james weinberg

Metro is always plastered with new silkscreens from talented, innovative artists, from local printing houses to freelance artists. James Weinberg’s tri-colored STRFKR silkscreen is one particularly striking addition to our collection. With clean, modern shapes and beaming colors, Weinberg effortlessly lassoes attention with his eye candy prints. Even more entrancing is his mini photo documentary on the evolution of the print, complete with step-by-step snapshots and a gif.

Recent Photographic Ramblings
I worked with Emily Scott of E Scott Originals to shoot some of her new jewelery. It’s not often I get to shoot in the studio these days and had a great time. Check her site out.

 The talented Mr. James Weinberg designed and silk screened invitations to Delia’s 6th Birthday. She even got to try her hand at pulling a few screens, and help out. Thanks James.

 I got to blow off work the other day and go fishing with my dad and 90 year old grandfather (and Veteran, thanks Pop). No fish were harmed in the making of this photo.

Recent tear sheet of Brain Pastuszinski I shot over the summer.

 This is a tearsheet from a shoot at the end of the summer for Huffington Post. This is a 10 year old boy named Robert from Danvers that started a fund to raise money for Tornado Victims. Cool kid. Read the whole story here.

 Outtake from a recent Boston Magazine shoot. Stay tuned for the rest.

Niraj Shah and Steve Conine of Wayfair for Boston Common

Instagram fun at Wingaersheek beach this past weekend. 

“To me queer beauty means the confidence that comes from accepting yourself and loving yourself completely. The queer community is a place of acceptance and has taught me that what you think of yourself is most important so if you know you are beautiful everyone will notice as well.”

Jayleen James

Weinberg 2018

Photographed by Aimee Hechler