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Who else is in the teams?

•Dolley Payne(aka Dolley Madison but yeah)
•James’ little brother (Aka Francis Madison)
•Aaron burr
•Samuel seabury
•a lot more people that I canT bother giving names to


•John Laurens
•Angelica (who is a siren not a mage)
•Eliza (who is a siren not a mage)
•Peggy (siren not mage)
•a bunch of other members who don’t have names lmao

There are only two people in the whole who would really care about me”

- Meowth



Meowth Rules

A Poached Ego

Litwick Mansion

Meowth, Corless (I forgot the rest, it in the best wishes series)

Pokemon XY Japanese Opening


Pokemon XY episode 63 


On 12 February 1993, Denise Bulger temporary turned away from her 2-year-old son, James Bulger, while paying for something at the butchers in the New Strand Shopping Centre in Bootle. Little did she know, this would be the last time she would ever see her son alive. During this short space of time, 10-year-old Jon Venables and 10-year-old Robert Thompson, who were playing truant from school, had lured James away from his mother. The boys took little James on a 2.4 mile walk, during which he was abused endlessly - he was dropped, kicked, punched, and suffered bruising to the face. Many people saw the little boy, most didn’t bother to intervene, but the few that did were told by Venables and Thompson that James was their little brother and was crying because he did not want to go home. What happened next was abhorrent. The two boys led James to a railway where they proceeded to throw paint in his eyes, throw stones and rocks at him, beat him with a brick and then hit him with an iron bar. They shoved batteries into his mouth and it was rumoured, also into his anus. He suffered 42 injuries in total but it was undetermined which one was the fatal blow. After they became bored with torturing James they laid his body on the train track and left. It was determined James died before the train hit him, severing his little body in half.

Venables and Thompson were found guilty on 24 November 1993. They were sentenced to custody until the age of 18. They were released and given new identities. Venables was sent back to prison for violating the terms of his license of release. He was found guilty of possession and distribution of child pornography. He was released again in 2013.

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Can you please write a lil something about drunk marauders + Lily? With a little jily and wolfstar if it fits? ❤

this is probably, like, not what you had in mind, but here you go babe:

  • sixth year, may. 
  • another attack.
  • at least they think it’s another attack.
  • the prophet is shit on a good day, and this morning is no exception. nothing. a fifth year gryffindor girl was pulled out of school the day before, though, so the whispers are rampant.
  • the whispers grow all day, and even after james has tried to distract himself with his broomstick, and chess, and the match, he jumps when the evening prophet owl taps at the common room window.
  • he flips to page 7. the obits.
  • always look in the obituaries, that’s what they’ve learned. (the evening prophet didn’t even used to run them, but there are too many, any more, to keep them limited to one edition.)
  • and, yeah. seven people, all from the same town. two families. no cause of death mentioned, 
  • but they know.
  • the worst part is–aside from the girl’s parents, and her younger brother–is her older brother.
  • because they know him. he was three years above them. former prefect. decent bloke. he and james played quidditch together. he’s waving at them, oblivious and unknowing. cheerful. it’s perverse. 
  • it makes james want to throw up. he runs upstairs to grab ogden’s instead. reckless, but who’s going to stop him?
  • lily’s not stupid. she saw the prophet come, and the boys pale. 
  • it’s not like she’s been dropping any eaves, but they weren’t exactly quiet about it, were they?
  • and lily wants to throw up, because she knew it was another attack. she knew it the moment mcgonagall had her fetch sarah from her potions class. 
  • and sarah knew, too. that walk to mcgonagall’s office was the worst she’s ever had to endure.
  • she’s tutored sarah in charms for the entire term, and her entire family is gone. what will happen to her now?
  • she watches potter return with an ogden’s-shaped-bottle stuffed not so discretely under a crumpled copy of transfiguration today.
  • they make eye contact, and he raises his chin, defiant. 
  • like she’s going to report him? when has she ever?
  • she mimes taking a swig.
  • it’s not her place, right? to intrude. but it looks, frankly, damn appealing. rude to drink in the common room and not share.
  • lily doesn’t even say anything to her mates, she just crosses the common room and plops down next to peter on the sofa.
  • her mates, though, who have either pretended not to watch this entire thing unfold, or shamelessly watched it with rapt fascination, follow closely behind.
  • sirius produces mugs from nowhere, the bastard, making a loud, unsubtle comment about hot choclate for all. and remus, the bastard, fills their mugs nearly to overflowing with some brilliant refilling charm. and potter, the bastard, charms each of their mugs to actually look like hot chocolate. peter adds marshmallows and steam. for affect, he says. the bastard.
  • how often have they done this?
  • it doesn’t matter, because lily can’t get sarah’s face out of her head, or her chattering voice, or her brilliant smile with slightly crooked teeth. 
  • lily wonders about her dog, who she mentioned in every lesson, and her little sister, who constantly rummages through sarah’s things, and whether sarah will be beating herself up for every tirade she’d ever given about her little sister, or if she’ll ever smile that brilliant little smile again.
  • it’s her brother’s smile. lily sees him smiling up from the prophet.
  • her dad’s smile, too.
  • and james potter reaches over from his armchair and steadies her hand. she’d been shaking so hard it was sloshing on the armrest.
  • she smiles weakly. 
  • drink, evans.
  • cheers, she says, and they clink mugs, and down them in one gulp.
  • not one gulp, because who could actually do that?
  • but they keep refilled, and that’s what matters.
  • i am scared to go home.
  • lily is the first to admit it, but everyone echoes the sentiment. all of them. even james. he’s not saying it to soothe her.
  • he means it. he’s scared, too.
  • what the fuck are we going to do? dorcas asks.
  • and no one knows the answer to that, but remus mutters something and their drinks refill again.
  • lily starts tellling them about sarah. her family, and the dog, and the little sister. james fills in the blanks with anectodes about the brother. david.
  • david.
  • lily had been trying to remember his name all damned day, and it was absurd that she should know it–she never even talked to him, except once in her first week when she’d gotten hopelessly lost and he’d helped her find her class–but she’d been beating herself up about it all day.
  • his name was david and he was sarah’s older brother and he loved treacle tart and he was a decent flyer and his broomstick’s name was jezebel.
  • it doesn’t take it away, talking about all of this, but there’s something cathartic about it. giving voice to them. more than a shit obituary.
  • lily’s gran told her, once, that people died twice. once, when they breathed their last. second, when their name was spoken out loud for the last time. she says this to her friends, and then she reads: diedra wallace. the mother. and michael wallace, sarah’s father.
  • she starts to say isabel, but she gets stuck. dorcas says it for her.
  • james says david’s name. his middle name isn’t printed in the obit, but james knew it, apparently. andrew.
  • dorcas reads a little blurb about sarah, that she’s going to go live with relatives. the location isn’t printed. obviously.
  • lily remembers something about a muggle aunt, just outside london. she always gave sarah spending money for school, even though it was a world she could never see or be a part of.
  • will she be back at school? maybe that’s for the best if she isn’t.
  • they speculate, then, about whether she’ll come back, and what they’ll do that summer, and next year, and after.
  • no one has an answer, but james says something, and he buries the rest of the word in his cup.
  • they fall silent.
  • and it might be the light, or the three mugs of whisky she’s had, or the resolve in his voice. probably all of it.
  • but realizes she adores this boy, really and truly.
  • or that she wouldn’t mind adoring him.
  • something.
  • nothing else happens that night. the something summed up what they all felt, and what else was there to say?
  • no one might report them for drinking something questionable in the common room, but their arses will definitely be in hot water if they all show up hungover to class tomorrow, so they have one last toast to the wallaces and head to bed.

