james sterling


#favorite character meme – 7 scenes
2. the frame-up job

so let me get this straight. you stole not one, but two paintings, one of which you spent the entire day trying to convince me you did not steal. all because your girlfriend here, an unrepentant inveterate professional liar– well that’s uncalled for. –told you with no evidence whatsoever the ma mystere was a fake. now you’re so sure that she’s right that you not only think that this painting is a fake but every other mettier that was in the house, the entire collection, is also fake? that’s right.

[caption: ten gifs of james sterling, nate ford and sophie devereaux. “arrest them both,” sterling says. “on what charge?” sophie asks, outraged. “theft.” “we’ve brought you back the paintings,” nate points out. “obstructing an investigation.” “we’re helping you with your investgation,” sophie insists. “being annoying and crazy.” “that’s not a crime, since when was that a crime?” nate says, handing sophie a drink. “no, it’s not,” she says. “i don’t care!” sophie and nate sip on their drinks.]

  • Nate: Is it entirely without the bounds of possibility that you have an ulterior motive for this trip going ahead?
  • Sterling: Nate, I hope you know me better than that. At any given moment, I never have fewer than seven ulterior motives in play.

Sterling: “Arrest them both.”

Sophie: “On what charge?”

Sterling: “Theft?”

Nate: “We brought you back the paintings.”

Sterling: “Obstructing an investigation.”

Sophie: “We’re helping you with your investigation.”

Sterling: “Being annoying and crazy!”

–Leverage (The Frame Up Job, S5E10)