james the triceratops

imagine if daredevil had after credits scenes, like the mcu movies

the scene for 1x03 is fisk and wesley playing air hockey in that bowling alley after hours (in full suits of course), and fisk is so into it but wesley is wrecking him while completely not trying at all. eventually fisk just gives up and throws the puck at wesley, and it bounces off the bulletproof undersuit but nicks wesley’s actual suit and wesley just looks at fisk like “really”

after 1x08 vanessa’s joined them and she watches them play and wesley beats fisk again and she laughs and fisk’s like “you try” and she does and she kicks wesley’s ass and wesley’s actually upset about it

Possibly Kitten moment: non-verbal does not mean not intelligent

Grandpa: *has gotten out of bed and is getting ready for the day, checking his blood sugar and taking his morning medicine*
James: *notices that Grandpa has gotten out of bed and walks into his bedroom*
Grandma & me: *follow him quietly, just observing him*
James: *picks up two of the pillows that are on the floor beside the bed and proceeds to put them on the bed where they go*
Grandma & me: *begin clapping* YAY! You made the bed! What a good boy!
James: *smiles so big it takes up most of his face, kind of claps back a few times and then happy stims*

~ isomer

"I can still love my child and dislike/hate their [ASD here]"

I’m sorry, but I love my children for each strand of their DNA.

Each genotype.

Each phenotype (how the genes present themselves).

Because without all of those things coming together in the combinations they did, I wouldn’t have the unique children before me that I cherish each waking moment since their births– no, conceptions. This includes the wiring of their brains, their autistic traits, and their autism(s, depending on if or when my youngest son gets diagnosed).

Kitten moment and Possibly Kitten moment

Me: *reading Jason a book before he goes to bed (and if anyone’s curious, it was about Linus and his blanket)*
Jason: *paying pretty good attention to it in spite of his somewhat easy distractibility*
James: *laying down in his crib* …squeh.
Me: *gets ready to “squeh” back to him, as this is just what we do every evening*
Jason: Squeh!
Me: ? *surprised that Jason was the one to squeh back*
James: Squeh!
Jason: Squeh!
James: Squeh!
Jason: Squeh!
James: Squeh!
Me: :)

~ isomer

Something I heard across the room while my kids were in speech therapy

Parent across the room from me, talking to another parent: Oh, if they’re autistic, they only tend to get so far… and then they just stop.

The fact that this was said in a special ed setting, where kids receive all sorts of therapy (physical, occupational, speech) saddens me. Even if your child appears hopeless, it’s the parent’s job never to stop hoping. And trying.