Andrew Wood - The Jesus Christ of Grunge

I worked at a record store for most of my college days. The pay was terrible, the customers had bad taste (for the most part), and the owner was always doing some untoward stuff that later resulted in his partner kicking him out of the business… but it may have been the best job I’ve ever had. Why was it the best job ever?  Because my income was supplemented by an unending supply of promo CDs, first crack at all CDs being traded in by customers, and my name always happened to make it onto the guest list of two of the three big music venues in town. Plus my co-workers were a diverse group of equally music-obsessed nerds, punk rockers, hip-hop enthusiasts and an Anglophile manager who became one of my best friends. It was pretty epic, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Working in a record store also gave me special insight into crazy rabbit hole of music theory conspiracies. My buddy Ryan Shaw had this theory about Andrew Wood, the lead singer of Mother Love Bone and the first major heroin casualty of the grunge era. His theory was that Andrew Wood was the prophet that rock and roll was promised, that he would be overlooked and ridiculed in his own time, and then sentenced to death for the sins of rock and roll, only to be resurrected and live eternally through his disciples and their testimony. 

In other words, Andrew Wood was the Jesus Christ of Grunge who had to die for the sins of Hair Metal so that Rock and Roll could live on. 

SIDE NOTE: My buddy Ryan was an ordained minister who later became a trial lawyer, so that gives credence to the underpinning philosophy of the theory.  

Much like B.C. and A.D., prior to Andrew Wood there was no “Alternative” but after his death we started living in the Alternative age. Grunge, Indie and Nu-Metal, Emo, and Alt-Country were all new gospels that were written in the aftermath of Andrew Wood’s passing…
So if Andrew Wood was the Jesus Christ of Grunge, who were his apostles?

Stone Gossard as SIMON/PETER - The rock upon which the Temple of the Dog was built, literally. Stone Gossard is the through line for the Seattle sound and was ever present in its inception. From his time at Green River to Mother Love Bone to Temple of the Dog to Pearl Jam and then Brad, Gossard was the foundation stone. Without Stone Gossard, would there even be grunge? Stone is the rhythm (along with his brother Jeff Ament) from which the music is manifested. Gossard may never have been front and center in all of the bands he formed, but he spoke softly and carried a big axe.

Chris Cornell as JOHN - John was the disciple whom Jesus loved the most. 
Chris was Andrew’s roommate and best friend. When Andrew overdosed, Chris was on a European tour with Soundgarden striking his own Jesus Christ pose. Chris was so grief stricken with the loss that he immediately wrote two songs “Say Hello 2 Heaven” and “Reach Down” about Wood. Chris showed them to Stone and Jeff, and Temple of the Dog was formed to honor their late friend. Chris would later hit mainstream success with Soundgarden and with Audioslave (which was just okay but waaaayyy to mellow for a band composed of members of Rage Against the Machine and Soundgarden).

Jeff Ament as ANDREW (Simon/Peter’s brother) - Ament was right there with Stone in Green River, Mother Love Bone, Temple of the Dog and then Pearl Jam. He’s the bass that pulses the heartbeat of the music. Plus, his graphic design sense provided the classic look and feel of all the liner notes and album packaging for those bands (which along with flannel, long hair, and Doc Martens worn with shorts, were essential cornerstones of the era). Through Ames Bros. Design, Pearl Jam’s visual aesthetic was really set in stone and their tour posters became must-have’s for screen print enthusiasts everywhere. Music never looked so good.

Eddie Vedder as JAMES, SON of ALPHAEUS - Some people say that James was literally Jesus’ little brother, while other’s interpret it metaphorically because upon dying Jesus said to James that Mary was now his mother, and James was now her son. Either way, Eddie Veddie was the younger brother of Andrew Wood who then took his mother’s hand and ushered in a new era of grunge. Eddie would tell you that he’s no fucking messiah, which is meant as a testament to the love he had for his brother.

SIDE NOTE: I almost had Eddie as Paul/Saul, not one of the original 12 apostles, but one of the most steadfast and true disciples of Jesus whose writings to the Romans and to the Corinthians would help shape Christian philosophy for many centuries to come. As the lead singer and songwriter of Pearl Jam, you could make a case that Eddie is Paul, but I don’t think he’s gentile enough for that. He’s Eddie Vedder, and that’s an entirely different essay.

Simon the Zealot was known for strictly keeping the law of Moses (the Ten Commandments) and had great disregard for where he saw people headed. In Jesus, Simon found someone who was practicing what he preached. Simon would go on to evangelize the gospel in much of the west including throughout Egypt and into Africa. Kurt Cobain hated the mainstream and was a zealot when it came to grunge. He spread the word far and high and carried the tradition well. 

Layne Staley as THADDEUS - Cool name. Cool band. When a jar of flies is kept for too long, the man in a box digs some dirt. Staley of Alice in Chains and Mad Season fame burned out too soon, but man was he cool.

Dave Grohl as MATTHEW/LEVI - Matthew/Levi was the tax collector who gave up his job and life to follow Jesus. He was the author of one of the gospels (Gospel of Matthew). Grohl was a drummer who later gave up that life to lead his own band, the Foo Fighters, who went on to become one of the biggest alternative bands (and David Letterman’s favorite band). 

Kim Thyll as JAMES (brother of John) - James was John’s brother who followed him along and became an apostle. He had a moment of doubt when Jesus came back to life and doubted that it was really Jesus. Kim followed Chris Cornell into Soundgarden and preached the gospel upon a black hole sun. He later had many doubts when Chris left the band and stored to become a pop singer and then started Audioslave, which was terrible. Eventually, Soundgarden reformed and the word could go on being spread, one music hall, arena or outdoor festival at a time.

Jerry Cantrell as BARTHOLOMEW - Cool name. Cool band. Do the Bart, man!

Mark Arm as PHILIP - Philip was an apostle, but he didn’t really matter. He was there at the start and probably did some stuff but you can’t really remember it. That’s kind of like Mark Arm and Mudhoney. He started Green River and recruited Stone Gossard to the band because he only wanted to sing instead of sing and play guitar. Then He formed Mudhoney. They had a moment for a slight minute but most people couldn’t tell them apart from Tad. How’s that for a Judgement Night?

Courtney Love as MARY MAGDALENE - Go listen to Hole’s first record, Live Through This, and you’ll be asking Courtney if you could wash HER feet. From start to finish, that album is all killer and no filler, regardless of wether Kurt Cobain wrote it or not. 

Thurston Moore as JUDAS - Sonic Youth were grunge before grunge was a thing. They ushered in the alt-rock movement and were preaching the gospel way before it was cool. In another world, Thurston Moore would have been John the Baptist, but he blew up the band by betraying Kim Deal (whom the Dandy Warhols rightly worshipped in their song “As Cool as Kim Deal”). So, yeah. Thurston Moore is Judas.         

Paul Westerberg as JOHN THE BAPTIST - He came first and helped lay the groundwork for the alternative movement. This could have easily gone to Michael Stipe of R.E.M., but The Replacements were much better and spawned a legion of followers. The Mats work in the 80s at Twin Tone and in Minneapolis would help to set up the dynamic that would take place in Seattle with Sub Pop. Westerberg couldn’t hardly wait…

With Pearl Jam having recently been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, now more than ever, we should give thanks and praise to the great Andrew Wood, the Captain Hi-Top, Love Commander (it is right to give him thanks and praise). For he so loved rock and roll and that he was forced to suffer, die and was buried for its sins so that rock could be reborn again. May he rest in peace today, knowing that his words still resonate with the masses.

So come bite the apple, my fellow star dog champions.      

Hide your mom. Control your sister.  Yeah.

Can I get a Hallelujah?

A reading from the Book of Stone

James Imagine 7

Request: Your James pics are too cute! Do you think you could do one where he and the reader have been best friends since little kids and have always had a thing for each other but both were too scared to admit it?

