james won

Lena is invited to game night
  • Lena: I won.
  • Alex: Okay, I call cheating. She hasn't even played this game before and she wins three times in a row? There's no way I'm giving her my money again!
  • Maggie: Okay, calm down, Danvers. Yeah, L show us your cards.
  • Winn: And also stand up so we can see that you're not hiding any cards.
  • James: I have to agree with Winn. Lena, stand up and empty your pockets-
  • Lena: Kara Danvers believes in me.
  • Alex: ...
  • Maggie: ...
  • Winn: ...
  • James: ...
  • Kara: ...
  • Kara: She won fair and square.


Lily: No! Harry! 

James: *panicking* I know that spell from somewhere, Blondie needs help immediately. Merlin’s pants Myrtle he’s not dead STOP shouting!

Lily: He’s about to be, it can’t be.. no. That bloody book, that is a very dark spell Jamie

Sirius: Trust me knows, he was hit by it.

Lily: WHAT?!

James: *through his teeth* Padfoot!

Sirius: We are all dead Prongs, it doesn’t matter if she knows or not really.

James: You son of a–

Sirius: Bitch. I know, I lived with her for sixteen years.

Lily: Who?

James: Doesn’t matter.

Lily: *fuming* I. said. WHO

James: *giving up* Snivellus. Dumbledore healed me pretty fast, I didn’t have many scars so I decided to keep it to myself than to hurt you.

Sirius: Speak of the devil

*Snape heals Draco and comes back to order Harry to bring his school bag*

Lily: He’s gonna have to give that stupid book to him eventually

Sirius: *smirking* Not necessarily

Lily: Sirius, I will drag you to hell myself and hand you over to Walburga if you don’t shut it.

James: He’s going to the Room of Requirements to hide his book, I can’t believe we didn’t include that in the Map.

Lily: Jamie, this is so not the time love.

James: Alright alright, got it.

*Snape checks Harry’s copy of Advanced Potion Making”

Sirius: Seriously Harry? Roonil Wazlib and the best you can come up with is “That’s my nickname”?

Lily: He’s in so much trouble, he’s done for–

James: Lily calm down a little.

Lily: He almost killed that boy!

Sirius: Well he’s up to something for Voldemort, didn’t you see his arm?

Lily: Doesn’t mean he has to die! Don’t you ever think of Regulus and how he was forced into all of this?

James: LILY!

Sirius: Don’t you dare talk about him again Evans.

Lily: I– I’m sorry.

*“Well, we shall see how you feel after your detentions,” said Snape. “Ten o’clock Saturday morning, Potter. My office.” “But sir…” said Harry, looking up desperately. “Quidditch… the last match of the…” “Ten o’clock,” whispered Snape, with a smile that showed his yellow teeth. “Poor Gryffindor, fourth place this year, I fear”* 

James: That fucking wanker, he did that on purpose. He’s gonna miss the final game. I miss the days with Charlie Weasley, he was one hell of a captain *both Sirius and Lily don’t talk* I will never understand why he went for dragons instead of eternal glory on the field.

*Day of the match and Harry’s detention*

Sirius: Snivellus didn’t just give him our detentions to go through.

James: Yes, yes he did.

Sirius: Merlin I hate him more than I did 20 years ago, I never thought that was possible.

Lily: *shyly* He does that to make sure he reads your name, Sirius. Harry is used to his comments about James but your absence is new to him. He’s just being his cruel self.

Sirius: Well fuck him, Jamie how is the game going? 

James: Not bad, not bad at all. Redhead is actually pretty good.

*Hour and a half later*

James: *cheering* THEY WON! 

Lily: *surprised* Really?

James: Redhead caught the snitch! I can’t believe this, they won!

*half an hour later*

Sirius: Harry’s off of detention and he’s going to the common room now.

James: Well, a pleasant surprise will be waiting for him.

Lily: Ah look at them, there’s Ginny oh.. OH! Well that’s a way to celebrate



Sirius: *grinning* Resemblance is uncanny.

Lily: Harry, love maybe that’s enough, Ron is watching.

James: And she loves Quidditch

Lily: Molly’s gonna be happy

Sirius: Happy is a very underrated word but wait til the twins find out.

James: And have you seen one of her Bat-Bogey hexes? That girl is awesome.

Sirius: If you are done swooning over your future bride Prongs..

