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“Asians narratively in shows are insignificant. They’re the cop, or the waitress, or whatever it is. You see them in the background. So to be in this position [of the romantic male lead]… is a bit of a landmark. I would call this revolutionary. It’s certainly a personal revolution for me.”

                                                                                 (John Cho)

In a recent study conducted by the University of Southern California, out of the 3,932 speaking characters evaluated from 600 popular films made between 2007 and 2013, only 4.4% were Asian. The same study found that Asian men were least likely to be depicted as sexually attractive or having a romantic relationship on screen.


Ask and you shall receive. Also, this was done in about half an hour, complete with hysterical laughing. I’m STILL laughing.

Let me know if you can’t read it. I will edit as soon as I get home in an hour.

Edit:  It is done.  It took more than an hour because I decided to finish another set of drawings and read a book to my cat.  

David Luiz consola James que cai ao choro com eliminação

Acabado o jogo do Mundial no Brasil no Castelão, a estrela colombiana James Rodríguez caiu no choro no meio de campo com a desclassificação de sua equipe e foi logo consolado pelos brasileiros David Luíz e Daniel Alves.

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