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What was Hamilton and Monroe's relationship like?

Alexander Hamilton and James Monroe had the potential for a lasting relationship. When the Virginia Assembly ordered the formation of four new infantry regiments, James Monroe, who rode home to enlist, was carrying letters of recommendations–one of which came from Alexander Hamilton. Both men were present in the withering winter of Valley Forge and Hamilton wrote to John Laurens of him on May 22nd, 1779:

“Monroe is just setting out from Head Quarters and proposes to go in quest of adventures to the Southward. He seems to be as much of a night errant as your worship; but as he is an honest fellow, I shall be glad he may find some employment, that will enable him to get knocked in the head in an honorable way. He will relish your black scheme [Laurens was currently in South Carolina attempting to carry out his plan for raising his black battalions] if any thing handsome can be done for him in that line. You know him to be a man of honor a sensible man and a soldier. This makes it unnecessary to me to say any thing to interest your friendship for him. You love your country too and he has zeal and capacity to serve it.”

Both men were close in age, Alexander born in 1755 was three years older than James born in 1758. At Yorktown, October 14th, 1781, Monroe and Hamilton were with one another as they both led a charge through enemy redoubts at Yorktown. 

After the war, both men went on a rather same route: marriage, starting a family and working as a lawyer until appointment into the Continental Congress. By the time the constitution was ratified, both men were on opposite sides of the political spectrum. 

In December of 1792,  former congressional clerk reported that Hamilton had been involved with a criminal speculator in misuse of government funds. Congress appointed a committee to investigate: Federalists Frederick Muhlenburg, and Abraham Venable and non-federalist James Monroe. All three confronted Hamilton of December 15th who instead, confessed to an affair. The immigrant passed over letters he had shared with Mrs. Maria Reynolds to further show proof that he was not involved in embezzling government funds. The three men promised not to speak anymore about the affair and went on their way; of course not Monroe. Monroe instead sent along the information to good friend and mentor, Thomas Jefferson whom was at Monticello. 

One morning in 1797, Monroe received a letter from Hamilton who challenged his keeping of the secret from five years earlier. Unaware that the information he’d passed along to Jefferson had been released, Monroe put off replying until consulting with Muhlenberg and Venable. The day after Monroe arrived in New York and consented to a meeting between the two, Hamilton appeared at his doorstep with brother-in-law John Barker Church on the morning of Tuesday, July 11th. Agitated, he demanded to know why Monroe had not replied to his letter and accused him of leaking the affair. Monroe explained he had left the dossier with a “friend in Virginia” and still unaware it had been released. David Gelston who was also present at the scene of this dispute wrote an account of the event:

“Colo. Hamilton came about 10 oClk in the morning… [Hamilton] appeared very much agitated upon… entrance into the room… he went into a detail of circumstances at considerable length upon a former meeting at Philada. between Mr Muhlenberg Mr. Venable…

…Colo. M then began with declaring it was merely accidental his knowing any thing about the business at first [the affair] he sealed up his copy of the papers mentioned and sent or delivered them to his Friend in Virginia [most likely Jefferson]—he had no intention of publishing them & declared upon his honor that he knew nothing of their publication until he arrived in Philada from Europe and was sorry to find they were published. 

Colo. H. observed that as he had written to Colo. M. Mr Muhlenburgh & Mr. Venable he expected an immediate answer to so important a subject in which his character the peace & reputation of his Family were so deeply interested…

…Colo. M then proceeded upon a history of the business printed in the pamphlets and said that the packet of papers before alluded to he yet believed remained sealed with his friend in Virginia and after getting through…

Hamilton grew rather infuriated, shouting “This as your representation is totally false!”

Both men rose to their feet. Monroe, offended rose first saying:

Do you say I represented falsely? You are a Scoundrel.”

Colo. H. said I will meet you like a Gentleman [a duel]

Colo. M Said I am ready get your pistols… 

It was at this point that Church and Gelston stepped between the two political titans, “Gentlemen, gentlemen, be moderate,”

Although Hamilton remained “agitated”, Monroe went back into clarity and reiterated his lack of knowledge over the leak of private information. Hamilton agreed to let this whole thing rest until Monroe returned to Philadelphia to meet with Muhlenburg and Venable and both agreed to meet once again in a weeks time with “any intemperate expressions… be forgotten.” In the days that followed, Monroe and Muhlenburg cosigned a letter to Hamilton that neither had any knowledge about the publication of the Reynolds dossier. Venable was away and was unable to reply. 