Yes of course!! and thank u sm ure too sweet :)))) 

also i have a cute lil bro so if u don’t have a brother just like, pretend its some child you like adopted as ur brother bc u babysat for him or something.,, idk???

Your had butterflies in your stomach as you walked through the Hogwarts Express looking for an empty compartment. You were supposed to be walking through here with James, like you had done the years before, but this time it was just you. You had slept in and your mother had told Mrs. Potter that she and James could leave without you, as she didn’t want you to hold them up, and that you would see him on the train later. 

“-Padfoot, no!”

“You’re kidding!”

You sighed in relief as you heard your best friend, James, and the other Marauder’s laughing in the cart up ahead.

You peeked into the cart before stepping in and smiling.

“Hey guys,” you waved.

“Y/n/n!!” James sprung up and tackled you in a hug, “Your mom said you were sick or something?”

“Oh, no. I just slept in,” you laughed awkwardly.

You sat on the other side of James, Peter, and Remus next to Sirius.

“Hello darling,” Sirius greeted you in a flirty tone.

You laughed and James shot him a dirty look without your noticing. 

“Hello Sirius.”

“So are you and James still secretly in love with each other?”


James had begin to stand up and shout in a panic voiced but was cut off by your laughter, “Oh yeah, I can’t think straight when I’m around him,” you joked, winking at him.

James blushed and sat back down, laughing nervously before he recovered himself and was back to the confident and egotistic Prongs.

“I mean,” James said, “seven year old you obviously couldn’t control herself around me.”

“Oh god,” you laughed, embarrassed and covered your face, “Don’t bring that up!”

“Bring it up,” Peter said, laughing.

“When we were seven she kissed me on the local playground,” he said laughing.

“Oh, Jessica dared me to!”

“Sure,” he laughed, “did she also dare you to leave a note in my bag that said ‘Do you like me back? Yes or no?”

“You circled yes!”

“Well clearly seven year old me couldn’t read very well,” James joked and you burst into laughter, ignoring the slight pain in your heart that reminded you he would never like you.

“Well, I think Jessica told me to because she liked you,” you said, trying to cover up your embarrassing memory.

“What can I say,” he shrugged, obviously joking, “I just can’t keep the ladies away.”

“Oh I’m sure,” you laughed, “It must be hard being so utterly charming and desirable.”

“You know,” he said in mock seriousness, “it really is, I’m so glad someone understands my pain.”

“Mhhmmm,” you tried to hold in your laughter but failed. 

You were laughing with Remus as the five of you walked into the Great Hall for the Sorting Hat ceremony.

You smiled at all the nervous first years. You remembered when you first came to Hogwarts. James was the only person you knew, and you were praying to whatever God was up there that you and James ended up in the same house. You were almost scared that you would sit down and the hat would tell you to go home, that there must have been some mistake and you didn’t really belong at Hogwarts. Looking back that seemed foolish, you fit in perfectly. You felt more at home at Hogwarts then you did when you were actually at home. 

“Hey, y/n,” James asked, “Is that your little brother?”

You looked up and saw Y/b/n sitting nervously on the chair, putting the sorting hat on his head. 

“Yeah!” you smiled, “Will you please talk to him?” you asked James. “You and me are the only people he knows and it would be pretty cool for him to have some sixth year friends.”

“We got you, y/n,” Sirius answered.

“Oh, no, no, and no,” you said, “Sirius, I love you. But stay away from my little brother.”

By Halloween your little first-year brother had become best friends with the boys, the were almost like big brothers to him. 

You were sitting in the Quidditch Pitch with the Marauder’s the Saturday before Halloween when y/b/n came running up. 

“Hey James. Hey Sirius. Hey Remus. Hey Peter,” he said quickly before turning to you, “I need help.”

“What is it?”

“I’m in love.”

James snorted and you shot him a glare before turning back to your brother, “Who is she? Or he?”

“I don’t wanna say! What if they find out?”

“Well you’re in love, aren’t you?” Sirius asked, “It would be kind of pointless to keep it to yourself.”

Your brother sighed, “I suppose your right.”

Then a lightbulb went off in his head, “Help me talk to them!”

You grimaced and laughed lightly, “Buddy, I’m not exactly a charmer.”

“James!” James’s eyes went wide, “You can help me!”

“I don’t know, little man…” James began.

“I’m sure you can help me flirt with them! After all, y/n likes you!”

You grabbed your little brother, “Y/b/n!” 


“He’s not supposed to know,” you whispered so only he could hear.

Your brother responded loudly, quoting Sirius, “You’re in love, aren’t you? It would be kind of pointless to keep it to yourself.”

Sirius laughed and you glared at him before standing up and beginning to walk away. 

Your brother began apologizing but Peter distracting him and led him away, asking him about what he was doing on Halloween.

“Wait! Y/n!” James ran after you.

You turned around, “Look James, I really don’t wanna talk about it. I know you don’t - whatever. It doesn’t matter. Just - ignore what y/b/n said.”

You turned and began walking away again and James ran ahead of you, blocking your path, reaching out to grab your arm, “No, no, you don’t understand! I- this is actually really great. That he said that, that is. I mean, I know we’ve been best friends - for forever, basically - but, I mean,” he took a deep breath, “I like you. A lot. For as long as I can remember I’ve liked you.”

You held your breath, “Are you sure?”

James smiled, getting that mischievous smirk on his face, “Do you like me back? Yes or no.”

You rolled your eyes and scoffed,  “Yes…” 


Victoire is put together. She’s stunning and smart, a bit of a perfectionist, possibly even a control freak. Vic likes everything to be perfect, from her handwriting to grades to her platinum hair to the rest of her life. Her looks mean she is easily pigeon holed. Because of it, people are often surprised to find that she’s quite funny. The Victoire the world sees and the Victoire known by her family are two very different people. She’s mastered the art of showing people exactly what they want to see and projecting a certain image to manipulate their opinions. Vic is poised and sophisticated, with a penchant for designing clothes. Despite what people may think, Vic is quite self conscious and is constantly second guessing herself. She constantly feels inferior to her family, especially when she is compared to her parents, which is quite often. She survives on coffee and macaroons. Victoire isn’t always easy to approach. The glow around her is almost ethereal, which can be quite intimidating for those unused to it.

Dominique is full of contrasts. She’s the definition of confidence, but is quite insecure. She’s aloof, but craves love and friendship. Some muggleborns might describe Dominique as the Marilyn Monroe to her older sister’s Grace Kelly, and they would probably be right. Dom is fun loving and spontaneous, the life of the party, and naturally talented, even if she doesn’t apply herself in class. She’s always making mischief, skipping class, dating the cutest boys, throwing parties, or pulling the occasional prank. Dominique is quite a quidditch fan, and a pretty good chaser, as well. Like the rest of her siblings and cousins, Dominique has some trust issues. She’s quite like a wolf. She’s aloof and cautious, and tends to stick with her pack. Many of Dom’s friends are people she has known since she was young. It’s a rare occurrence for an outsider to break into Dominique’s inner circle. Dom is the girl everyone wants to be, but nobody has any idea to how to go about it. She can be harsh. In her third year at Hogwarts she earned a fearsome reputation after breaking Imogen Welch’s arm, no magic needed, for trying to push Rose into the Black Lake. Dominique is not the sort of person whose bad side you want to be on, and everyone knows it, though getting on her good side is easier said than done. Dom loves the beach, and while her sister is maybe closer to their mother, Dom is a daddy’s girl.

