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I’m very uncomfortable with the fact that everyone in the marvel universe is extremely attractive. 

For example:

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CABLE has been CAST!

Josh Brolin apparently cannot get enough of superhero movies! Brolin, in addition to playing Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, will apparently also now be playing Cable in the upcoming X-film, Deadpool 2!

There has been a lot of speculation over the last few months with respect to who will be playing this time-traveling mutant hero, some actors of which I was excited about and others of which I was less so. I absolutely love the idea of Josh Brolin taking on the role, and with his inclusion, I have am having a mini-wave of excitement for the X-Film Universe again. 

If 20th Century Fox is smart, which I do lack confidence, Deadpool 2 could be a way of ironing out the continuity of their X-men films and finally producing a strong franchise! While the X-men films have done well financially so far, the connection between films and the overall story has been a mess. This is the time to correct all that! Mainly I am hoping that Deadpol 2 will be the start of a beautiful new X-Force film franchise that will do what the X-men films have not. 20th Century Fox just needs to secure the cast, develop the characters, and have an over-arching plan with regard to the story! 

Please! Redeem the X-men! 

P.S. I would love a small reference to Cyclops and Jean Grey being Cable’s parents! Not hugely important, but this would be so fun and would at least hint at these two characters having a not-dead, not-so-depressing future.