“You have been and are actuated by motives towards me malignant and dishonorable,” Hamilton relayed, “nor can I doubt that this will be the universal opinion, when the publication of the whole affair with I am about to make shall be seen.” Infuriated by the pursuit, Monroe was quick to shoot back:

“Why you have adopted this style I know not. If you object is to render this affair a personal one between us, you might have been more explicit… I have stated to you that I have no wish to do you a personal injury. The several explanations which I have made accorded with truth… If these do not yield you satisfaction, I can give you no other, unless called on in a way which… I wish to avoid, but which I am ever ready to meet.”

Monroe asked Aaron Burr to serve as his second. Burr urged Monroe to send a conciliatory letter of some sorts, “Seeing no adequate cause… why I should give a challenge to you… I own it was not my intention to give or even provoke one… If, on the other hand, you meant this last letter as a challenge to me, I have then to request that you will say so.” Both men let up on the whole ordeal and a duel, never fought. 

James Monroe has no known reaction towards Alexander Hamilton’s death. Though, in the decades after her husband’s death, Elizabeth Hamilton had one grievance which stuck with her for many, many years: the Reynold’s affair, something which she blamed the leak of solely on Monroe. In the 1820s, after Monroe had completed his two full terms as President of the United States, he called upon Eliza in Washington D.C., hoping to “thaw the frost” between them. Eliza was then about seventy, her nephew read her the invite and “she read the name and stood holding the card, much perturbed,” said a nephew, “her voice sank and she spoke very low, as she always did when she was angry. “What has that man come to see me for?” The nephew said Monroe had come to pay his respects. She wavered, “I will see him.”

When she entered the parlor, Monroe rose to greet her and did not invite him to sit down. With a bow, Monroe began what seemed to sound like a well-rehearsed speech, “that it was many years since they had met, that the lapse in time brought its softening influences, that they both were nearing the grave, when past differeneces could be forgiven and forgotten. 

Eliza believed Monroe was trying to draw a moral standing between them and she was not in a forgiving mood. “Mr Monroe, if you have come to tell me that you repent, that you are sorry, very sorry, for the misrepresentations and the slanders and the stories you circulated against my dear husband, Iif you have come to say this, I understand it. But otherwise, no lapse of time, no nearness of grave, makes any difference.” Monroe was without a comment, picked up his day, bid her good day and left the home, never to return. 

Babysitting Mishap // Oli White

Word Count- 1317

Summary- you take james to a waterpark but end up in the er

Author Notes- I know 0 things about the UK or Thorpe park so :/ also sorry for going m.i.a. for a lil bit, school is just really time consuming.


It wasn’t your fault. You couldn’t have seen the future. Accidents happen.






You were James’ Whites babysitter over the summer. You had met their family through your little sister. Y/s/n and James were in the same class, when she found out James had to go to summer camp due to not having a babysitter, you happily volunteered.

Now here you were 2 years later.

You and James got along very well. You understood he was almost a teenager and he realized that you did have to make sure he was safe. You two had made a schedule:

Monday- Y/n’s pick

Tuesday- James’ pick

Wednesday- Movie Marathon

Thursday- board game/ Xbox/ Wii

Friday- waterpark

The day had started off like any other Friday. You stopped by Dunkin’ Donuts; you bought a dozen donuts and two smoothies, strawberry banana for you and tropical mango for James. After you received your order, you headed to the White house. You had your Friday swim bag with you; it contained you and James’ passes, sun screen, swimsuit, an extra pair of clothes, and extra cash. However today was different than usual, you also had an overnight bag with you. James’ parents were going to France for the weekend, it was their 20th anniversary and you happily decided to stay with the teen.

Once you had arrived at his house he beat you to the door, “HEY Y/N!” He shouted, hugging you. “ARE YOU READY FOR THE BEST WEEKEND EVER?”

You laughed, “So ready!” you guys ate way too many donuts while watching some cartoons.

As soon as the clock turned to 11:00 James shot up, “Ready to go to the waterpark?”

“Grab your goggles!” you stood up, grabbing the Friday waterpark bag and your keys.

