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Tag, You’re It

Summary: 1940′s AU, based on the song Tag, You’re It by Melanie Martinez without the elements of sexual assault.

Pairing: young, 1940′s!Bucky Barnes & Reader

Word Count: 2,986

A/N: Just a little idea that I had! There is definitely some 1940′s references going on, because I like my fics to be somewhat realistic (even though I have no idea how much popcorn and Milk Duds were back in the day, despite extensive research). I hope you like it. Warning: lots of making out, self masturbation, not self masturbation???

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She knew Bucky Barnes. 

It was hard not to, due to his reputation as New York’s biggest flirt.

He was the subject of every girl’s dream. Including her two best friends, who both fought over who was going to marry him first. And he strung them all along; not caring how many hearts he’d break along the way.

Bucky Barnes lived in the next building over, and his bedroom window was a mere six feet away from hers. She knew what he looked like without a shirt on, she knew how many girls he had snuck in late at night, and she knew that he had a hard time sleeping on Thursday nights. 

She also knew that he liked to watch.

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Adventure Time Daily #65: I’m taking a page out of the frat/sorority event advertising playbook and changing my profile pic and cover photo temporarily to help advertise for the week of new AT episodes starting Jan 23rd.

I’ll also be temporarily changing my blog title and description to help spread the word.

High Maintenance (4/13)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader AU

Warning: Swearing

A/N: Daughter of a well known CEO and Multi-Millionaire of New York who just can’t seem to follow the rules. Your parents decide to hire a full time body guard to hopefully keep you out of trouble, bonus points he’s even cute, but he’s not falling for your tricks. Pushing the limits and testing everyone’s patients was your hobby, but when you end up over your head James comes to the rescue. But whose going to rescue you when you fall for your new body guard and you’re promised to the douche bag son of Tony Stark?

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“You’re mad at me?!” You yell into the phone. “This isn’t what you want to hear?! Seriously! How do you manage to make this about you?? This is my life Jason, you’re not the one whose father just gave you away to some creep!” You are stomping in circles your heels clicking under you. “How does everything in this relationship end up about you?!” You holler into the phone. “What now you don’t want to talk to me?” You pull the phone away from your ear looking at the screen he had already hung up on you.

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