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Back in the heart of summer, King Marketing & sports apparel company 2XU approached me to create images of their newest sponsored face, Colorado Avalanche player Matt Duchene. 

We travelled up to Halliburton to photograph the young talent in his private retreat and had an awesome time with him, his family, and the 2XU crew. 

These images will start making there way across the continent in different stores and magazines.

Thanks to Kareem Ibrahim for producing and 2XU President Nikki Beal.

To see a behind the scenes look at days shoot, click here


Happy Halloween from Wait For It’s annual themed Halloween Charity Ball. This years theme is 18th Century America!

sentiment playlist


1. Holes in The Sky by M83 & HAIM | 2. Retrograde by James Blake | 3. Two Weeks by FKA Twigs | 4. Permutations by Lo-Fang | 5. Youth by Foxes | 6. Adore You by Miley Cyrus | 7. Tough Love by Jessie Ware | 8. The Knife by Kyla La Grange | 9. Touch by Shura | 10. Nirvana by Sam Smith | 11. Dreams by Fleetwood Mac | 12.Elastic Heart by SIA | 13. Leave Your Lover by Sam Smith | 14. Take Shelter by Years & Years | 15. KIng by Years & Years | 16. Walk by Kwabs


An Anthology, Published by George Maciunas and Jackson Mac Low, 1962. Design: George Maciunas. With George Brecht, Claus Bremer, Earle Brown, Joseph Byrd, John Cage, Anthony Cox, David Degener, Walter De Maria, Ding Dong, Henry Flynt, Simone Forti, Dick Higgins, Toshi Ichiyanagi, Terry Jennings, Ray Johnson, Jackson Mac Low, Richard Maxfield, Robert Morris, Yoko Ono, Nam June Paik, Terry Riley, Dieter Roth, James Waring, Emmett Williams, Christian Wolff, La Monte Young

Little Sh*t [Sebastian Stan x Reader]

Summary: In which Sebastian returns home from the civil war promotional tour only to find that your young son has been spreading lies about him

Word Count: 1194

Warnings: Some sexual references and your’s and Seb’s son being a little shit (if you count that as a warning)

A/N: This came to me in a weird dream and I thought I would wrirte it so I hope you like what goes on inside of my head

Originally posted by bbuchanann

Your five year old son James was the worse at least that was how Sebastain made it seem but in reality James was a sweet little boy… to you. James always made Sebastian’s life hell, in fact when you went to visit Seb on The Civil War set with James he asked you incredibly loud if he could have a new dad one that actually knew how to act. You were mortified but also trying your hardest not to burst into laughter like everyone else on set, Seb looked like someone had just punched him. When you got to the hotel Seb was staying in, James was made to regret his actions despite how funny they were.

Sebastian had just returned home from promoting Civil War and he was glad for it and he hoped that James liked him more than he did before he left. You had to pick James up from School so you suggested that Sebastian come with you. He didn’t exactly jump at the idea due to the massive case of jet lag he had but after a few extremely dirty promises as well as a tease of new lingerie Sebastian practically sprinted out of the door to the car.

On the way ther Seb’s hand rested on your thigh and you pressed kisses to the spot on his neck that you knew would make him hot under the collar. He was trying his hardest to focus on driving but you were making him crazy. “You’re gonna make me crash.” Sebastian said and he felt you chuckle against his neck sending vibrations down his spine.

“Whatever Stan just hurry up and drive.” You said planting a kiss to his neck once more before leaning back in your seat. It didn’t take you long to get to James’ school and once you were there evrybody’s eyes landed on Sebastian. You assumed it was because they recognised him and not for another totally different reason.

“Hey Sebastian I’m just gonna go grab his scooter you can go ahead and get him.” You said almost forgetting that James rode his scooter to school that morning.

“Scooter?” Seb asked and you nodded.

“Yeah he rode it to school this morning. Don’t worry it’ll fit in the boot.” You reassured and Sebastian nodded as you walked across the playground to fetch your son’s Spiderman scooter.

Sebastian watched you leave before entering the building where James’s classroom was once he reached the classroom he got stares from the teachers and the children. James sent a glare in Sebastian’s way which made it easier for Seb to see him in the crowd of young children.

“Excuse me.” Seb turned around to be met with James’ teacher Mrs.Hart.

“Oh hi I’m here to pick up my son James.” Sebastian said and a look of shock crossed Mrs.Hart’s face.

“James Stan?” She asked glancing over Sebastian’s shoulder to your son who was looking like he was about to murder his father.

“Yeah.” Sebastian replied confused because the woman in front of him was acting strange maybe it was because she recognised him but he doubted that was the reason.

“Oh it’s just that -” Mrs.Hart was cut off by Sebastian who wanted nothing than to get his son and go home.

“Just that what?” Sebastian asked and he could see Mrs.Hart’s cheeks going pink in embarrassment.

“That James told us his dad was dead.” Mrs. Hart replied and the colour drained from Sebastian’s cheeks, really he should of expected this because James was always spreading lies about him. Once James told some random man on the street that Sebastian was homeless and was trying to kidnap him. Sebastian nearly got arrested that day.

“Of course he did.” Sebastian said his patience already waring thin.

“James come here please.” Mrs.Hart called noticing the distressed look on Sebastian’s face. James padded along the carpet flooring of the classroom till he reached his teacher and father.

“Do you know this man?” Mrs.Hart asked James crouching down to his size, James looked at Sebastian and then back at his teacher before shaking his head ‘no’. Mrs. Hart sighed before looking up at Sebastian.