After the hour drive to the waterpark, you and James rode some rides.

All was well until James decided to go on The Saw. He had never wanted to go on it before, so why now. You were very reluctant but finally agreed. You two sat in the front row, and James immediately regretted it.

“Y/n… Can I hold your hand?”

You gave him soft smile and held out your hand, “Of course James.”

The cart began moving and it was the most terrifying minute and 30 seconds of your life. But that wasn’t the worst part. It wasn’t until after the ride that your heart broke. You and James stumbled off the coaster laughing.

“That was bloody awful!” you shouted.

“It was worth it,” James said looking back at you, he hadn’t noticed the steps in front of him.

One second he was there and the next he tumbling down a flight of concrete stairs.

“JAMES!” you shouted running down the stairs. You fell to the ground next to the limp boy, “Someone call 999!” you cried.


It had been 2 hours since you arrived at the hospital. You called his parents the minute they took him back into the OR. They said they would call Oli, and try to get home immediately. But most flights were booked. They were worried but not too worried, they knew Oli was way more responsible than your average 20 year old; especially when it came to James.

You were sat in the waiting room, eyes locked on the door the doctor would walk out of.

“Hi, I’m looking for James White.” You heard a man speak very fast.

“I’m sorry you’ll have to wait, he’s currently in surgery.” The nurse replied.

“Is he okay? Will he be alight? That’s my little brother. Please,” he sounded very desperate.

“I’m sorry. The doctor will come notify you when they’re done.” She said once more.

He turned to sit, choosing an empty see on the wall opposite you.

“You must be Oli,” you spoke up after a few minutes.

He looked up from his phone, “Yes… And you are?”

“Oh sorry. I’m Y/n, James-”

“Babysitter.” You said in unison.

“Yeah, I’ve heard about you. James always talks about you.”

You laughed. You had heard a lot about Oli. But you never knew he was this good looking.

“I could say the same thing about you.”

He stood slowly, sitting next to you, “Could you, uh, tell me how it… how he got hurt.”

You flinched thinking about it, “Uh… We were… uh… I’m sorry” you put your hand over your mouth, quietly sobbing. “It should have been me.”

“Hey, no, don’t say that, “he pulled you into a hug. “Do not blame yourself.”

“We got off the ride, and he was talking to me. He wasn’t paying attention. The stairs came out of nowhere.”

He sighed against your hair.

“No one should ever have to see what I saw.” You continued crying until you slowly began to fall asleep.

However, your sleep was interrupted by a man’s voice, “Can I talk to the family of James White?” the doctor stood at the double doors, waiting for someone to stand up.

“Yes. Hi. I’m his brother,” Oli shot up, taking you with him.

“Hi. So James suffered a concussion and a minor skull fracture. He should recover fully, but it will take time. Lots of time.”

“Can we see him?” you asked, clutching onto Oli.

“Yes. He’s still sleeping, please be gentle. His body is in a very fragile state.”

He led you and Oli down a long hallway. When you walked into the room your heart completely broke.

Now it was Oli’s turn to clutch onto you. Tears were falling down his cheeks. You stood by the window and gave Oli and James some one on one time.


Four months later

“Y/n! So glad to see you!” Sally smiled, hugging you. “Oh what’s this?” she pointed at the goodies in your hands.

“Oh I baked some sweets, and brought over some board games. If James is up for it.” You walked into the house, following Sally into the kitchen.

“How sweet of you. Thank you so much.” She put her hand on yours. “You really are a sweet girl. You’re perfect for Oli.” She giggled.

“Oh… No. He wouldn’t want me.” You laughed, but you weren’t joking.

“Oh please! That boy is wrapped around your finger!” she laughed, picking up a cookie.

You picked up the can and headed upstairs to James room.

“JAMES!” you heard a shout from the farthest room. You bolted to the door, stumbling in.

You were confused as to what you were seeing. Oli had, what looked like egg, all over his head and James was doubled over on the bed laughing.

“Y/n!” James yelled, getting up quickly to hug you. “What’s this? Cookies! Want one Oli?” he asked his brother, shoving the cookie in his mouth.

“Sure, hey Y/n.” he smiled that beautiful smile that killed you inside.


“Wanna film a video with us?” James asked.

“Oh. No. I’m okay. I’ll be downstairs.” You started to turn around but the teen stopped you.

