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  • Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Juliette
  • Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: Kenji
  • Looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: James
  • Looks like they could kill you and could actually kill you: Warner

Books To Read Before 2018

Hey guys so I thinking about what to post and I decided to share some books I want to read before the year is out. I think this will help motivate me to read more since I don’t read as much as I used to.

  • Eleanor and Park - Rainbow Rowell
  • The Adventures And Memoirs Of Sherlock Holmes - Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Miss Peregrine Home For Peculiar Children - Ransom Riggs
  • The Fever Code(The Maze Runner Series)- James Dashner
  • All The Bright Places - Jennifer Nivan

I know it isn’t much but I know my limits and this is going to be a stretch especially with college deadlines and exams coming up soon!

If anyone has any book recommendations let me know because I want to start a tbr list. I might even most it on here once I’m done!


There are places in Gotham City where a guy with a metal arm and a mask doesn’t attract attention. These are places where people usually carry a kind of weapon you are only allowed to posses if you’re a high military officer from a task force – or best friends with a shady dealer from the black market. Funnily, James is (or was) kinda both, so there’s that. Even if he wouldn’t carry a Glock overtly – the Winter Soldier is a myth that probably scared all these assholes in the hole-in-the-wall-pub as children already, so nobody dares to fuck with him. (Both proverbially and literally;; there are some very attractive women around who’re wearing the only colorful clothes you can find here (colorful and kind of tiny) but they’re avoiding him. Seems as if he has to resort to his hand again.)

           Nielson found a pretty new face. 

A guy pops up next to James, leaning over the bar to speak to the barkeeper. James frowns a little;; Nielson is even more an asshole than the average asshole in this part of the city and he feels kind of sorry for this pretty new face. Probably a guy from one of the healthy families who got dared to come here by his friends. It’s common to at least lambast these guys, but it’s also not unusual to kidnap them and demand ransom. James grabs the bottle of whisky he bought a few minutes ago and gets to his feet, checking if his mask is still firmly in place. Maybe he’s in a good mood today. Maybe he’ll help this pretty new face.

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And At Last, I See The Light - Bucky x Reader

And At Last, I See The Light - (Bucky x Reader)

Words - 1001

Warnings - Kissing, Tangled Spoliers (Sort Of…?)

AN - Tangled Inspired AU. You’re a princess, and he’s the rebellious thief, who led you on the adventure of your life.

It would of been dark, oh so very dark, if it wasn’t for your current location. A wooden boat, centred in the most beautiful lake, with a million lights, flickering around you. Yet, the only thing you can focus on, is the love, for the man sitting opposite you.

James Buchanan Barnes - Long term thief, short term lover. 

“Okay, here’s the deal.” You say, pacing in front of the large wooden chair. Currently, sitting in a bundle of ropes, a small scowl on his face, was your ransom, James Barnes, Currently known as ‘Bucky.’

You would never of guessed, if it was not for the poster you found, crumpled in the bottom of his satchel, underneath the diamond-studded crown which nestled in there. You had been taken by your Mother at a young age, to live in the tower, where nobody would ever find you, or harm you.

And somehow, through the eighteen years of your life, nobody had ever found you. Until today. A man, dressed in rough clothing, and his hair askew, had leapt into your tower. If it wasn't for the frying pan, lingering in your hand, you never would of knocked him out.

“You will take me to see the floating lanterns, and in return, I will give you your satchel.” You say, stepping closer to the man, who had stopped squirming. His eyes looked up to meet yours, groaning.

”I didn't want to do this, but I’ll have to. Here comes the Smoulder.” He said, looking down for a moment. Your face turned to confusion, before he looked back up, a now ridiculous look on his face. After a moment, he rolled his eyes, groaning in frustration.

“Fine. I’ll take you to see them. Okay?” He said. With that, a small smile appeared on your face.

It had started with you both running, trying to get as far away as possible, from your mother, who had seen you outside the tower, though had no idea how you had possibly escaped.

There had then be the exploration of the kingdom. Bucky had completely forgotten to let go of your hand, but in all honestly, you did not mind. The amazement of somewhere, which wasn't your tower, had overtaken you. 

What you did fail to miss, was the smile on his face, as you discovered every single new thing. His hand gripped tightly to yours, as you dragged him to each stand, marvelling at each item they possessed. From one, you had cupcakes, another, looking at the patterned bunting, in sunlight designs. 