Lily: He secretly wanted them to be together since he rescued Ginny from the Chamber of Secrets, leave him be. It took Harry sometime to take his head out of his ass to see Ginny.

Sirius: *smirking* Evans! That’s your son you are talking about and that reminds me of someone.

Lily: *smiling* Oh shut it Black.

James: Nice one Pads, he’s right you know. Everyone knew you were swooning over me for a good six months before you finally accepted you liked me.

Lily: Except for you, Jamie.

James: Whatever. It’s like us but involving a lot less hexes.

Sirius: He’s like a teenager girl whose two favourite characters finally got together.

James: Fuck off Pads.

Lily: He was like that when you and Remus got together, too.

James: So what? Can’t I be happy for people I love?

Sirius: Sure you can but maybe be a little less enthusiastic?

James: *raising an eyebrow* You are one to talk

Sirius: Okay, got it. I’m out.

Lily: What just happened?

James: Nothing important. Ah! Look at them walking around in the castle talking, if her hair was a bit darker they would look exactly like us.

Lily: *putting his head on James’ shoulder* You are relentless.

James: Tell me you don’t like this.

Lily: I love it.

James: Exactly my point.


In bringing this collection to a close, I decided to take it back to the start.

You can also find this fic here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12286317/5/Sense-ational


The first time she kissed him, he tasted like butterbeer and something distinctly James. The combination made her head swim, her heart pound, and her body crave him, his mouth, his body, his skin against hers.

It was a crisp October afternoon, the first Hogsmeade weekend of their seventh year, and Lily had finally said yes, enthusiastically yes, to James’ Hogsmeade proposal. He’d been stunned at first, thought she was having him on, made worse by the fact that instead of answering his desperate enquiry of “Are you serious?!” she’d said, “No, but your brother is,” winked at the tall, wavy haired man next to him, and walked off. She never could resist a Sirius joke. Neither, she knew, could Sirius, and his barking laughter followed her down the corridor. James, unwilling to leave things on such unsure footing, chased her down the corridor and took her hand. “You’re actually saying yes?” He’d said, the words quiet and deep and fast, his eyes searching her face and when Lily broke into a smile he looked like he’d been stunned. “Yes, James. I’m actually saying yes.”

He’d dragged her down to Hogsmeade as soon as they’d finished breakfast that morning, though ‘finished’ is perhaps not quite the right word. James had practically inhaled an entire bowl of porridge, his knee bouncing incessantly under the table, and Lily had barely had time to grab a few pieces of toast before his hand was in hers and he was hauling her away from the table.

She was shouting indignantly and shoving bites of toast into her mouth as he pulled her into the brisk morning air, but his hand was warm in hers and the electricity shooting through her veins kept her from protesting too fiercely against the disruption of her breakfast. Instead, she gripped his hand more firmly in her own, bumped her hip against his playfully - “You better feed me today, Potter, or you’re dead.” His eyes were sparkling with amusement when he smiled back at her, “On my honour, Evans.”

When they got to the gates, James had stopped them, moving to stand in front of her, his eyes moving over her face, and Lily’s breath caught in her throat as she looked at him because he was just too damn beautiful to be real and how had she never realised it before? She wanted to grab him right there and kiss him, but they hadn’t even had their date yet and she knew how long he’d been waiting for this, so she ran her tongue along the back of her teeth and bit the corner of her lip in an attempt to control herself. But he was still looking at her like that, like she was everything, the only thing in the world, and the air was crackling with so much electricity that she could taste it on her tongue when she pulled in a deep breath. He blinked and smiled an embarrassed smile before reaching up and taking his scarf from around his neck. “Here,” he said, grinning at her, “You look cold.”

His fingers burned trails across her skin as he tied the scarf securely around her, and she swallowed the desperate reply that was bubbling up in her, opting to thank him quietly instead. It was the exact opposite of everything she normally would have done and she knew James had noticed because he’d cocked an amused eyebrow at her as they began walking again, but she couldn’t trust her mouth because it was begging her to either taste every centimetre of his skin or tell him how she thought she might actually, desperately, be falling in love with him and neither of those were options while they were making their way to the high street on their first official date.