“Wait! I’ll go. You two need to talk about the elephant in the room.”

You both gave him confused a look.

“You know… the fact that you both like each other but are too afraid to admit it” James smiled, leaving the room.

You hoped you weren’t as red as Oli.

“I’m gonna kill him!” he muttered.

“Was he telling the truth?” you asked.


“Good. Because I like you too,” you giggled.

He walked over to you, “Can I kiss you?”

“No!” you squealed, sneaking past him onto his bed.

“Why not?” he asked confused.

“You’re covered in raw egg! Go shower then maybe I’ll reconsider.”

He ran out of the room, the sound of a faucet running hit your ears seconds later. You laughed walking down the stairs to eat more sweets. After Oli came downstairs from his shower, he kissed you. Right in front of James, who, of course, screamed in disgust.

Congrats, Grad

Prompt: You’re at your college graduation, surrounded by those you love, including your boyfriend James McAvoy

Warnings: None. One swear word. pure fluff yall

Notes: For a very dear friend of mine @tacohead13 She’s graduating and I wanted to do something special for her! (It’s not Beta’d btw. Sorry for any mistakes) Also, I hope any of my fellow McAvoyers who are graduating can love this piece!


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This is it. The day you’ve been working so hard for. The day that you’ve stayed up late nights, long hours, anything to keep you awake to get through all of the grueling quizzes, assignments, tests and final exams. All the meetings with professors and advisors. All of the social events you skipped out on to perfect that one paper, that one project. All of the tears, sacrifices, sleepless nights, all for this moment now, today.

Graduation from college.

You’d be graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in liberal arts. To top it off, you’re boyfriend of two years was here to support you, despite his busy schedule. He’d supported you, Skyped you when you needed it. The long distance relationship was tough, but he was so supportive and caring and loving, you forgave the strain the distance put on you two. He was sitting in the gymnasium stands with your family, eagerly awaiting your name to be called. He’d watched just how much you’d poured your heart and soul into this and he was beyond thrilled to be there and witness this once in a lifetime event.

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Red Fox James, a Blackfoot Indian, rode horseback from state to state seeking approval for a day to honor Indians. On Dec. 14, 1915, he presented the endorsements of 24 state governments at the White House. There is no record, however, of such a national day being proclaimed. (Library of Congress) 1915. “Indians, American. Red Fox James at White House.” With the State, War and Navy building as backdrop. Harris & Ewing glass negative.


Little Sh*t [Sebastian Stan x Reader]

Summary: In which Sebastian returns home from the civil war promotional tour only to find that your young son has been spreading lies about him

Word Count: 1194

Warnings: Some sexual references and your’s and Seb’s son being a little shit (if you count that as a warning)

A/N: This came to me in a weird dream and I thought I would wrirte it so I hope you like what goes on inside of my head

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Your five year old son James was the worse at least that was how Sebastain made it seem but in reality James was a sweet little boy… to you. James always made Sebastian’s life hell, in fact when you went to visit Seb on The Civil War set with James he asked you incredibly loud if he could have a new dad one that actually knew how to act. You were mortified but also trying your hardest not to burst into laughter like everyone else on set, Seb looked like someone had just punched him. When you got to the hotel Seb was staying in, James was made to regret his actions despite how funny they were.

Sebastian had just returned home from promoting Civil War and he was glad for it and he hoped that James liked him more than he did before he left. You had to pick James up from School so you suggested that Sebastian come with you. He didn’t exactly jump at the idea due to the massive case of jet lag he had but after a few extremely dirty promises as well as a tease of new lingerie Sebastian practically sprinted out of the door to the car.

On the way ther Seb’s hand rested on your thigh and you pressed kisses to the spot on his neck that you knew would make him hot under the collar. He was trying his hardest to focus on driving but you were making him crazy. “You’re gonna make me crash.” Sebastian said and he felt you chuckle against his neck sending vibrations down his spine.

“Whatever Stan just hurry up and drive.” You said planting a kiss to his neck once more before leaning back in your seat. It didn’t take you long to get to James’ school and once you were there evrybody’s eyes landed on Sebastian. You assumed it was because they recognised him and not for another totally different reason.

“Hey Sebastian I’m just gonna go grab his scooter you can go ahead and get him.” You said almost forgetting that James rode his scooter to school that morning.

