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StarKade: Guardians Pack by James White / Tumblr / Store

5" X 5" 5 print series, S/N editions of 75. Available 12pm EST Friday, November 28th, 2014, as part of the Signalnoise Black Friday sale, HERE. Additional an edition of 20 “Seedling” print will be randomly inserted into lucky packs.

For the latest release details follow their twitter for more info HERE.


Theater people are lonely until they find each other. In middle school, I remember feeling alone all the time. Kids would always want to do things that were not fun for me. I’d rather have been doing something creative. There was a failure to connect. I was pretty miserable. When I finally joined the drama club, I was like, Ahhh, I’m not alone anymore. And it was thrilling. I’d found my people, and my life changed completely.