The morning was a whirlwind of sound and colour - they went into all her favourite shops, he detailed everything he’d ever planned for all those rejected dates, her cheeks flushed with a bit more than the cold when she told him that she was glad he’d finally earned her attention. She tried to remember all the details, commit it all to memory, because she knew this was something she’d want to remember, that it was one of those rare moments you realise, as it’s happening, that you need to set it down, to carve it into your memory, because this moment, this day is going to be one that changes the rest of your life. But no matter how hard she tried to step back, to catalogue the details, she couldn’t. He was overwhelming, he was, and she couldn’t focus on anything but the rush in her stomach that was slowly burning a hole through her when she looked at him.

They ducked into The Three Broomsticks for lunch, he cracked jokes and she tossed chips at his head. They drank bottles of butterbeer and she pretended not to notice the stunned look on his face when she brushed her foot against his calf under the table. His eyes welled up when he talked about his parents, she took his hand and talked about her sister, they talked about the future. It was easy to talk to him and they talked about everything.

They fought, of course, over who would pay the bill when it came and, though James won, she grumbled about it while they waited for Rosmerta to return with his change. James pocketed a handful of coins as he stood, laughing as Lily said, “I can pay for myself, James, bloody hell,” and took her hand. They walked out of the pub and the cold air was a shock after the warm, smoky air of the pub. “You can pay next time,” James said, grinning down at her and Lily cocked her eyebrow, “Who said there’s going to be a next time?”

He stopped in the middle of the high street, turning to face her and raising his eyebrows - he studied her before he smirked and moved his hands to her hips. “Now Evans,” he said, his fingers brushing along the hem of her jumper, “I know you don’t mean that.”

The retort was on the tip of her tongue, but, recognising the opportunity, she grinned instead. “No, I don’t,” and she reached up, wound her fingers in the hair at the base of his neck, and pulled his mouth to hers.

She would, over time, run her tongue along all the lines of his skin, tracing him, finding every sensitive part of his body and memorising it and the way it felt against her lips, the way the salt and spice of his skin lingered on her tongue. But now, right now, with his mouth on hers, his fingers sliding along the exposed skin at her waist, all she could think was more. She needed him, every part of him, and she knew then that she would never, ever get enough.

She didn’t care that people were probably gawking at them, that they could see just how desperately she was pressing her body against his. The taste of him was driving her mad and she shouldn’t be held responsible for any acts of public indecency she might be in the process of committing. She bit down lightly on his bottom lip, smiling at the groan that escaped him, before he broke the kiss and pressed his forehead to hers. His eyes were shining with want and mischief and she could tell just how much effort it was taking for him to control himself. It mirrored, but probably didn’t quite match, the restraint she was exercising over herself.

“You can’t be doing that to me in public, Evans. We’re supposed to be setting an example. What kind of Heads are we?” Lily grinned and pressed her hips against his, “Maybe we should go back up to the castle then, if you’re going to be such a stickler for the rules.”

He smiled so broadly she thought his face might crack with the effort and she couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled out of her when he was looking at her like that, grinning stupidly at her in the middle of the high street like he’d just won the bloody lottery. She knew how he felt though, her lips were still tingling, her skin still humming, and she completely understood, now, what it felt like to have your entire body come alive, burst into flame, when you’re with someone. She craved it, never wanted it to end - James had ignited a fire in her gut that she hoped, no, knew, would never burn out.

She stepped away from him, grabbed his hand firmly in her own, and turned towards the castle.

Shit You Never Knew About The Marauders

-Sirius had a really bad case of OCD

-Peter excelled at Herbology, Charms, and Potions

-Remus developed quite a drinking problem in his 5th year but he then quit drinking completely in his 6th year

-James’ favourite muggle sport was football (soccer)

-All of the Marauders had a crush on Lily at some point

-Sirius got drunk for the 1st time with his brother on his dad’s very expensive, very old goblin-made wine when he was only 11

-Peter had awful acne for a majority of the time he was at Hogwarts

-Remus actually went out with Lily for a few months in their 3rd year but they broke up when they decided to just be friends

-James’ celebrity crush was Celestina Warbeck. He had every one of her albums and knew all the lyrics to all of her songs

-The Marauders usually slept in the same bed and often times they cuddled

-Sirius was very good at ballroom dancing but only used this talent when he was trying to impress someone he liked

-Peter sleep walked. This became a problem in their 4th year when he would do outrageous things while sleep walking so the rest of the Marauders would have to stay up to stop him from getting himself in trouble