“Scooter?” Seb asked and you nodded.

“Yeah he rode it to school this morning. Don’t worry it’ll fit in the boot.” You reassured and Sebastian nodded as you walked across the playground to fetch your son’s Spiderman scooter.

Sebastian watched you leave before entering the building where James’s classroom was once he reached the classroom he got stares from the teachers and the children. James sent a glare in Sebastian’s way which made it easier for Seb to see him in the crowd of young children.

“Excuse me.” Seb turned around to be met with James’ teacher Mrs.Hart.

“Oh hi I’m here to pick up my son James.” Sebastian said and a look of shock crossed Mrs.Hart’s face.

“James Stan?” She asked glancing over Sebastian’s shoulder to your son who was looking like he was about to murder his father.

“Yeah.” Sebastian replied confused because the woman in front of him was acting strange maybe it was because she recognised him but he doubted that was the reason.

“Oh it’s just that -” Mrs.Hart was cut off by Sebastian who wanted nothing than to get his son and go home.

“Just that what?” Sebastian asked and he could see Mrs.Hart’s cheeks going pink in embarrassment.

“That James told us his dad was dead.” Mrs. Hart replied and the colour drained from Sebastian’s cheeks, really he should of expected this because James was always spreading lies about him. Once James told some random man on the street that Sebastian was homeless and was trying to kidnap him. Sebastian nearly got arrested that day.

“Of course he did.” Sebastian said his patience already waring thin.

“James come here please.” Mrs.Hart called noticing the distressed look on Sebastian’s face. James padded along the carpet flooring of the classroom till he reached his teacher and father.

“Do you know this man?” Mrs.Hart asked James crouching down to his size, James looked at Sebastian and then back at his teacher before shaking his head ‘no’. Mrs. Hart sighed before looking up at Sebastian.

“I’m sorry but James says he doesn’t know you so I’m afraid you can’t take him with you and I would like you to leave.” Mrs.Hart said fearing the safety of the children in her class around this strange man.

“Now James why don’t you wait in the classroom till your mummy comes.” Mrs.Hart suggested and James’s face lit up at the mention of his mother. He nodded before padding along back into the clasroom not before sending a smirk in father’s direction. Sebastian pinched the bridge of his nose, he was done with the whole thing and he had only been there for 5 minutes.

“Are you serious? He’s a little kid you can’t believe anything he says.” Sebastian said to Mrs.Hart. She shook her head and replied, “You need to leave!”

Sebastian felt screaming, he should have known something like this would have happened because James liked to make Sebastian’s life hell. He was rescued when you walked into the clasroom clutching James’ scooter confused why your son and boyfriend weren’t out yet.

“Oh thank the heavens your here.” Mrs.Hart said and you raised your eyebrows in confusion.

“This man claims to be James’s father which I think is disgusting considering what happened to your partner.” Mrs.Hart said and you looked over to Sebastian who looked like he was about to murder someone.

“What happened to my boyfriend?” You asked confused and Mrs. Hart sighed in what sounded like pity.

“He died and I must say I’m so sorry for your loss.” Mrs.Hart said and your eyes went wide and your jaw was half hung open, what was she talking about?

“Umm… yeah where’s James?” You asked still confused about the situation and you felt like you weren’t getting any answers so you decided you’d consult your son about it.

Mrs.Hart called your son over who had the biggest smile on his face, he ran into your arms peppering little kid kises over your face. He knew he was in trouble and he was trying to butter you up. “Mrs.Hart the man over there is my boyfriend and James’ dad despite what he might have said to you.” You said to your son’s teacher, she looked confused for a second but then remembered Sebastian’s earlier words.

“Oh I’m sorry Mr stan.” Mrs.Hart said sheepishly embarrassed that she believed James and one of his many lies.

“It’s fine.” Sebastian said. You leaned down to your son’s level and asked, “What happened to daddy being homeless?”

“I was being too nice so I decided to kill him.” Your son said with a bright smile, Sebastian watched as you laughed confused why you weren’t telling your son off.

“How sweet of you James but mummy’s had enough of your lies despite how funny they are. So when we get home you’re in big big trouble.” You said and James gulped knowing what was in store for him. You smiled before standing up and approaching Sebastian. You pressed a kiss to his lips and rolled your eys when you heard a distinctive ‘ewww’ come from James.