Louis is charming. Albus often describes him as “that surfer dick,” and it’s a pretty good description. With his curly blonde hair and eternally tan skin, Louis quite looks the part, and he often acts it as well, cool, laid back, and charming. Louis is flirtatious and a bit of a man-whore. He also loves quidditch. If he’s not hitting the beach, he’s out on the pitch, where he and Frank Longbottom II make an incredible pair of beaters. Louis makes friends easily, particularly when the people in question happen to be attracted to him, which is quite frequent. He carries quite a bit of Gryffindor pride around with him, and would fight anyone who dared insult his great house. Louis could be a straight O student if he cared enough to study. Grades were never really Louis’ priority. As along as they were high enough to keep his parents off his back, he never gave a damn. Louis did always excel in subjects with hands on approaches. Dueling was one of his better points. Louis is confident, to the point of being arrogant, and believes he can do just about anything. Many of his nights at Hogwarts were spent drinking firewhiskey down by the Black Lake and swimming with the giant squid.

James is the golden boy. Charismatic, dashing, and popular, he excels at just about everything. He possesses a rare, indescribable quality that draws people to him in crowds. Being the firstborn son of the great Harry Potter helps as well. James typically doesn’t get shy or nervous, although on exactly three occasions crushing expectations pinned on him by the entire world caused anxiety attacks. James is a very popular person, the sort that leaves everyone pining for a glimpse into his world. James wears pristine body armor crafted out of confidence, and it never fails to protect him. Even from a young age he was able to appear so perfectly, unwaveringly confident that nobody else ever really questioned his abilities. He constantly questions himself, though, never sure of what he is doing. Unlike Victoire, though, James saw it as his duty to wreak havoc upon the halls of Hogwarts alongside his cousin, Fred. James inherited the mischief gene, and is always up to something, be it rigging the Slytherins showers to spew foam instead of water or managing to levitate Filch’s mattress into the center of the lake without waking the sleeping castle caretaker. James is also a dork. He loves muggle magic tricks, even though he’s awful at them, and has a penchant for dumb puns and cheesy pickup lines. James has a love for quidditch, and killed it as a beater with Fred until he graduated. James is very protective of his siblings and cousins, whom he loves more than anything in the world, and would duel anyone who looks at Albus or Lily the wrong way. James can be quite arrogant, though this sometimes ends badly due to his clumsiness. He’s very smart, and doesn’t mind studying, though he usually does it in the library while it’s empty out of fear his friends might catch on.

Albus is laid back. He’s easy going, witty, and likable, quick to smile and easy to banter with. He’s quite charming, like his brother, but is better with words. Unlike James, Albus isn’t a star at the center of a solar system, a fixed point around which everything orbits. At least, he doesn’t think so. Albus instead stays stuck to his tight knit group of friends. The only real time he takes on the entirety of the spotlight is in a quidditch match. Albus is an incredible seeker, with fast reflexes and an innate ability for quick thinking. For the first few years of his life, Albus really struggled to find his own identity. He was always Harry Potter’s second son, and as the world fell in love with his older brother, he was James Potter’s little brother. At Hogwarts, he was known to be one of the most popular kids in school, but he didn’t break out as his own person until the summer before his seventh year, when he became the youngest seeker to ever win a World Cup, though he isn’t as quick as his older brother to embrace the limelight. He’s known to sleep around a bit, though it’d be difficult to be as infamous as his cousin Louis. Al tends to not sleep very well, and survives off of coffee. Albus is very intuitive. Out of all of his cousins, he gives the best advice. A lot of times, his slight shyness comes off as aloofness, but anyone who has spoken three words with Albus Potter knows he isn’t either of those. Instead, Albus is quite friendly, and extremely likable.. With him in the room, everybody else always looks like they’re trying too hard. He’s easy and calm, good under pressure. Albus doesn’t have much of a temper, only ever raising his voice when quidditch is on the line. He has a gift for sensing when people need advice, comfort, or silence. Despite this, he had no idea Scorpius and Rose were falling in love until they said it to his face. Albus tends to bottle up his emotions due to some trust issues caused by global fame. At times he gets annoyed with the constant fatherly comparisons, and has even avoided doing things he wanted to do simply because they were things his father did.  A common misconception about Albus is that he’s quite arrogant, like Louis or James, and he can be slightly so at times, but Albus tends to be the most grounded. He’s also loyal to a fault.

Lily is popular. She’s a solid member of the quidditch team, playing her mother’s position as chaser, and has a large array of friends. She dedicates time to her social life, studies, and quidditch, making her more well rounded, like Vic. She does have a bit of a temper, though, just like her mother. Can be a bit silly. Lily loves making people laugh, and is quite good at it. Is typically brilliant in school, but has always struggled in potions. Lily is a hard headed Gryffindor with total confidence in herself and not many fears. Lily protects her own, especially her boyfriends, since her family never seems to accept them. Lily harbors an intense hatred for reporters, just like the rest of her family. She is very social, witty, and sporty, and always enjoys a good party. She’s also very determined. When Lily sets her mind to a task, she will complete it or die trying. She’s outspoken and confident, completely unapologetic, and willing to fight anyone who hurts those she loves. Lily is fire. She’s very hands on, and would much prefer to be out doing things than sitting in a boring classroom listening to stale lectures. Lily is a people person. She remembers names and thirty second conversations, and other things most people would forget. Although she is extremely friendly, Lily can be quite critical towards people and their own reputations.

Rose is an odd mix of both of her parents. She’s beautiful and intelligent, top pf her class, but also has a great sense of humor and enjoys letting loose. She has a tendency to be the “mother” among her friends, and is definitely the responsible one, but occasionally causes a bit of trouble. Rose’s skill is just not getting caught, which is how she managed to secure her position as a prefect. Rose is kind and accepting of other people, as long as she doesn’t see them as a threat to those she loves. Rose is a thinker, always trying to figure people and situations out. This sometimes leaded to overthinking. Rose is a ton of fun at parties, where she Dominique typically kill it on the dance floor. It often irks Rose that she isn’t able to control her emotions, seeing as she’s quite a logical thinker. Typically Rose is the one trying to steer her friends on to a slightly less dangerous path. Rose is usually cool headed, but does have some of the Weasley temper. The one thing that really gets her going is being compared to her mother, something the tabloids do often. On occasion, Rose has been known to butt heads with her mother, mostly because of their similarities. Both are quite stubborn and believe themselves to always be right, which creates a vast landscape for arguments, but that isn’t to say the two are not close. Rose has a good, if not dry, sense of humor. Sometimes her two natures battle each other, the good girl and the bad girl. Typically there’s a compromise. Unlike her mother, Rose is a staunch believer in astronomy, but her imaginative beliefs tend to stop there. Rose is a coffee addict. She’s warm, witty, and very dedicated to her family.

Hugo is a bit like his father, but not much like his mother. Music has always been a passion for Hugo, though for a long time Hermione viewed it as a hobby, and not something her son should pursue as a career. Hugo is very kind. He’s good looking and sweet, very genuine. He talks to a lot of girls, but isn’t the womanizer that Louis is. Hugo’s grades have always been good, but nothing special. Really he only kept them up to keep his mom off his back. Hugo hates sitting in classrooms. It just so happen that his three cousins his age, Lily, Louis, and Lucy, all share this trait, which unified the four in their crusade to create fun at Hogwarts. Hugo has always been good at sorting out his emotions, even if he doesn’t frequently share them. As far as songwriters go, he is probably one of the best of his generation, with a natural talent for weaving together lyrics full of emotion that stick in your head for days. Hugo is also a big quidditch fan, like every other member of his family, and in his sixth year, was even convinced by Albus to finally step out on to the pitch, where he excelled. Often times, Hugo feels the need to prove himself. To Hugo, living up to his parents’ legacy is impossible, but he tries hard to prove himself nonetheless. Hugo is genuine and caring, a “good” guy who doesn’t avoid responsibilities and always does the right thing, unless, of course, the right thing is going to bed at curfew or staying out of the Forbidden Forest.

