james willams

Need Blogs to Follow

So I unfollowed quite a few blogs today because they haven’t updated in over a year. So I need more to follow, plus I want to see more of certain things on my dash. Like, Reblog, or Follow (I usually follow back unless you have a weird preset Tumblr pic and/or don’t update every so often.

Here is what I follow:

- Harry Potter

- The Hunger Games

- Game of Thrones

- Teen Wolf

- Disney

- Lunarry

- Daniel Radcliffe

- Richard Madden

- Lily James

- Dylan O’Brien

- Josh Hutcherson

- Kelly Clarkson

- Taylor Swift

- Panic! At the Disco

- Paramore

- Fall Out Boy

- Hayley Williams

- Brendon Urie

- Parks & Recreation

- New Girl

- Brooklyn Nine-Nine

- The Office

- Modern Family

- Feminism/ LGBTQIPA rights/ The Daily Show and Colbert

- Some cute animals, fashion, other random things I love at the moment, and personal tidbits