-The Marauders always had a fort building contest over Christmas holiday. Remus won one yer after he turned every surface in the Potter’s living room into pillows, much to Mrs. Potter’s dismay

-Although, James was an only child he had lots and lots of cousins 

-Each of the Marauders have kissed each other at one point or another

-Sirius absolutely loved Sleekeazy’s Hair Potion and when he found out that it was James father who made it he freaked out

-Peter had always thought (but would never admit) that he thought Lily was better of with Remus

-Remus would occasionally push Sirius into the Black lake as a joke…Sirius did not find it funny

-James was allergic to so much damn stuff

-Sirius and James often had to cross-dress for pranks. Sirius always rocked skirts

-Sirius’ favourite Disney princess was Mulan because in his words “Mulan is an total badass who gives absolutely 0 fucks and takes no shit from anyone”

-Peter was extremely afraid of birds 

-Remus snored really really loud and was also always the last to wake up

-James longest detention sentence was in his 6th year when he transfigured Snape into a snake and Professor McGonagall gave him detention every day for the rest of the year he also got two hundred house points for his skilled transfiguration work

-The Marauders referred to their 5th year as “The Year of Great Adventure”

-Sirius was absolutely obsessed with reality tv. His favourite show was Keeping Up With the Kardashians

-Peter was really artistic

-Remus was fluent in runes and used them to right secret messages

-James was actually a cat person

-The Marauders would always compete to see who could get the most detentions at the end of the year. James and Sirius usually won but in their 5th year Remus and Peter both got an equal amount of 297 detentions 

-Sirius’ favorite cousin growing up was Narcissa but that later changed when he was a teenager

-Peter had terrible anxiety attacks that would cause him to miss whole days of school

-Remus grew his hair out in his 7th year and didn’t cut it for many years after and IT WAS GLORIOUS 

-James always wanted a little brother so Peter was a nice substitute

-Sirius and Remus were both fluent in French and they spoke it when they wanted to say something private to each other


-Peter had the incredibly talent of being able to fall asleep anywhere at any time

-Whenever Remus liked a girl the rest of the Marauders would say he was “over the moon with happiness”

-One of the main reasons Petunia hated James was that when Lily brought him home for the first time she came onto him but he denied her

-The Marauders held a week long prank war where one of them would win the title of “Prank King”. The points system for this is too complicated to explain, even the Marauders don’t really know how the points work

-When Sirius was a small child he had a phoenix for a pet

-Peter was the biggest fan of the Weird Sisters

-When Remus was younger he wanted to be a Magizoologist

-If you thought Sirius was a drama queen then you have never seen James right after he lost a Quidditch match

-The Marauders took a lot of first years under their wings

-Sirius often put his hair up in a bun, using his wand to keep it in place

-For Peter’s first Halloween he went as a lamb and no matter how many copies of those pictures that he destroys there always seems to be more

-Remus was a fantastic singer but he usually only sang in the shower which is why the Marauders can be seen sneaking into the Prefect bathroom on most afternoons

-James had his glasses broken by Lily Evans a total of 7 times

-The Marauders once had plans of quitting school and traveling the world

Hot and Bothered (Young!Sirius Black x Reader drabble)

Imagine/Request: Imagine Sirius getting all hot and bothered by you putting your hair up

Fandom: Harry potter (Marauders Era)

Pairing: Young!Sirius black x Reader

Warning: Smutty? I don’t even know I’m sorry if anyone gets offended 

A/N: just a wee drabble for my wee darlings, it’s my first sexually forward? drabble I dunno what to call it… meh I’m so awkward kill me

This was inspired by ‘Muggle games’ by @neville-longbutton-and-imagines

(which i loved )

and a story my best friend was telling me a while ago about her boyfriend getting turned on everything she puts her hair up… if you get my drift… I should probably stop worrying about offending people cause in RL I don’t give a fuck 

Do you guys wanna see more smut let me know by dropping me an ask :)

I hope you guys enjoy! ~Rae :)



You didn’t think of yourself as a competitive person, you were never bothered when you lost a game. Who knew it would be a simple muggle game to bring it out of you  

But you wanted nothing more than to wipe that stupid smug smile off of Sirius Blacks face. Tonight the was the weekly night that the pair of yous got together with James and Lily a sort of 'double date night’.  