“I’m sorry but James says he doesn’t know you so I’m afraid you can’t take him with you and I would like you to leave.” Mrs.Hart said fearing the safety of the children in her class around this strange man.

“Now James why don’t you wait in the classroom till your mummy comes.” Mrs.Hart suggested and James’s face lit up at the mention of his mother. He nodded before padding along back into the clasroom not before sending a smirk in father’s direction. Sebastian pinched the bridge of his nose, he was done with the whole thing and he had only been there for 5 minutes.

“Are you serious? He’s a little kid you can’t believe anything he says.” Sebastian said to Mrs.Hart. She shook her head and replied, “You need to leave!”

Sebastian felt screaming, he should have known something like this would have happened because James liked to make Sebastian’s life hell. He was rescued when you walked into the clasroom clutching James’ scooter confused why your son and boyfriend weren’t out yet.

“Oh thank the heavens your here.” Mrs.Hart said and you raised your eyebrows in confusion.

“This man claims to be James’s father which I think is disgusting considering what happened to your partner.” Mrs.Hart said and you looked over to Sebastian who looked like he was about to murder someone.

“What happened to my boyfriend?” You asked confused and Mrs. Hart sighed in what sounded like pity.

“He died and I must say I’m so sorry for your loss.” Mrs.Hart said and your eyes went wide and your jaw was half hung open, what was she talking about?

“Umm… yeah where’s James?” You asked still confused about the situation and you felt like you weren’t getting any answers so you decided you’d consult your son about it.

Mrs.Hart called your son over who had the biggest smile on his face, he ran into your arms peppering little kid kises over your face. He knew he was in trouble and he was trying to butter you up. “Mrs.Hart the man over there is my boyfriend and James’ dad despite what he might have said to you.” You said to your son’s teacher, she looked confused for a second but then remembered Sebastian’s earlier words.

“Oh I’m sorry Mr stan.” Mrs.Hart said sheepishly embarrassed that she believed James and one of his many lies.

“It’s fine.” Sebastian said. You leaned down to your son’s level and asked, “What happened to daddy being homeless?”

“I was being too nice so I decided to kill him.” Your son said with a bright smile, Sebastian watched as you laughed confused why you weren’t telling your son off.

“How sweet of you James but mummy’s had enough of your lies despite how funny they are. So when we get home you’re in big big trouble.” You said and James gulped knowing what was in store for him. You smiled before standing up and approaching Sebastian. You pressed a kiss to his lips and rolled your eys when you heard a distinctive ‘ewww’ come from James.

“Let’s go before someone gets in even more trouble.” You said as your sulking son and boyfriend followed behind you.

artists i believe will change your life

part 2 of 3 important musical lists

a: asap rocky, alex g, alt-j

b: bastille, ball park music, bleachers, banks

c: childish gambino, chet faker

d: drake, disclosure, dan + shay

e: ed sheeran, ellie goulding, 

f: fka twigs, frank ocean, foxes

g: grimes, gorgon city, grouplove

h: haim, halsey

i: imogen heap, ingrid michaelson, 

j: james bay, jessie ware, jhene aiko, 

k: kendrick lamar, keaton henson, kina grannis, kodaline

l: lana del rey, lennon and maisy stella, little dragon, 

m: marina and the diamonds, m83, mØ

n: nat and alex wolff, nina nesbitt

o: of monsters and men, 

p: pentatonix,


r: rob pattinson, 

s: sleeping at last, sticky fingers

t: the drums, the kooks, the neighbourhood, tori kelly, tom odell, the 1975


v: vance joy, violent femmes

w: walk the moon, washington, woodkid





Archie Shepp, Attica Blues [Impulse!] 1972

Archie Shepp: tenor and soprano saxophones

Clifford Thornton: cornet

Roy Burrows, Charles McGhee, Michael Ridley: trumpet

Cal Massey: fluegelhorn

Charles Greenlee, Charles Stephens, Kiane Zawadi: trombone

Hakim Jami: euphonium

Clarence White: alto saxophone

Marion Brown: alto saxophone, flute, bamboo flute, percussion

Roland Alexander, Billy Robinson: tenor saxophone

James Ware: baritone saxophone

John Blake, Leroy Jenkins, Lakshinarayana Shankar: violin

Ronald Lipscomb, Calo Scott: cello

Dave Burrell: electric piano

Walter Davis, Jr.: electric piano, piano

Cornell Dupree: guitar

Jimmy Garrison, Gerald Jemmott, Roland Wilson: bass

Ollie Anderson, Nene DeFense, Juma Sultan: percussion

Beaver Harris, Billy Higgins: drums

Joshie Armstead, Henry Hull, Waheeda Massey, Albertine Robertson, Joe Lee Wilson: vocal

Bartholomew Gray, William Kunstler: narrator

RoMas: arranger

Romulus Franceschini: conductor

Fall Playlist

1. Say You Love Me - Jessie Ware 

2. Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran 

3. Warriors - Imagine Dragons 

4. Jackie and Wilson - Hozier 

5. My Favorite Faded Fantasy - Damien Rice 

6. Crosses- Jose Gonzalez 

7. Habits - Tove Lo 

8. Lasso - Phoenix

9. Begging For Thread - Banks 

10. One Day - Kodaline 

11. Take Me To Church - Hozier 

12. Crash This Train - Joshua James 

13. Lay Me Down - Sam Smith 

14. Got Love - Tove Lo 

15. In A Week - Hozier ft. Karen Cowley 

16. Centuries - Fall Out Boy 

17. I Forget Where We Where - Ben Howard 

18. End of the Affair - Ben Howard