james was a little speechless after i gave him my gift *creys*



At least half of them.  I have a bunch of artwork/prints that I’m waiting on frames for to take pictures of.  I’ll also post my comics in a second run woooooo.

There be Fan Toys Quakewave (aka sexy Shockers), Armada Unicron that I got for 40 bucks cause the box had a dent, TFA Blitzwing chillaxin’, relaxin’ all cool,  otp Reveal Shield Perceptor and United Drift with Cyclonus waiting for Tailgate to pick him up from the mall with his energon horde so he can get away from those loser bros, a TOTALLY SWEET Optimus Prime stamp I got for free because the vendor felt bad someone bought all the comics I wanted to look through when I had to run off and get my list, my KICK ASS Rodimus star from honorary posse-ness (Thundercracker is holding onto it for me), me and James Roberts UwU, and the whole line up of the TFcon costume contest with BEARDSY as Rodimus (Rodimus by day, supah smooth Swagimus Prime by night)