It was a simple muggle game that you were all playing, twister lily said it was called and it was boys vs girls. You had begun to play half-heartedly but the more times Sirius and James won the more it began to piss you off  

“enough!” You shouted as they won yet another round you looked at Lily and held out your hand for the hair bobble on her wrist. Your eyes narrowed and locked with Sirius’s. His shit eating grin still plastered across his face, you furrowed your eyebrows and flung your hair up in the best messy half bun half ponytail you would manage  

“ooh she means business, Pads" James mocked nudging Sirius in the ribs with his shoulder "my ten galleons back, they actually win for once"  

"another round Black?” You tease arching your eyebrow 

Sirius had suddenly gotten very quiet, the famous smirk on his melting away. His brows were now furrowed and his cheeks a slight tinge of pink. Was Sirius Black Blushing?! 

“I..I. Um.. I’m gonna pass” he said his attempt to act cool failing dreadfully  

“oh come on now pads, you can’t chicken out not” lily laughed  

Your eyes followed the full length of your boyfriend until they landed on your boyfriend’s trousers. His bulge had gotten considerably larger and his trousers were slightly beginning to tent. When you realised why you also turned slightly pink  

“Nah, actually I think I’m done with this game now,” I said trying to cover for him feeling slightly guilty  

“what! Oh, come one it’s just starting to get interesting….” James started before trailing off also realizing about Sirius predicament  

“oh” Both Lily and James said in unison  

“she only does that when …..” Sirius said through gritted teeth, gesturing slightly. 

You all sat down and began to try and move on from the situation 

“Sorry, pads” you whispered over to him" I’ll make up to you" winking at him as he blushed a little again, making Sirius blush was now your new favourite thing

1036. Lily and James' first time was in the Room of Requirement. They didn't mean to spend the night there and didn't even know the room existed until then- it just happened. When they came back to the dorm they found banners that said "it’s about bloody time" and all their friends clapping. Sirius even came and shook their hands. Lily didn't know where to bury herself but James enjoyed every second. He felt like he just won but not at Quidditch- he won something much more important, Lily.
The flower of life and death- Jeffmads

Dedicated to: @artandshitposts and @manicromaniac

James was running again, plants sprouting up by his feet. Usually he had amazing control over his powers but when he was anxious it didn’t go well. Alexander had suggested that someone be the bait and since the Vladex was attracted to weak and sick prey everyone’s eyes had turned to James. 

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Happier With You

Requested by Anon on Tumblr: James is prime minister. Lily is a new person in his office (super clumsy). James also gets really nervous and whenever together they get awkward until finally confessing! READ ON FANFICTION

“Fix this.”

Her begging is insistent and painful.

“I’m in love you.”

The words he emits are a testament to the setback she wants fixed.

“Well then, love someone else.”

James never thought he’d hear those words from her mouth. Words that were so sharp that he was positive he was bleeding from them. Still, she stood there bold as brass with her green eyes blazing as she stares him down.

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A/N: When writing this I was sort of procrastinating doing the actual smut so yeah, I’m trash.

Summary: This doesn’t really have a plot, lazy day with Jim. I guess.

Word count: 1987

Warnings: Swearing, smut, stuff like that.  Possibly worse. You have been warned. 

Master list

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You made a quiet yawn as you slipped into your bed, the covers soon welcoming you as you snuggled down into them, trying to warmth your body. You had a stressful day at the office and were glad that you could come back home to the safety and quietness of your bed, even if you were alone. You were slowly falling asleep, the cover to your bed wrapped around you, covering your neck when you felt a cold hand start to wrap around your body, you gasped at the feeling as you tried to move away. “No welcome home?” He spoke with a playful voice.

“You’re cold.” You replied as you attempted to try and retrieved some of your lost heat by tucking yourself together. You feel his fingers brush against the skin on your back before you shuffled away from him. “Jim, I’m tired and you’re cold.” You murmured out and you felt his soft lips against your neck, they were also like ice. “Jim, no.” You complained out and he then moved slightly away from you.

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James: “Maybe this won’t be as bad as I thought.”

Tyler: “They’re perfect, aren’t they? Usually parents are proud of their children but I’m proud of my parents.”

James: “One moment I felt like a stranger in this house, but then Lynn…your mum…I mean, grandma Lynn came and I felt welcome.”

Tyler: “You are welcome in this house, James. It’s not just a feeling. It’s a fact.”

James: “Thanks.”

Tyler: “Now, umm, let’s get to know each other…?”