“Let’s go before someone gets in even more trouble.” You said as your sulking son and boyfriend followed behind you.

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Pleaaassssseee explain Madison and Jefferson getting arrested.

In the spring  of 1791, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison rode northward from Philadelphia on a “botanizing” excursion. In Vermont, they were arrested for riding in a carriage on Sunday–which was illegal. There are some who believe it happened and some who don’t, I happen to be on the believing side. 

The happiest of Christmases

Draco watched over James as the child rode his toy broom around the yard, smiling happily at his son. He wrote out a letter to Astoria, inviting the woman to join them for Christmas if she didn’t have other plans. He sent it off by owl post and waited for his girlfriend’s response.

A Camping Trip That Won't Be Forgotten (Smut)

Camping with Danny or James? You choose.

((I chose James for this one, I have so many Danny requests xD Also added smut, because idk I didn’t really get much of a story to work from, hope you don’t mind  ><))

You were trekking through the country trying to find the perfect place to set up camp with your boyfriend James.
“Do we have to go camping?” You whined whilst tugging on his hand gently.
“Yes Y/N, being out here alone in the country together means we can spend some quality time together” James replied, placing his hands on your hips and pulling you closer to him. He placed a single kiss on your forehead. “Now baby, we’re gonna find the perfect place to set up camp” He smiled, giving you another kiss but on your lips this time. You nodded in response a smile stretching across your face. You took his hand again and began on your trek again. You’d always liked England’s countryside, it was a type of beauty that couldn’t really be found in other parts of the word.
“Here’s perfect” James stopped in his tracks, taking the large bag off his back and placing it down on the grass. You took a small step forward admiring the perfect view of the miles of fields that stretched out far beyond view.
“I agree” You turned back towards him, kneeling down in the grass. You helped him unpack the tent.
“It’s one of those pop up ones, I’m too lazy for one of the old traditional ones” He chuckled. “Stand back” You took a step back, whilst he popped the tent up.
“Hmm it’s pretty big” You looked it over, then looked directly at James.
“Oh I know something else that is pretty big” James said teasingly with a wink.
“Oh shush you” You laughed awkwardly, your cheeks turning a little red. You rummaged through the bag, pulling out two sleeping bags then placing them into the tent. “Oh it looks like we won’t be getting up to anything whilst we’re here” You smirked, crawling into the tent.
“Oh don’t be so sure Y/N” James said cockily, slapping your ass. You gasped loudly in response. He quickly followed you into the tent, pushing you down to the ground. “We can get up to a hell of a lot of things whilst we’re here” James whispered seductively, running his hand down the side of your body. You shivered slightly at your touch.
“If you’re lucky, although we may have to do things to keep warm” You gently pushed him off you and chuckled. You sat up and reached for your sleeping bag, rolling it out on the ground. “I really am cold” You smirked, climbing into your sleeping bag. You loved teasing him just as much as he loved teasing you.
“You know I can keep you warmer than any old silly sleeping bag” James whined slightly, tugging at your sleeping bag a little.
“Save it for later” You winked “Right now, I’m hungry” You pouted, shoving him gently. “Make me some food” You whined.
“Ugh fine, Y/N” He groaned in annoyance, crawling out of the tent. He crawled back into the tent a short while later with a bowl of hot soup. “Here” He smiled, placing the cup of soup on your lap.
“Aren’t you having any baby?” You pouted. You picked up the glass, taking a tiny sip. It was far too hot to drink straight away.
“Nah I’m not really hungry, although I’m hungry for something else” He mumbled, leaning in closer, his hand grazing up your thigh. You shuffled away a little and shook your head, taking another small sip from your cup of soup. “Fine” He snapped, pretending to sulk.
