james ryan cosplay

Why is the Mad King dressed up as Booker DeWitt?

I need an explanation, Tumblr.

EDIT: Original GIF made by @jeremydooley

EDIT 15/02/17: Removed because I am tired of seeing people take this from GIF search…


Midnight Premier of Green Lantern with my bro Kyle Rayner! 

Good thing Ryan Reynolds still loves me!

R.I.P. Monty Oum

Yesterday the RoosterTeeth Community lost the Head Animator of RoosterTeeth, Monty Oum. Monty passed away after fallinginto a coma and never waking up after a medical procedure. This was so unexpected as he was only 33. My heart and prays goes out to his friends and family as they are dealing with his loss. Monty’s work will always be one of my favourites and will be treasured by the whole RoosterTeeth Community.
R.I.P. Monty Oum.

Hanging out with the NH Ghostbusters and the resident web head at the Christmas Parade in Manchester, NH!!! It was pretty friggin cold out!

“All… I wanted… ‘gak’… was an… Autograph!!!”

“I find you lack of 'pens’ disturbing.”

You’re lifting it wrong! Try this!

Are you retarded?! Lift with your knees!

Shut up!!! I almost got it!

Maybe if we all lift together… Yeah let’s try that!

Man, this is heavier than the Blob!!!

(Thor face palm)

Now you can’t have a Deadpool photo shoot without a little Freakazoid and some Taskmaster!

Anime Next 2012

Deadpool visits Senor Frogs of Cozumel, Mexico!!!

Yes, that is an authentic Mexican chimichanga.  It was the best damn chimichanga I’ve ever had.  So much tequila and beer!!!  OHMERGERD!!!