Molly is like her father, if he had a serious fun streak. She’s dorky and sweet, silly and fun to be around. Molly has never been easily embarrassed. She’s also extremely attached to her books, and can usually be found carrying around at least three at any given time. Molly loves to have fun, but usually doesn’t get into trouble. Molly is clean cut but quirky, and perhaps has more in common with her namesake than she realizes. Molly is naturally clever and curious, and was always very enthusiastic about school and studying. She loves the library. In general, Molly is very good-natured. She’s never had much of a temper, and has always handled the spotlight well. Whereas some of her family members might act out, Molly was never that sort. While she was always quite terrible on a broom, she loves watching quidditch, and gets extremely into it, as does the rest of her family. Season tickets to matches are a must. Molly tends to be quite organized and prepared for any situation. The one thing she hates most is not knowing, and not being able to prepare. That, she gets from her father. She lacks the artistic talent her younger sister possesses, but is great with words and numbers. Molly is fun loving, witty, and gets along with just about anyone, though she can be a bit tightly strung. 

Lucy is artistic. She’s always been gifted in all aspects of art, from painting to pottery to photography to singing. Lucy is friendly, though apprehensive of new people. She is very open and relaxed, and doesn’t do well with negativity. Lucy has a love for crystals, photography, and painting, and goes out of her way to make people feel comfortable. She is also good friends with many of the paintings that hang at Hogwarts, particularly the ones that are off the beaten path and tend to not get as much attention. Lucy likes to pretend she isn’t as die hard about quidditch as her family, and often teases them for their obsession, but she is equally as crazy about the sport. Lucy is happy and positive, typically all smiles and giggles, things that draw people to her. Lucy has always been mature for her age. She’s also known to be a pretty good liar, a skill she has used a couple of times to get out of hot water, usually pertaining to being out after curfew. Lucy is a vegan, and conscious of humanitarian causes, just like Hermione. This often earns her some teasing from her cousins. Lucy isn’t as uptight as her sister, or as “nerdy,” as Dominique would say, but does like reading, though she prefers muggle literature, something Hermione turned her on to. 

Roxanne is cool. She’s chill and soulful, kind to everyone but quite popular. Roxy doesn’t follow trends. She sets them. Dominique would call her “groovy.” When Roxanne was fifteen, The Quibbler began championing yoga, citing a group of monks in India who used the practice to strengthen their magic. Roxy became a massive fan. She’s also quite healthy. She and Lucy actually bonded over their veganism. Roxanne loves pottery, astronomy, the beach, music, and traveling. Roxy is always picking up teas from all over the world, as she’s a bit of an addict. While she doesn’t seek out trouble, Roxanne loves to have fun, and is quite adventurous, which did get her into some hot water during her school years. Roxy hates lying, and is a very accepting person. Judgement isn’t really her way. She’s gorgeous and cool, easily sexy, maybe even a little edgy, like Dominique, but isn’t really as aloof. Out of the bunch, Roxanne is one of the easiest to approach and strike up a conversation with. She can typically find common ground with just about anyone. Very supportive. Into humanitarian causes, just like Hermione and Lucy.

Fred is James’ second half. It’s a running joke in the family that he and James are the twins, not he and Roxanne. Fred is a lot like James in that he is adventurous, courageous, popular, and mischievous. Fred can be quite the flirt, and he has a smile that makes all the girls weak at the knees. Fred tends to be exciting and lovable. In fact, it’s hard to find a person who doesn’t like Fred Weasley. He was always extremely good at defense against the dark arts, transfiguration, and charms, but sucked at potions and herbology, and could never really be bothered with those subjects. Fred is very relaxed, and a definite foodie, much to the delight of his grandmother. Fred has a lot in common with his mother in that he is driven to succeed, at least where quidditch is concerned, competitive, blunt, and a natural born leader. 


The first ever proper post made by me on this blog. Just 7 boys that I love and things about them that I appreciate.

Conor Maynard 

Conor is definitely the talented one in the group. At least when it’s about music. He’s got 2 bomb albums and his YouTube covers are amazing. He’s (in a good way) extremely cheeky and loves to joke around like 24/7. Because of that he seems to be always in a good mood. Back to the music, his voice is incredibly calming and extraordinary. He is so funny and really likeable because he doesn’t take himself too serious. He literally throws penis jokes all the time and when the boys joke about his music he’s never bothered at all and just jokes around with them.

Joe Sugg

Joe is a fucking cute smol bean. He is incredibly creative but kinda never admits it. He’s definitely a family person and loves them more than anything. Also he is always there for his friends and is very observant, always interested in how his loved ones are. He’s also reflective and would never do something he isn’t sure about. Joe always tries to bring good content for his community because he knows how far he can reach out and how many people watch him. And even though he’s the popular from the boys, he never show’s that off in any way.

Caspar Lee 

If I had to describe this cutie in one word it would be simply “sunshine”. Caspar is freaking kind hearted. He’s the most care free and doesn’t care of negative opinions as long as he and his loved ones are happy. He never acts different than he is and seems to be always optimistic and never in a bad mood. He shows so much appreciation towards his friends and loves to make people happy as well at all costs. 

Josh Pieters

(Josh’s in the middle, couldn’t find any better gifs )

Firstly this man got hella attractive ginger hair. He’s amazingly confident and he shows it off in a good way. He gives a damn about negative comments, especially when it’s about his hair or his height. He encourages his viewers to love themselves and tries to make them smile and maybe a bit more confident too. All of this makes him to a really courageous person to me as well. He’s so fun loving, literally always wearing a beautiful bright smile on his face.

Oli White

Oli is the sweetest guy ever. He’s like a teddy bear that is fucking cuddle worthy. He’s got a bit more the quiet personality between all of them but is definitely not boring. He’s one of the most ambitious people I’ve ever seen. He received so much since he’s doing YouTube so that he now even wrote a book. If someone needs him, no matter why or for what, he’d always help them or be there for them, especially when it’s about his family and mostly his little brother James ‘cause he’s so reliable. Also he’s very thoughtful and always keeps himself and the other boys grounded.

Michael Pearce

(sadly I couldn’t find any proper pictures of this beautiful one)

Mikey is literally the cutest thing in the world. He’s not that popular yet and I always feel like that makes him kinda insecure even though he’s so loveable and beautiful. He loves when he’s with his boys and they love it when he’s around. They always say Mikey is easy to prank and they sometimes make a bit fun (nothing bad) about him but he just never throws things back, he’s so big hearted and simply loves his friends. He’s extremely clumsy and he sometimes doesn’t know how to find the right words what makes him even cuter. He’d never be any jealous of the boys because they received more success in the past years (he only started his Channel weeks ago), he’s just really proud of them and 100% too unappreciated!

Jack Maynard 

What a handsome one, oh my god… But he’s definitely not just a pretty face. He’s always trying to make people happy. His laugh just catches you. He’s so caring about other people and loves everyone. Jack is one of the funniest guys ever and just as cheeky as Conor. He’s the life of the party and does what he wants, always trying to involve his friends. He does not show it off that much but he’s clearly Conors number 1 fan. He’s the proudest of his Brother and of course also his sister. He sometimes seems to be a badass fuckboy but is actually a little puppy because he’s just so down to earth and very dedicated.

All in all those guys are just amazing. They’re so funny and genuine. Just adorable. Fucking loveable dorks who are the bestest friends. All of them love their community and are so dedicated in their job. But the most important, they’ve got the strongest and most satisfying friendship ever.