“Don’t be so moody” You shoved him playfully, taking a larger sip from your now cooler soup. You wriggled out of your sleeping back and crawled outside the tent. You placed the cup down next to the stove then looked up at the sky that was now beginning to get darker. It was a beautiful view; the sky was so clear that you could see the thousands of stars beginning to appear that lit it up every night. It was a sight that couldn’t been seen in the city due to the harsh manmade lights. You grabbed a lantern switching it on then bringing it back in the tent.
“It’ll be dark soon so we’ll need this” You smiled, placing it at the other end of the tent.
“And I’m guessing you’ll be going to sleep soon” James mumbled, rolling on his back with a sulky face.
“Maybe..” You said softly. You shuffled closer and straddled him. “Unless you have something else in mind” You rocked your hips back and forth a little, grinding against him softly which caused him to groan ever so slightly.
“O-oh I have something else in mind” He stuttered as he quickly rolled you both over, pinning you lightly to the floor of the tent.
You smirked naughtily. You gently pulled your hand free of his grip, moving it down his body and grabbing his slightly hardened member through his jeans. “Aw is my baby getting turned on?” You said in an extremely seductive tone. You quickly undid the button and zip on his jeans, slipping your hand inside. You began to palm him softly through his boxers, quiet moans escaping from his lips. “That’s right baby” You said in almost a teasing moan, turning him on further. You could feel him getting harder through his boxers.
He smashed kiss lips into yours kissing you with a great amount of force, you kissed him back just as much force. You squeezed his dick lightly through his boxers, causing him to moan against your lips. He slid his hands slowly down your body practically ripping your skirt down, you yelped slightly. “Manners boy” You winked, taking his hands and guiding them back up your body. He slowly removed your shirt, tossing it across the tent. He suddenly attached his lips to your neck, kissing it and biting it roughly, leaving many tiny bruises. He brought his lips down further kissing across the tops of your breasts and licking at your nipples slightly through your lace bra, which caused you to moan. He made his way down your body with his lips, his teeth carefully pulling down your underwear. A grin stretched across his face as he brought his face edged closer to where you need him the most right now, he slowly ran his tongue over your clit causing you to whimper in pleasure. He glanced up at you his grin suddenly turning into a smirk, he slowly inserted a finger inside of you.
“How bad do you want Y/N? As bad as I wanted it earlier?” he said, his finger thrusting in and out of you at an painful slow pace. You nodded quickly in response, a quiet moan escaping your lips. “Thought so” He made his way back up your body, slowly removing his finger. He hastily pushed his boxers down and slammed into you without any warning, before you even had time to adjust he began pounding into you. You whimpered and moaned loudly, bucking your hips to meet his thrust. “S-shit” You stuttered, tangling your fingers in his hair, pulling it lightly. He attached his lips to your collar bone, leaving lots of delicate kisses and bite marks. He began to pick up the pace with his thrusts, he grunted softly against your skin. You moaned louder arching your back and tugging harder at his hair. You could feel yourself getting close, each thrust he made pushing you closer and closer to the edge. “Baby..” You whimpered in pleasure.
“Yes?” He grunted and groaned, trying to keep up the pace with his thrusts, which were now growing a little sloppier.
“I-I’m close” You practically screamed, you could feel that familiar feeling building in the pit of your stomach as your orgasm grew closer. Your walls tightened around his cock causing you both to cum at the same time. James rode out your orgasms then collapsed beside you a sweaty breathless mess.
“Well atleast I’m not called anymore” You teased breathlessly.
“Good to hear” He replied just as breathless.
“We should camp more often”
“I agree Y/N” James smirked. You quickly pulled your underwear back up and cuddled closer to James. This was going to be a trip you’d remember for a long time. 