Sometime through the day, you had found yourselves walking to the square, where a beautiful mosaic was on show. This, of the King, Queen, and a beautiful baby in their arms, with flowing (H/C) hair, and (E/C) eyes. Below, you saw a young girl, directing her speech to the baby her mother hold.

“See this?” She asked, holding up a blue flower. “It’s for the lost princess.” The girl gently lays down the flower, as a small smile appears on your face. 

Poor princess.

At that moment, Bucky takes your hand, motioning for you to follow him. You’re confused, but you nod, following him into the square. There, you can hear happy, vibrant music. You laughed, beginning to spin and twirl to the music. Bucky, who was not a dancer, watched from the side, until he felt a hand pushing him. Soon, he was thrown into you, falling into a dancing position.

He smiled sweetly, before beginning to spin with you, feeling a genuine smile on his face. It had been so long since he had been happy, or generally feeling good about life. And now, next to you, he could not be any happier. You danced for what felt like hours, before you heard someone shout:

”To The Boats!”

Here you were, surrounded by thousands of lights. You looked up in awe, the golden glow, which illuminated the sky. He was watching lovingly, before letting out a gentle cough, causing you to turn to face him.

It was beautiful, really. The illuminated lights, as the dark sky was lit up. There were so many, thousands upon thousands. It was too pretty, as if the image which had longingly been painted on your wall had come alive before your very eyes.

In his hands, Bucky held two lanterns, both alike. You gasped in happiness, before he gave one to you, allowing you to admire it for a while, which you did. Eventually, you looked to one another, before realising them into the air, watching them for a while.

It was at that moment, Bucky looked at you, as If he loved you, which he did. His eyes flickered, seeing the look on your face, as things which were normal to most, were just beginnings for you. 

Okay, he wasn’t perfect. Of course, he knew you were the lost princess, and he was the runt of the litter. He couldn’t bare the idea of you finding out what he was truly like. Little did he know, you had already seen, and in all honestly, it had just made you love him more.

He couldn’t help himself, and felt himself reaching out to you. He felt his hand, gently reaching to cup yours. You were a little shocked by the reaction, before his eyes seemed to glow into yours.

You found yourself leaning into his embrace, as his hand gently cupped your cheek, and you continued to edge closer, and ever closer. 

“Y/N…” He murmured. “Beautiful, Beautiful Y/N…”

“Bucky.” You almost whispered, before meeting him in the middle, his lips now pressing against yours. It took a moment to get right, before you were gently kissing one another, leaning into him, and him to you.

Eventually, when you pulled away, a small smile rested on his face, as he kept hold of your hands, beginning to look up, the sky beautifully illuminated. However, Bucky felt himself looking back down, smiling.

And at last, he saw he light.

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June 5th “Books in a Bag”

But Jessica, I hear you say, that’s a suitcase.

I like to call this one: Packing for a weekend away.

A week, Jessica?

No… a weekend. I have a uhaul for week long trips.

Thank you, thank you! I’ll be here forever - because it’s Tumblr and I can never leave.

(”Packing for the weekend” feat. a selection from Jessica’s TBR list)

there are monthly productions of hamilton sing-a-longs in the haus you cannot convince me otherwise

the team picks a random night every month where they get totally smashed and every single time bitty starts playing the hamilton soundtrack and after a couple times bitty they designate parts and who’s who and they all just go with it??? like even jack who is not totally trashed like the rest of them but is still intoxicated enough to go along with it

and because they do this monthly it gets louder every month and the lax bros make a joke out of it on yik yak and one time it happens one of the lax bros posts “the hockey team is putting on a full production of hamilton even the captain is in on it” and people start showing up???? like they just crowd into the living room to watch this and its actually really entertaining?????

eventually its like the whole womens volleyball team is there and a few girls from the womens tennis team and the lax bros are there and despite the feud between smh and the lax bros its a very good time

they stand in front of the tv when theyre singing and if theyre not featured in the song theyre just part of the ensemble and they sit with everyone else and eventually everyone that knows the words for the ensemble/company parts join in (smh and lardo sit in front of the couch (they left the lax bros with the disgusting couch because fuck the lax bros) so its easier for them to get up when they need to sing)

they do this for every single song on the soundtrack

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