Highlights from the Mixed Cast panel at Storytelling Con, Barcelona, April 22, 2017

Please note I missed the first 10 minutes of this panel… 5AM is early to get up on a Saturday :)

  • Favorite scenes for each actor:
    • Gil:  “I guess I have to go with meeting Ariel.  I’ve had some nice scenes but that was really the special one.  It was the first scene that I shot.  Walking down the stairs and seeing Ariel and falling in love.”
    • Sean:  “It’s difficult to pick one because there are lots of scenes that I enjoyed.  But there is an episode [4.17] where I’m riding a horse down a street in New York.  And obviously you can’t ride a real horse on concrete because it’s dangerous.  So they have this pretend mechanical horse which is just a big rocking horse and they put it on a truck and they drive it down the street.  So I’m on a big pretend rocking horse driving down a main street and there are all these people in Vancouver looking at me going what is that guy doing?  And I was like… I’m Robin Hood.”
    • Beverley:  “My favorite scene was in Red Handed, when Ruby was just about to attack Peter and I threw the cape on her… that was so exciting because we were outside in the snow it was beautiful it was tense and we were fighting and I had to throw the cape on her and turn her back into Ruby.”
    • Bex:  “I have two favorite scenes.  My first one I love the scene with Zelena and Regina in the episode… I love all the stuff that explores the relationship between the sisters.  And there was one episode in season 5 called Sisters… there was a very emotional scene with me and my sister and our mommy when she made us hold hands and close our eyes and we remembered that we had known each other all along.  That was my first one and my second one was the musical which you haven’t seen yet!”
  • Gil sang A Whole New World to Deniz as if he was Ariel.
  • Bex best moment as the Wicked Witch:  “My song in the musical was so much fun!  I don’t even know what to do with myself.  I keep looking at the calendar is it May 7th yet?  That was the best moment for my character because in this song it tells my character’s whole story in one three and a half minute song.  One of the best days of my life.”
  • The most touching moment filming scenes:  
    • Gil:  “Getting to kiss Ariel.  Multiple times.  I was like ‘can I get one more?’  They are like Gil it doesn’t need to be an open mouthed kiss.”
    • Bex:  “One of the most emotional scenes I shot was when I had to give up my baby to Robin and Regina because I was hurting her and I had to surrender her that was really…”
    • Beverley:  “When they were going through the gate back to [the Enchanted Forest] and I had to say goodbye to Roland.  […]  I was holding the baby and I kissed his head that was very touching.  Raphael is a gorgeous little actor.”
    • Sean:  “Obviously working with Raphael.  I started working with him before I became a dad… because I was a child actor myself I felt very protective over him.  It was one of the first days I was filming with him I had him in my arms and he was only 5 at the time and I have lots of nieces and nephews and I’m very touchy feelly and I kissed him on the head.  We weren’t filming and he turned around and said ‘did you just kiss me?’  And I was like yes, yes I did.  I’m not sure if I’m supposed to do that… why is this strange man kissing me… from day one we had a really strong bond, we got along very well.  He’s just a very sweet boy and I love him.”
    • Faustino:  “When we have these little glimpses of nature cutting in.  We were shooting a scene [in 3.02] by the river with Snow White and Charming and all the dwarves and in comes a deer.  Just starts walking.  Walking … walking and we’re just kind of doing our scene and the deer is in the scene.  Everyone at that point was .. and then at that point the deer was right there and Ginny goes ‘oh my god’ … and on the wedding scene we had some birds that snuck in the building while filming we had those glimpses of nature setting in…”
    • Deniz:  “I was always a big fan of the cartoons of Aladdin and on the first day we actually got to do the scene where I fly in and Jasmine’s in the hourglass and Jafar’s there with the staff and I’m in the cartoon I’ve watched four hundred million times…  And I got to be Aladdin and save her…”
  • What do you love most about Once Upon a Time:
    • Gil:  “That I got to play a Disney prince.  Because honestly I was shocked that I got that part.  I feel honored and humbled.”
    • Deniz:  “That I got to work with all these lovely people.”
    • Faustino:  “I love the message.  It’s a message of hope and ah that message is represented through all of you.  Thank you.”
    • Bex:  “The best thing about Once Upon a Time is how it’s brought all of us together.  The fandom has created a community.  Like no matter what happens we’ll always have each other.”
    • Beverley:  “I love that it took these fairy tales that we all knew as children and then gave this life and history which connected all of us together.  And that it’s international.  The cast is international and now we get to travel the world and have this international community.”
    • Sean:  “I just like that I get to wear leather head to toe all day and they pay me.”
  • Will Zelena be a good person or will she just be a wicked witch:  “I think Zelena is going through a massive transformation… I think becoming a mother has made her heart softer.  You’ll see throughout the rest of the season what happens with Zelena’s relationship with Regina but I think no matter how redeemed my character becomes there always be a little bit of wicked in there.”
  • What UK food does Bex miss the most:  “A good bloody cup of tea!  Like a proper cup of tea with milk and sugar!  Like a lady!”
  • For Sean:  What do you like most about playing a Disney fairy tale character?  “Well I thought of Robin Hood as a character by itself before Disney made a Disney movie of Robin Hood.  I just liked the fact that I got to play a …  just getting to play the legend of Robin Hood.  It’s just one of those characters that any male actor would really enjoy.”
  • What do you think about fans that follow you around the world [at conventions] are they crazy?: 
    • Bex:  “I think it’s amazing that people get on a plane to come and meet us.  It’s mental.  We are very very honored and it really means a lot to us.”
  • They were asked to dance the Macarana.  Bex attempted to decline saying she needs more coffee but Beverley made them all get up and do it.  The editor at this point is having 1990s PTSD flashbacks…
  • Favorite same sex love interest for your own characters:
    • Sean:  “I don’t want to disappoint the gents here because they’re strapping men every one of them but I’d have to say my old pal Colin O’Donoghue.  When he raises that eyebrow I just fall to pieces.”
    • Gil:  “Aladdin here.  He’s got long hair …. something to grab hold of….”
    • Deniz:  “I’d have to go with the one and only Prince Charming.  He’s the prince of Charming.”
    • Faustino:  “Charming absolutely.”
    • Beverley:  “I just feel strange because I’m a grandmother… of course Zelena would be number one but my tied for number one … Jasmine …”
    • Bex:  “I think Zelena might have a crush on Belle.  She’s so little!  I can pick her up she’s so cute!  In really life I think Rebecca Mader would go for Lana Parrilla we’re not sisters in real life so it’s not wrong.  It’s not weird.”
  • How long does it take to become the Wicked Witch:  “Three hours.  Seven coffees.  And lots of snapchat, twitter and instagram.  But once the green makeup is on it can stay on for 17 hours and then it takes half an hour to take off.  And then I look 16 at the end because it’s taken all the skin off.”
  • Who is your favorite scene partner:  
    • Beverley:  “I love hanging out with Archie and Geppetto.  We have a nice little trio and the three of us [talk a lot].”
    • Gil:  “Again there are just so many to choose from.  I’m going to say Joanna who plays Ariel.  Though last time I was up there I got to work with Karen David and she was absolutely wonderful.  Do you want to trade?” [to Deniz]
    • Deniz:  “Karen David’s my answer.  Actually no Jafar.. Oded is so fun to work with.  He’s so evil and so lovely in person.  It’s kind of cool to see him switch.”
    • Faustino:  “Since I play dwarf I’m going to say my dwarf brothers.  Because we have a lot of fun all the time.”
    • Sean:  “I can’t pick one person.  All of us became good friends.  Bex is like my sister, Colin is like my brother, Mikey Raymond-James who left the show a little while ago is one of my best friends…. it’s a tie.  Lana obviously … I can’t pick between all of my favorites.”
    • Bex:  “Lana Parrilla!  Two reasons I like working with my sister the most.  One when we’re in character we play and each take is different.  And number two she makes tea like a British lady.  I spend a lot of time in her trailer drinking her tea and eating her chocolate.”
  • If you could play any other character:
    • Sean declines to answer because they were all well cast.  “I’m very happy I got to be Robin Hood because I think I would have been a terrible Queen of Darkness.”
    • Bex doesn’t want to play anyone else but her.
    • Beverley:  Rumple.
    • Deniz:  “I’d like to play Zelena for a day.  Just for a day.  One day get green…”
    • Gil:  “Prince Charming because he’s gotten to do way more episodes than me.”
    • Faustino: “Hook, that’s an interesting character.”

