his best friend’s attraction to legs.

He picked his mug up and pulled it to his lips, sipping loudly and eyeing you as you sat back down and continued to smile at Martha.

James cleared his throat, “so, when is this baby shower?”

Thomas being too occupied with his drink to speak, he glanced at Martha as she smiled and run her finger along the handle of her glass.

“Next week. We hope you’ll be there.”

You nodded your head vigorously. “Of course. We’ll clear our schedules.”

Thomas smirked and bit his tongue, eyes trailing down from his wife to his menu.

“You better arrive smelling like fresh sex.”

Martha slapped at her husband’s shoulders, scolding him as he snickered, too focused on James and yourself’s beet red faces to fully feel the whacks Martha was giving him.


Your legs rubbed at each other awkwardly as you lifted a spare menu to take your attention off of Thomas’s comment, oblivious to James’s eyes staring at your legs.

Today was Tuesday, the day of Thomas and Martha Jefferson’s baby shower. It was an event everyone that was invited was looking for, just because Thomas promised that he wouldn’t get blackout drunk and everyone was excited to see Thomas try and control his drinking. You knew he wasn’t going to last for long before he chugs down any type of alcohol at the party. He’s probably already drunk, and the party doesn’t start in three hours.

You slipped into your floor length robe and walked into your shared bedroom that was connected to the bathroom.

“James, you’re not getting dressed?” You eyed your boyfriend who sat quietly on the bed, texting Thomas.

“Honey, the party doesn’t start until four.”

You shrugged and made your way over to your vanity table, taking a seat to do your makeup. Plucking one of your makeup bags from your desk you unzipped it and picked one of your brushes to use.

It took you a while to get your makeup done, but the overall result made your best features stand out, so it was worth the time it took.

You turned your head around to scan the room for your clock that was hung right above your doorway to the bathroom where James was taking a shower.

3:14 P.M.

Thinning your lips, you rotated in your chair and pulled at the towel that was wrapped around your hair, letting it down. You ran your fingers through your locks, checking to see if it was dry enough to start working on it. No dice.

You stood up and made a bee line for your closet. Running your fingers over the hefty amount of clothes, you found yourself growing more and more worried that you didn’t have a perfect fitting dress for the baby shower in time. Surely, you didn’t want to make James late for his best friend’s baby shower.

Your thoughts were interrupted when your fingers stopped at an eye catching color. You knew this dress. Martha gifted it to you once. She claimed it was a color that would look great on you, and you had yet to put it on.

You pulled it out of your closet and lifted it to your chest at the full body mirror that hung on your wall right next to the closet.

It was sleeveless and the skirt was dangerously short, stopping at the your mid thigh.

You tugged at the stash of your robe, loosening the tie on it. Shrugging it off, it dropped to your ankles as you stepped out of it, revealing your bare body underneath.

Taking one last look at how the dress would look on your body, you removed your gaze from the mirror to actually slip on the dress and look at the final result.

Shimmying it on, you stared at how the dress complimented your figure perfectly. So intent on looking at your figure, you didn’t catch James approaching you from behind.

“God, you look perfect,” he whispered into the shell of your ear. You shivered and took a second to let your eyes travel down his body in the mirror, stopping shortly at the towel that hung low on his hips. Your face burned as you made quick work of returning your attention to your own body; James seemed to do so too. 

You could feel James’s eyes rake over your body and take in the sight, licking his lips in the process.

“You know,” he pressed his pelvic into ass, making a groan escape your lips, “we don’t have to be on time.”

It took you a minute to register his words, but when you did, a pool of heat leaked into your panties and subconsciously, your thighs clenched. James chuckled lowly at this, the sound going straight to your core and sending vibrations through your body. You stifled a moan, much to James’s dismay.

He let out an animalistic sound and ran a hand down your body, going from your chest to your lower area and stopping at your clit. Your breath hitched when he rubbed circles on it all the while he ground his hips into yours. You tossed your head back into his shoulder and arched your back.

“You were such a fucking tease last week,” you moaned at his words and pressed your hands against the full body mirror, slowly glancing up to meet his piercing, lust filled gaze. “Leaning over the table and showing off those damn legs.” He ran his free hand that wasn’t teasing you along your thigh and up to your right breast, kneading it. Your breath soon became short shudders as you leaned into the mirror for support, your mind fogged as you racked your brain for things to say; all that would come out of your mouth were moans that only edged James further.

“Fuck, babygirl,” your legs gave out and you collapsed onto your knees. Your sweaty hand slid down the mirror and you glanced up, eyes meeting with James who grinned down on you. “On your feet, babygirl. I want you to watch yourself when I fuck you.”

Your thighs pressed against each other, trying to get some sort of friction out of this while James continued to dirty talk you from above. Slowly, you found your breath and managed to stand up and return to facing the mirror. Your panties were absolutely soaked at this point and your clit throbbed for attention, you almost slid a hand down there to continue yourself, but with how much dominance James was starting to reveal you were too excited to see what he would do next.

