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Bang yong guk posted a picture of Chuck Berry after the news of his passing away. I'm so happy that he knows so much about vintage African American music and it's history. If he knows about Etta James and the Supremes too, oh boy, he will forever be my fave!

He’s not invited to the cookout, he RUNS the cookout, hell

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Do you have any headcanons about what music the gang likes (maybe the Shepards too if you want)?

i do!! i hope you don’t mind if i do era music and modern music (modern being anything after the 60s). thank you for requesting💖


60s: the rolling stones, the kinks, the doors

modern: childish gambino, fall out boy, the killers, billy idol


60s: simon and garfunkel, donovan, the byrds

modern: the cure, vampire weekend, troye sivan


60s: the everly brothers, bob dylan, buddy holly

modern: the smiths, arctic monkeys, gorillaz, joy division


60s: the who, johnny cash, the animals

modern: guns n’ roses, skid row, aerosmith, kiss (lots of hair/glam metal, really)


60s: the zombies, the supremes, james brown

modern: bruno mars, alabama shakes, amy winehouse


60s: the kinks, little richard, marvin gaye

modern: blondie, drake, one direction (he’s that friend whose music taste is all over the place)


60s: bob dylan, aretha franklin, frank sinatra

modern: billy joel, bruce springsteen, tom petty (just very classic americana, ya know?)


60s: dion, johnny cash, roy orbison

modern: the neighbourhood, the fratellis, arctic monkeys


60s: chuck berry, the who, jimi hendrix

modern: the clash, the damned, the ramones, dead kennedys (he beats up nazi punks on a regular basis god bless)


60s: nancy sinatra, nina simone, big brother and the holding company

modern: hole, fleetwood mac, nicki minaj, marina and the diamonds

  • Washington: Did you shout National Debt, causing a panic?
  • Hamilton: Yes I shouted that! I also shouted instructions on how to run the financial system, so you can imagine my frustration as Secretary of Treasury when no one would heed of--heeded--
  • Madison: Hed. Hedded.
  • Hamilton: when no one hedded--
  • Madison: take hedded of.
  • Hamilton: --no one would take hedded of my instructions!

Freestyle Love Supreme encore cypher on John Cena, Alicia Machado, Deadpool and Bangalore (with a bonus call for diversity in Hollywood)

Gramercy Theatre
9/30/16 (x)