On the 9th of September 1513, the Battle of Flodden Field was fought. The battle was won at a terrible cost. As many of ten thousand Scots were killed in contrast with four thousand Englishmen. Among the many Scot nobles and clerics, was their King, James IV.

To understand the conflict, we have to go back to the beginning. James IV had just renewed the Scottish-Franco alliance with Louis XII. He had sent armies to the Northern borders of England and agreed to meet the Earl of Surrey (later Duke of Norfolk) on the field on the ninth of September. The Earl knew the King very well, having attended the wedding ceremony between the King and his (then) young bride, Princess Margaret.
Katherine was appointed Regent in Henry’s absence. As Regent, Katherine could muster troops, appoint sheriffs, issue warrants and replace Bishops at will. When Katherine learned of James IV’s advancement, she wasted no time. Relying heavily on Henry’s best generals, she used them on the field to confront the King of Scots. The Stewarts have gained a bad reputation as being impulsive and reckless but they were some of the best generals in their times and were very experienced. James IV had many ships at his disposal and like Henry who named one of his ships after his sister (or as some suggest, his mistress Mary Boleyn, years later), he had one named after his wife Margaret who rivaled Henry’s in size and magnificence. James IV believed that with Henry out of the country, he stood a chance.

Katherine proved him wrong. She wasn’t any royal consort. She was the daughter of the Catholic Kings and her parents had taken her to the battlefield when she was very young and she had seen her father at the head of armies, and her mother give commands, and inspect her troops and meet with the soldiers (low and high-born) and inquire about their well-being. And this knowledge prepared Katherine for the road ahead. So when James realized that this wasn’t going to be as easy as he originally planned, he decided to retire but the Earl of Surrey taunted him, accusing James of cowardice.

James immediately responded by accepting the Earl’s challenge:
“Show the Earl of Surrey that it beseemeth him not, being an Earl, so largely to attempt a great Prince. His Grace will take and hold his ground at his own pleasure and not at the assigning of the Earl of Surrey.”

James IV rode ahead with his armies, and it was chaos from the start.
Although James IV brought with him heavy artillery, their position made it almost impossible to use it.
When the battle began on that cold afternoon, the Scots met their enemy in silence, as they had been advised by James’s French advisers to take them by surprise. And it worked, but as soon as the first formation (headed by Huntly and Hume) took another route after James IV launched the second formation, the Scots were lost. And amidst all the chaos, the English took advantage to strike a deadly blow at their foes.
This was a huge turning point as the King realized that they were about to lose. The nobles pleaded with him to leave but James not going to abandon his men. He was either going to go down as a coward, or as a king who fought to the very end. Besides, he had put everything into this enterprise, leaving now would be a stain on his honor. So he continued fighting. After his standard-bearer fell, James charged one final time, intending to take Surrey down with him, but he was interrupted by the onslaught of soldiers that came charging at him.

“His armour could not save him now. Pierced below the jaw by an arrow, his throat slashed by the unforgiving English bill, he fell dying, choking on his own gore. He had got to within a spear’s length of Surrey” (Porter)

With the King dead, the country not only mourned their fallen monarch, but also half of their brothers, fathers and sons who’d been part of the fighting.

And as was customary after the battle, James IV’s body was stripped naked and the Queen Regent had the intention of sending it as a trophy to her husband, but many thought it was too crude so she settled for his bloodstained coat instead, with a letter attached that attributed her victory to Henry:
“In this Your Grace shall see how I can keep my promise, sending you for your banners a King’s coat. I thought to send himself unto you, but our Englishmen’s heart would not suffer it. It should have been better for him to have been in peace than have this reward. All that God sendeth is for the best … To my thinking, this battle hath been to Your Grace and to all your realm the greatest honor that could be, and more that ye should win all the crown of France.”

The reason why Katherine was able to command so much respect during this time was because she played both on the fears and gender expectations of the day. England did not have a good view on ruling women like her mother’s kingdom but it had a long history of female Regents and Katherine took advantage of this. While she attended council meetings to hear her generals speak of war tactics, she spent her spare time making standards, banners and badges for the soldiers to wear on the day of the battle. When she learned the towns were not sending the reports she requested, she chastised them and give them a strong warning that they would have to reply within the next fifteen days or pay the consequences. Mary I took a lot of lessons from her mother when her time came.
Flodden was Katherine’s shining moment. She showed she was her mother’s daughter in more ways than one; and her daughter Mary would later follow her example in 1553 when she met with her men, low and high-born she recruited to fight for her, for the crown that had been stolen from her. A year later, she would do the same, this time inspecting her troops and giving an encouraging speech while mounted on her white horse before they confronted Wyatt and the rebels.

And while Katherine had her time in the sun, it is important that we remember James for something other than his tragic death. He is a man who gambled and who lost. But he is also a King worth remembering because under his reign, a lot of improvements were made to castles, and he was an avid reader, a patron of artists and intellectuals as his brother-in-law and a skilled musician, and on top of that, a skilled knitter. During his lifetime, he enjoyed good relations with his neighboring country following his marriage to the eldest daughter of Henry VII; but after his brother-in-law’s ascensions, tensions renewed as James decided to support France and Henry decided to side with his wife’s father against said country. Ultimately, this would be repeated with his successors, both his son and granddaughter, both of whom would suffer terrible defeats at the hands of their Tudor cousins with the latter being beheaded.


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