james potter*

But really can you imagine how much fun Harry would have had with an animagus as a father? James giving little five year old Harry stag-rides on his back prancing along in the backyard, James going to “mow the lawn” and then Harry looks out his window and dies of laughter when he sees a stag just casually grazing the grass, Harry yelling “DAD!” when he sees an antler poking out of a bush as he tries to have a moment with Ginny.

And idk I feel like James would turn every now and then just to clear his head if he’s feeling overwhelmed and one night Harry can’t sleep because of similar reasons and he goes to the backyard and sees a stag sitting on the grass and he doesn’t say anything but Harry goes over sits down next to James and just stays there because it’s so easy and so natural and not weird at all.

idk ignore me and my odd headcanons

Can you imagine Harry going to kindergarten and James having to go to the parent-teacher meeting on his own because Lily had to work?

James walks in and he’s surrounded by middle-aged men, some with receding hairlines, some completely bald, some with pot bellies and others with beards and shirts tucked into their slacks.

And then there’s James in jeans and converse shoes with a band t-shirt and leather jacket with a full head of black messy hair because he’s 25 damn it and he doesn’t need to start wearing slacks and button down shirts yet.

And everyone silently thinks that he must be a lazy or uncaring father but then Harry walks in like, “Hi Dad!!!” and runs to hug his father and James has THE BIGGEST SMILE on his face and he picks Harry up and hugs him and later Harry’s talking to his classmates and they’re like “Wow Harry your dad’s so cool.” And Harry just thinks, “Wait till I tell them he can turn into a stag.”

Sorry, I think about these things.


James Potter was born to play Quidditch. In fact, it was upon hearing the opening whistle of Puddlemere United’s 1960 semi-final match against the Appleby Arrows that his mother went into labour. The game lasted 37 hours — as did the delivery — and it was at the exact moment that Puddlemere’s Seeker closed his fingers around the snitch (thus winning them the game) that little James Potter — with a full head of hair — first entered the world.