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Who's the better gentleman spy.. James Bond or Harry Hart?

Going to stir the pot a bit with this one.. but here goes……

Bond may be credited with being a gentleman spy, but he’s actually rather rude. Bond can be seen boarding a boat (without invitation) then walking up to a sleeping person and kicking them awake while yelling at them that he’s ‘chartering their boat’, dumping an unconscious woman into an unknown man’s arms and going off, among other things that I just could never picture Harry doing. I love Bond, don’t get me wrong, ….but he’s a bit of a dick a lot of the time. 

Harry, on the other hand, remains perfectly charming.. even towards Valentine whom he probably suspects is one of the worst people he’s gone up against. Aside from a rather salty look when Valentine shakes Eggsy’s hand (hands off the goods Valentine! haha) he remains cordial towards him, perhaps tensely so, but still. He does tell Chester “You’re a snob.” in a very ‘with all due respect, fuck off’ tone. But Chester looks down on people (when he was probably from the lower ranks himself) and he doesn’t uphold Kingsman’s values …and Harry probably just finds it (and him) insufferable. His temper does flare at Eggsy, once, though it seems that he’s more angry with himself over things/not doing enough/because he cares so deeply for him. Even with Eggsy’s yelling at and insulting him, Harry calms with the ‘can’t you see everything I’ve done has been to make up for everything’ line.. causing Eggsy, who is the little hot head, to instantly mellow. Not that, that was Harry’s intention.. he was just being honest. Until that point Eggsy has some pent up blame towards him, and Harry probably knows it. It’s the hardest/worse situation between them ..and Harry handles it like a class act. Beyond that, he’s personable and charming. I find it very odd and out of character if/when he isn’t.

Parallels between Bond and Harry are that they’re (probably) the best agents from their organizations, both are highly intelligent, can quickly think their way out of any situation, are resourceful, can banter and get a foe to take their bait and leave them with a cheeky/witty remark that angers them/makes them lose focus while they smile and are already five steps ahead plotting their escape.

Who’s the better ‘agent’ could be debated. Fight wise, considering he took out a church full of people by himself, Harry. However, the question was ‘who’s the better gentleman spy?’ Bond may be suave and sleek doing ‘spy stuff’ while the Bond Theme plays in the background ….but when you combine everything ..hands down …I’d say it’s Harry!

Actually.. I’ve always thought Harry was based more on (the charismatically charming and impeccably dressed) John Steed from The Avengers (no not THAT one.. Google: The Avengers tv series) than on James Bond. Steed is a secret agent working for an unnamed branch of British intelligence that fights with his manners and a crook handle umbrella…

…and he had a blue velvet tux… (and pretty much looks like he could of been Harry’s father)

…not to mention he was paired with a (track suit wearing) arse kicking widow working as a spy along side him ..with lots of subtext between them. Their verbal interactions ranged from witty banter to thinly disguised innuendo. (Bit of a taboo given the times/that she was a widow) …and because of their significant age difference …which also sounds familiar.

 Mrs. Peel was a certified genius/specialized in chemistry and other sciences. A heroine and she was rarely defeated in fights, a martial arts master, formidable fencer, and often rescued Steed when he was in trouble. I’m curious if/how Eggsy ‘rescues’ Harry in K2.

Imagine telling your best friend, Hayden, you’re in love with Liam, but a few weeks later, you find the two of them kissing behind the buses (Pt. 4)

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“Onward, my faithful steed!” James exclaims, jumping on your back. You giggle, and run forwards. “Faster!”

“I’m going as fast as I can!” you complain. “It’s not my fault you’re heavy!”

“Hey, you know I’m insecure about my weight.” You look over your shoulder, and find him fake pouting. “Say you’re sorry.”

You stop and let him fall to the ground, then turn to face him. “I am so sorry I joked about your insecurities.” you apologize, trying to stop yourself from bursting into laughter. “Please forgive me?”

