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22 years ago today (1st February) Richey Edwards disappeared, on the day he was due to start an American tour with his band, the Manic Street Preachers. He was never found again.


Young Richey Edwards and Nicky Wire performing Motown Junk (around 1991/92)



To be universal you’ve got to stain the consciousness of the people. You’ve got to dig out a truth that everybody knows, but they don’t want to hear, then tell it in a manner that’s so articulate and so aesthetically indignant, so beautiful, that they’ve got to accept it back in their lives again. That’s what I want to do. Touch something universal in your own language. James Dean Bradfield


Richey Edwards and James Dean Bradfield Belga Beach Festival (1992)

“I was incredibly close to Richey, but nowhere near as close to him as Nick was. There are little corners within friendships, and I think Nick was his best friend, and it hit us all, but I think it hit Nick really badly when we did the Haçienda warm-up the night before we supported Oasis at Main Road. I think that really killed him, that gig. Nick was in pieces after it. It just made him realise that he was one half of something that would never be complete again, and that night he was the most distraught I’ve ever seen him.”

- James Dean Bradfield, from Assassinated Beauty by Kevin Cummings