Whatever you do don’t imagine Scorpius and Albus meeting in the robe shop like Harry and Draco did, but them become friends

Don’t imagine Albus being put in slytherin and Scorpius being put gryffindor and the two being best friends

Don’t imagine James looking out for Scorpius because he’s his little brothers best friend

Don’t imagine Draco and Harry going to a slytherin/gryffindor quidditch match, both wearing their old school scarves and swapping them before the match so they were wearing their sons colours

  • <p> <b>James:</b> daddy, mommy look, Uncle Tony gave me a fondue machine<p/><b>Steve:</b> and why did Uncle Tony give you a fondue machine<p/><b>James:</b> because he told me if I wanted a little brother or sister, that you and mommy have to fondue<p/><b>Nat:</b> *snorts and laughs*<p/><b>Steve:</b> *chokes on his coffee*<p/></p>
daddys girl

This is my first ever imagine, so if you like it please let me know. I want to make this story multi-chapter.

Tama Tonga Story.



I always like to fight, that was my way of releasing some of the pain and anger that was always in my life. My dad wasn’t in my life as much as I needed him to be. To this day I remember when police came to our home and took him. I was twelve and that was the first time I had my heart broken. My father was sentenced to 15 years for assault, he beat drug buddy of my mother. My dad was my hero even if he did some bad things.

 After he was taken I was left with my drug addicted mom, along with my older and younger brothers. My mom never took care of me or my brothers; the only memory of her that I have is her lying in bed, passed out. My older brother, he is the younger version of our dad. When my dad was gone, James was somebody I could always lean on. Then there was my little brother Rakim. I was 16 when it happened. It was Saturday around 9 pm when I came home. I walked in and I saw him lying on the living room floor in a pool of blood. He was shot because my mother couldn’t afford drugs anymore and she stole them. Since that day my mother became dead to me.

 After my brother’s funeral I stared fighting in the streets, bars, parking lots. One day I saw an episode of Monday Night RAW and that’s when I knew what I wanted to do. I could fight and get paid for it. For me it was heaven on earth. I did some tryouts for WWE but they told me I was not what they were looking for, so I showed them the middle finger and flew to Japan.

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Maggie Sawyer, Grumpy Love Guru

There was a lot that Maggie Sawyer could deal with.

Kara being Supergirl? Maggie could deal with that.

Supergirl and her girlfriend working for the same super-secret organization hunting and helping alien life on Earth? Maggie could deal with that.

Sharing a movie night with her girlfriend and her girlfriend’s puppy of a sister who eats like a high school football team? Maggie could deal with that.

But sharing her girlfriend’s excellent cuddles in her girlfriend’s ridiculously large bed? Maggie definitely could not deal with that.

It had all started out with Mon-El and Kara getting into yet another argument over something that the asshole had done completely against Kara’s wishes. The details of it, Maggie didn’t know, but when she had received a text from Alex informing her that Kara would be joining them on their movie night tonight, Maggie bought four times the ingredients for dinner than she was planning and a shit ton of tissues for Kara’s waterfall of emotions.

It had ended with Kara practically licking the lasagna dish and all 200 tissues in the box scattered across the coffee table as the credits of Homeward Bound rolled across the screen.

And that’s how Maggie found herself lying in Alex’s king sized bed with a scowl on her face as Alex became the human pillow for her younger sister on the far side of the bed leaving Maggie cold and touch-starved.

“I just don’t know what to do, Alex.” Kara sobbed. “I mean, I thought having someone who understand how I feel would be great, but he isn’t anything like me. He isn’t compassionate. He isn’t understanding. He says he loves me and then blatantly disrespects me!”

“I know. I know.” Alex coos, rubbing her little sister’s back as she sobs into the crook of her neck. “I think that it’s time and you and Mon-El went your separate ways.”

This initiated another round of tears from Kara and Maggie fought the urge to roll her eyes.

Don’t get her wrong, she cared about Kara. A hell of a lot. Growing up and only child and having been kicked out of her parent’s house as a teenager only made her that much more grateful for the family that being with Alex had given her. She now had two slightly irritating little brothers (James was a little less irritating than Winn, but she loved them both equally), a spectacular Space dad that really cares for her, and an incredible little sister that she was grateful for. Not to mention the most amazing, caring, understand, perfect girlfriend that she was head-over-heels in love with.

So she could understand that Kara needed Alex right now and she wasn’t going to get in between that, but she had grown used to the way Alex held her at night and the sleepy kisses she got until the agent fell asleep. Not to mention her and Alex were usually naked in the large bed and the flannel pajama pants she was wearing were incredibly itchy.

And so Maggie was just grumpy.

“I just don’t want to hurt him. He loves me, Alex.” Kara sniffled.

“And how do you feel?”


Maggie cracked a grin at the hesitation. She knew that Kara had a pretty big hard-on for Lena Luthor, but who was she to push someone out of the closet…again? (To be fair, she really just wanted Alex to come clean because she wanted, well, Alex.)

A sigh came from Alex before another round of tears from the super.

Now it was Maggie’s turn to speak because she’d be damned if Kara got to hog Alex all night. That was just selfish.

“Listen, Little Danvers, because I have something to say and you might not like it.” Maggie huffed.

“Maggie…” Alex warned.

“No, Alex, it needs to be said.” Maggie lifted up on her elbow to look into Kara’s eyes, illuminated by the moonlight. “Kara, Mon-El is an asshole, okay?”


“No.” Maggie put a hand up to stop her. “It’s the truth. Mon-El doesn’t respect you and he thinks he loves you because you’re the first person to truly believe in him. Sometimes when people show us attention, we get really excited and our emotions get the best of us, and I think that he’s been growing through. He’s infatuated with you.”

“Maggie, I don’t see wh-”

“Danvers, hush. I’m being frank with Little Danvers here because someone has to be. I’m sick of you all tip-toeing around the subject like Kara’s a child. She’s a grown ass adult and I’m gonna be honest with her.” Maggie stated in annoyance. “Like I was saying, he’s an asshole and he doesn’t actually care about you. People who only do things for you when they are also convenient for them aren’t really looking out for you.”

“But he’s trying.”

“No he’s not, Kara! He’s only trying to make you think that he deserves you, which he doesn’t!”

“So what do I do?”

Maggie didn’t resist the eye roll this time. “You take your own advice! You’re stronger than anything on this planet, Kara, including all the fuckboys that are going to make their way into your life. You’re Supergirl, for crying out loud. You don’t need that frat boy.”

“But I want to be loved and be in love…like you two!” Kara whined.

“And in order for this to happen, your sister had to go through a shit ton of heartbreak until she realized what was really good for her.”

To that Kara had no objection. She saw the pain that Alex had to go through in order to be happy with Maggie.

“I just…I don’t know.”

Alex rubbed her back again for good measure. “What I think Maggie is trying to say is that forcing yourself to feel for Mon-el isn’t going to make you happy. It’s only going to make you miserable.”

“Yes, and you owe it to yourself to finally do what you want. Not anyone else.”

Kara nodded slowly as Maggie’s word sank in.

