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rhodey is the cutest person i can’t believe this,,, saying “boom” when something goes his way…Dad Jokes™… being So Into Being War Machine oh my god literally every one-liner rhodey has is life-changing i can’t believe how good he is??? “welcome to the dance floor, boys. oh no, i didn’t say you could leave” “I think it’s weird. you look like two seals fighting over a grape” “you look damn good mr president but i’m gonna need that suit back” WAR MACHINE,,,COMIN AT U,,, “no, it’s your fault, I just wanted to say I’m sorry”

he adapts so quickly to ridiculous situations he’s brave and resilient and selfless and incredible and his password is WARMACHINEROX with an x all caps what a giant dork i love him @ marvel where the fuck is my war machine movie

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Bang yong guk posted a picture of Chuck Berry after the news of his passing away. I'm so happy that he knows so much about vintage African American music and it's history. If he knows about Etta James and the Supremes too, oh boy, he will forever be my fave!

He’s not invited to the cookout, he RUNS the cookout, hell


Avengers Assemble - Squadron Supreme Character Art

Created as pastiches of the DC Superhero team the Justice League they are a group of alien superheroes from a distant world similar to the Avengers. They chose to solve their planet’s problems by taking control of the planet.

  • Hyperion - Superman
  • Nighthawk - Batman
  • Zarda - Wonder Woman
  • Speed Demon - The Flash
  • Doctor Spectrum - Green Lantern

well this is a lot