Taking in his bottom lip between his teeth, he hitched up your dress and pushed your panties to the side, running a finger in between your folds. His fingers were slick when he brought them up to show you, taking his finger into his mouth, making eye contact with you as he did so. You groaned, becoming very impatient, but deciding on not acting on it.

He returned his hand back to your pussy and pumped his finger in it, slowly at first, and not fully. You lowered your hips to push his finger into you, wanting to feel him. James laughed and fully slid his finger in, then another, then another.

Your walls clenched around him as he fingered you, pushing in and out at a consistent pace. He groaned at the thought of you squeezing around him instead of his fingers.

“James,” you managed to get out. Your eyes shut and only fluttered open when James grabbed your chin and pushed your head up to keep your eyes focused on yourself in the mirror.

“Yes, babygirl?”

Your knees bucked, you exhaled shakily, “I- I need you.”

He remained silent, letting his actions speak louder than his words. Sliding his fingers out of you, you whimpered at the loss of contact and awaited for him to slide into you instead. It didn’t come. Your eyes shot open and you looked at him in your reflection to only be greeted with a questioning gaze. Your eyebrows furrowed when he leaned in and pressed his tip against your dripping core.

“I need you to beg,” he smiled wickedly and ran his tongue along his teeth.

It took a bit of hesitation and recovery from his sudden question, but you managed with: “James, please.”

He shook his head and pushed himself a little bit further into you, you tried to sink back into him, but he held your hips painfully in place. There were gonna be bruises down there for sure.

“James, please, I need you.”

He cocked his head innocently and pulled out, “need my what?”

You groaned in frustration and pleaded, “I need your cock! I need you inside me!”

James clicked his tongue and slowly pushed himself into you. Suddenly feeling a bit full, he paused and awaited for you to give him the clear. You nodded and grounded your hips onto his. He met your thrusts and created a solid rhythm, rocking your body with his. He grabbed your boob and ran his thumb over your erect nipple making you moan in response. With his other hand, he tangled his fingers through your hair to pull and make a makeshift ponytail out of to tug on. Your mouth fell open, allowing a series of pleasurable sounds to fall out carelessly.

A knot in your stomach formed and it only drew closer when James leaned into you and whispered how much he wanted you to come in your ear and pulled at your hair even harder than before. Your head was thrown back and returned to place when James held you tightly, “look at yourself,” he whispered.

At his words, you focused your attention onto the mirror in front of you. It was slightly fogged, but it was clear enough to see what was happening. Your breasts hung low, one being captured in James’s hand, swinging back and forth due to his powerful thrusts. You could see a thin layer of sweat coating both of your bodies and catching sight of James’s lustful gaze twisted something in your stomach. It wasn’t long before you were writhing underneath him and releasing on him.

He came right after, the feeling of your walls squeezing around him helping him come. He rode you throughout both of your orgasms and soon, you were sweating some of your makeup off and your hair was tangled again after brushing it.

“So,” you started, shooting a teasing smirk over at James who only showed confusion. “You’re into my legs.” He groaned and covered his face with his hands, throwing his body back into the bed. You walked over, adjusted your dress, and laid back into his thrown out arms.

“I love you,” he whispered after a bit of panting. You smiled, laughing silently at his timing, “I love you too.”

Both you and James walked into Thomas and Martha’s backyard, being immediately met with the blasting sound of music and smell of food. James unlinked his arms with yours and pushed open the gate, holding out his arm for you to retake, which you did so happily. You were still a flustered mess from earlier, but you were able to mask your aftersex look with a new outfit and brushing your hair over again.

“Madison, Y/N!” Thomas called out, spotting you two. He rushed over and smiled brightly, you and James reciprocated his expression. James reached out to hug him but Thomas paused, Martha sauntered over with a hand over her slightly there baby bump and a glass of sparkling water. Thomas sniffed, “is that..” A knowing look crossed his face.

“Is that the stench of sex?” Thomas snickered as he watched you and James become flustered, clamping his hand over James’s shoulder in a congratulating stance, noting how quiet the two of you were.

“Well,” he picked a cheese cube and twirled it by the toothpick in his finger, “see you at your baby shower.” With that, he popped the cube into his mouth, did that shit eating grin, and walked off with Martha in tow, who sent you an apologetic smile over her shoulder.

You swallowed a lump in your throat and turned to face James, who thinned his lips and scanned the backyard for something to distract himself from Thomas’s taunts.

“Cheese cube?” You nodded violently. “Please.”

It makes me so mad when I think about the fact that in PoA Snape bound Remus and said he was going to ‘drag the werewolf’. Can you imagine if he’d tried to do that in school? Sirius and James would have absolutely killed him. He only did it to try and show some petty dominance over Sirius while he was weak and wandless.

It just makes me so mad because Remus never did anything wrong to Snape, Snape just did it because it was the easiest way for him to convince himself he was above Sirius.