james t green

This was inspired by “Tobias and he Half-Pariah” made by Tines Sensahthe from youtube.

It’s also inspired by a song of the same name, too.

I’m quite disappointed that there aren’t any Trainz-made fan movies with James as the main character at all, so I’d make up one of them myself, as a poster. It’d be nice if any Trainz youtuber would take requests of full-length trainz movies with certain characters of our choice ;u;

Anywayyyyyyys, here’s a synopsis of this said movie:

James the Red Engine hasn’t seen his homeland and classmates for decades ever since he came to the Island of Sodor. So he decided to pay a visit to the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway to visit–With Thomas, Edward, Gordon, and Henry along by “accident”–only to find out that the railway he once knew is in ruins, and his classmates have been demolished and turned into ghosts, nicknamed the ‘Dead Hearts.’ What’s worse is that the ruins is now run by a tyrannical Barton Wright 4-4-0 engine named “Leon,” who happens to be an express engine until an accident and other turns of events. Will James and his Sodor friends save the souls and his home from the evil locomotive, or will they succumb to be ‘Dead Hearts?’

If anyone would make a movie based off of my idea, I’d be honored .u.

I feel like Jim’s the type of Captain who would one day be struck by the brilliant realization that crew members with dual specializations could have their own uniforms colors:

Dual Command and Engineering or Security would be Orange

Dual Command and Science would be Green

Dual Science and Engineering or Security would be Purple

It’d make a beautiful rainbow

And he’d have to talked down by the rest of the crew including Spock who would secretly agree with logic of Jim’s stance while arguing against it on technical grounds (and because it’s against the rules).

Steamies(according to me)
  • Thomas: Little blue shit
  • Edward: Friend
  • Henry: Giant friend
  • Gordon: Giant dad
  • James: Bae/Lemme smash
  • Percy: Smol baby caterpillar
  • Toby: Box friend
  • Emily: No
  • Duck: Yes
  • Oliver: Green friend
  • Donald and Douglas: Awesome sons