“Good. Now break up with the frat boy, be the reporter you wanna be, tell Lena how you feel-”

“-wait, wha-,”

“-take control of your life, and please, for the love of god, share!” Maggie grumbled, scooting over in the bed to bury her face in Alex’s neck.


“Now is not the time for a life crisis, Kara. Sleep.” Maggie husked.

Kara nodded again and took a deep breath, snuggling deeper into her sister. “Thanks, Maggie.”

“Anytime, Little D.”

Alex chuckled, placing a kiss on each of their foreheads. “My girls.”

And they all drifted off to sleep together.

And Maggie had no idea how Alex managed to be wrapped around only her mere minutes after Kara had fallen asleep.


She had no clue.

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the night sirius ran away and showed up at the potters’
  • when james woke up half an hour before sunrise, it was because the small pebbles knocking on his window were replaced by whole brick, causing the glass to shatter and spread across the floor.
  • at first he was confused and scared because there was a war going on and his father was a well-known auror.
  • but the gryffindor in him won and james found himself slipping on his slippers and walking through the glass —
  • and he heard it. he suddenly heard a laugh and instantly recognised who was standing in his backyard before he even looked down.
  • because fuck, fuck, fuck,
  • it was sirius’ laugh,
  • not his normal laugh, but the laugh james despised listening to. the fake, bitter, over-enthusiastic, sadistic laugh.
  • the laugh james heard every time a howler exploded in the main hall. the laugh james heard last year after sirius left the hospital wing because remus refused to see him because of the prank. the laugh james heard when regulus slammed sirius against the wall, one day, and whispered something in his ear before leaving, and james couldn’t chase after regulus for the same reason sirius allowed him to push him against the wall like that. because sirius didn’t have it in him when it came to his little brother.
  • james rushed out of his room, ignoring the voice in the back of his head telling him that it could be a trap since he didn’t see if it was sirius because the voice was wrong. james knew it was sirius.
  • but james wasn’t completely right. the sirius lying on the grass in the garden had blood over his clothes, scratches all over his arms and neck, and bruises over his cheeks and collar, and his lips were bleeding down to his chin.
  • sirius wasn’t a beaten teenager who lay under the open sky, with tears in his eyes and blood in his grinning mouth. sirius wasn’t like this. except he was, sometimes.
  • as soon as sirius saw james, he started hysterically laughing that laugh, whilst crying,
  • and james did nothing other than wrapping up himself around sirius and kissing his hair and hugging him until the tears and loudness stopped.
  • he didn’t know how or when, but james found himself waking up to the sounds of birds, with moist grass pressed to his cheeks and long, partly-burnt hair spread across his chest.
  • the second time he woke up, he was lying on a mattress on the floor of his living room, right next to a couch with a small, shaking body curled up on it,
  • he got up to drink water and found a note on the table,
  • “sirius and james, there are some fruits and milk on the stove so make sure to eat! avoid making tea or using the oven because you’ll end up burning the house down. s, your dad and i are going shopping for new clothes because james’ are too big on you, so we’ll be back by nine p.m. love, mum and dad. xx”
The Soul Riders

So because I haven’t seen it on my dash yet and because @stormiesquall wondered if someone could translate it, here are the info pages from the Swedish Jorvik Gazette, translated to English to the best of my ability

Lisa Peterson & Starshine
“Music calms/comforts me.”

Lisa Peterson
As a child, Lisa rode as she shared the interest for horses with her mother, but fell off and got hurt badly, making her too scared to continue. When her mother died, her father decided to move to Jorvik to work at Dark Core’s oil rigs, and so, Lisa followed and ended up at Jorvik’s school. The great interest in horses was revived when Lisa met Starshine, and now they’re one in the fight against the dark powers.
  Lisa is, also, a skilled musician and does well with most string instruments - everything from guitar to harp.

Starshine is Lisa’s loyal companion. Starshine was born in the wild, but was unfortunately separated from his herd as a foal and was taken care of by Herman at the Jorvik Stable. He has lived there ever since, and that’s where he met Lisa. While Lisa is away traveling, Starshine always stays in the Jorvik stables, where he eagerly awaits her return. Starshine is one of the fastest horses on/in Jorvik, and very few horses can keep up with this powerful horse.

Anne von Blyssen & Concorde
“I’m the best!”

Anne von Blyssen
She’s aristocratic in her demeanour and is experienced as snobbish, uppish and vain by others. She cares a lot about her appearance and likes posing for the camera, as she once really wanted to be a model. Anne comes from one of Jorvik’s richest families and has grown up like a princess. She has very high thoughts of herself and doesn’t always realise that she needs to be more humble.
   She’s known as one of Jorvik’s most skilled dressage riders and has competed globally with Concorde, even after she discovered the magical bond between them.
   Anne strives to be the best in the world both at dressage and show jumping.

Anne’s horse Concorde is similar to his rider in terms of demeanour, and can sometimes think very highly of himself. While Anne sometimes can realise that she’s a bit too snobbish, Concorde is stubborn like nothing else and stands proudly by being the handsomest, most cared for and best raised horse not only on Jorvik, but in all of existence. His beautiful pattern of movement makes him the perfect dressage horse and in later years, he has also competed in show jumping.

Alex Cloudmill & Tin-Can
“The truth is my main weapon!”

Alex Cloudmill
Alex is a tough girl from the suburbs. The Cloudmill family has unfortunately always been poor, and Alex has had to work hard during her childhood in the concrete outside of Jorvik City. Her little brother James often gets into trouble, and Alex helps him when needed. Alex is a helpful and enterprising girl who’s not afraid of conflict.
   Alex is a true fighter in soul and heart. Truth, loyalty, family and friendship are her catchwords. She has good reasoning skills, and is a good leader, even if she’d rather not shoulder the leader role in a group. But she has a good judgement and people listen to her.

Tin-Can is alike his owner Alex - he’s unafraid, forward-thinking and never says no to an adventure. He thrives in the woods, especially during a fast gallop over logs and rocks. Tin-Can is the toughest of the Soul Rider’s horses, and like Alex, he’s a born leader. He is the smallest of the four horses, but size means nothing!

Linda Chandler & Meteor
“Knowledge is power.”

Linda Chandler
Linda is known as a bookworm and she loves both reading and knowledge. Her love for books has more than once made people label her as a little bit special, but that’s nothing she cares about. She is always open to changes and new people. She is naturally curious, which can easily get her into trouble, but her thirst for more knowledge helps her move forward all the time. Before she discovered her magic gifts, her great goal was to become a jumping rider, and she has competed in show jumping together with Meteor.
   Linda studies to learn as much as possible about almost everything. She is first and foremost interested in culture and history. If any questions about history are posed, Lina is the first person to turn to.

Meteor is the oldest of the Soul Rider’s horses, and just like Linda, he possesses a lot of knowledge. Despite his great wisdom, he’s easily distracted - his greatest interest in life is food, and he rarely thinks of anything else. It’s a miracle that his belly isn’t rounder! Together with Linda, he has competed a lot in show jumping, with great success.

I can’t help but realize the similarities between these two pairs.

Sirius Black & James Sirius Potter:
- Both being the eldest, the heirs to their family names
- Both granted the chance to grow amongst friends and reliable family. Bound in scarlet and gold
- Both possessing a sense of rebellion and mischief that never seems to be satisfied
- Both bearing the responsibility over their younger brothers, but instead end up failing in their duties

Regulus Black & Albus Severus Potter
- Both cursed with an intolerable weight to carry, simply because of the names they were born with
- Both silently crying out for help but never having the guts to admit it
- Both being forced to take on fake personas that serve as the only things keeping them alive amongst their manipulative peers
- Both needing their support, their best friend, their one and only brother. But never being able to reach them

A name means everything. In some situations, it grants you everything. In others, they are nothing but a death wish.