“Okay, I forgive you.” he says, pulling you into a kiss.

“Y/N?” you freeze, and slowly turn around. Of course. Liam and Hayden walk over, hand in hand, smiling at you. “Hey, Y/N, what’s up?”

“Nothing much.” You wrap your arm around James’s, and gently pull him in the opposite direction. “It was…. well, we’ve got somewhere to be, so we’d better get going.” You start off without waiting for a reply.

“Okay, bye!” you hear one of them call after you.

“What was that?” James asks, frowning at you. “I thought you’re best friends with Hayden?”

“Not anymore.” you reply. He raises an eyebrow, and you just shake your head. “I don’t want to talk about it right now.”

“Okay, that’s fine.” he says, putting an arm around you. “So, where are we off to next?”


“Y/N.” You turn around, then roll your eyes and quicken your footsteps. “Y/N, wait up.”

“Can’t anyone take a hint?” you ask after stopping and turning to face Liam. “There’s a reason I haven’t talked to you guys, so do me a favor and stop bugging me.”

“What happened?” Liam asks. “Why do you hate Hayden?”

“She knows.” you reply, turning down the hall. 

“No she doesn’t!” he insists, causing you to scoff. “She doesn’t, she’s so confused and upset because she lost her best friend.”

You stop short, causing Liam to walk past you before realizing what happened, and going back a few steps. “Okay, you want to know why I hate her? It’s because of you. It’s because I had the biggest crush on you, and I told her about it, and a few weeks later I discover her kissing you behind the buses. So yeah, Liam, I hate her, and I promise you she knows why.” You storm away, fuming, leaving Liam dumbstruck.

You’re so caught up in the moment, you walk right past James, who calls your name multiple times before you register it. “Oh, sorry J, I didn’t see you there.”

“Yeah, I noticed.” he says, placing a kiss on your forehead. “I heard you talking to Liam, is all that true?” You nod, and he immediately pulls you into a hug. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault.” you reply, hugging him tighter.


20 Reasons John Steed is Better than James Bond. 

1) Looks great in a tux/anything. 

2) Doesn’t check out every woman in the room like they’re his personal buffet.

3) Does not try to rape Cathy (I can’t believe that this is something that actually happens in a goddamn Bond movie). 

4) Gets his ass kicked by a woman, totally loves it. 

5) Would totes kick James Bond’s ass.

6) Never gets his female partner killed. 

7) Actually has a female partner. 

8) To quote Patrick Macnee: does not use women like battering rams. 

9) Does not kill for the sake of it. 

10) Actually does his goddamn job with minimal destruction and death. 

11) Can cook and does so for dates.

12) Does the washing up. 

13) Not embarrassed to do his girlfriend’s laundry.

14) Knows that no means no.

15) Thinks it’s awesome that women are better than him at some things. 

16) Is a decent human being. 

17) Probably good in bed (I mean, the ladies do keep coming back for more).

18) Has meaningful relationships with at least two women that, once again, he does not get killed. 

19) Drives badass vintage cars. 

20) Likes dogs, horses, and cats.


Of all the money that e'er I had, / I spent it in good company. / And all the harm that e'er I’ve done, / Alas! it was to none but me. / And all I’ve done for want of wit / To mem'ry now, I can’t recall / So fill to me the parting glass / Good night and joy be with you all. / Oh, all the comrades that e'er I had, / They’re sorry for my going away, / And all the sweethearts that e'er I’ve loved, / They’d wish me one more day to stay, / But since it falls unto my lot, / That I should rise and you should not, / I’ll gently rise and softly call, / Good night and joy be with you all.


The Interceptors

[Image: A screen cap from The Inteceptors ep of Top Gear. The boys are all gussied up as their Inteceptors alter egos, Jason Clarkson, James Steed and Roger St. Hammond and are in their offices discussing the opening for their new show. The caption reads: “(207): Let’s get really high and wear fake mustaches and try not to laugh at each other…”]