After retirement, when he’s not busy being an ambassador, Spock takes up arts and crafts as a hobby. But since he’s a logical bean and wants to do stuff that actually has a use, he learns to knit, make his own candles for meditation, brew homemade soaps, stuff like that.
Turns out he really loves knitting because it’s an activity that requires a lot of skill, control and spatial awareness. 
His first attempts aren’t that satisfying because he’s still learning, but he still manages to knit a sweater for jim not to waste the wool. And Jim is so fucking enamored with it. He thinks it’s the best thing he’s ever owned. He wears the green monstrosity when he goes teaching at starfleet and tells everyone to look at how beautiful the sweater his husband made is. He wears it so much he gets holes in it, and Spock fixes them promptly.
Even when Spock gets better and the clothes he makes turn out to be much more aestethically pleasing, that first sweater is still Jim’s favourite.

  • Bones: Who thought that this was a good idea?!?!
  • Spock: Doctor I assure you I had taken every possible scenario and risk into consideration when planning our current course of action.
  • Bones: Yeah, but did you take him into account?
  • Kirk: Hey guys, check out this weird flower, it keeps trying to cuddle my neck. I think it likes me.
  • Spock: .... I have no excuse.