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Harry knows that he inherited his looks, leadership ability, and Quidditch prowess from his father. What he doesn’t know is that he also inherited his nosiness and need to follow every lead from James, as well as his nauseous hatred of Floo travel, Apparation and Portkeys. James, too, would have preferred to use brooms every day of the week. 

He also got his green eyes and his sweet nature from Lily. No one told him that his inability to compartmentalize his emotions, and connecting everything together also came from her. 

The Marauders

The Gryffindor Girls’ Dorm is in need of some ice cream and a distraction. Come ask questions.

  • Remus and Sirius in a heavy makeout session on Sirius' bed.
  • James: -running into the dorm excited- Pads! You'll never guess what Lily said! -sees the two boys red-faced and out of breath- BLOODY HELL! I'M BLINDED!
  • Sirius: What the hell Prongs?! Don't you knock?
  • Remus: -laughing hysterically-
  • James: -falling on his bed holding his face- WHAT WILL I EVER DO!? I WILL NEVER SEE MY BELOVED AGAIN!
  • Sirius: -throwing a pillow at James- Shut up homophob!

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Tumblr: Steve Harrington? Reformed bully? Popular jock with a heart of gold? ... 😤 💯 g o o d s h i t 👌🏼 Also Tumblr: James Potter? Reformed bully? Popular jock with a heart of gold? ... Um, excuse you, once a bully A L W A Y S a bully!11!! 🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♂️

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sometimes a family is a deer, a rat, a werewolf and a black dog, all willing to kill for each other. sometimes a family is three gryffindors ready to take on the world at the expense of nothing. sometimes a family is a boy with a forehead scar and a snowy white owl, and i think that’s beautiful.

Lily: We are in the library. Why aren’t you studying?

James: I am still the same person, just… in the library now.


Jamie Potter, Sirius Black, Petra Pettigrew, and Remy Lupin sit huddled in the Gryffindor dorms, a silencing spell cast over their discussion. Petra has just finished explaining their plan of becoming Animagi to Remy.

Petra: Jamie says that way we’d be able to join you on the full moon!

Remy: I could still kill you. I can’t risk that.

Jamie: Oh, Remy…

Anything could kill us. Literally anything.

Jamie: Any witch or wizard could kill us. The Whomping Willow could kill us.

Jamie: Hell, a particularly motivated duck could kill us. 

Jamie: But does that stop us from feeding ducks? No!

Petra: We’ve never done that though?

Jamie: It’s a metaphor, Petra!

Sirius: Kind of a shit metaphor though, don’t you think?

Jamie: Whatever! I’m giving a dramatic speech here. We can edit for our memoirs later. The point is-

Sirius: The point is…

 We know it’s dangerous. 

But lots of things are dangerous.

You’re not that special, mate.

Sirius: We’re going to do this.

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I think what makes me at odds with the tumblr/US side of the Harry Potter fandom about James and Lily is that they were so young and you only see a tiny tiny glimpse of who they were as a couple.

Thing is we don’t know them. Not much. The only pat of their relationship we get to witness directly is the very beginning of their blossoming feelings for eachother.

That’s it.

The rest of their relationship is told by James’ friends. Only James’. Lily had absolutely no known or named friends aside Snape in the whole book. So we only have men who absolutely adored their friend as witnesses about their marriage. They only talk about how James was infuriated to stay hidden at home with his son and wife but we have nothing on her. Was she just happy to be able to be sure her son was safe or did she had mixed feelings because she wanted to fight too ?

The thing is even if Remus and Sirius became Lily’s friend, they were first and foremost James’ friends. 

The only person we meet who knew Lily is Petunia, her estranged jealous vindicative and abusive sister. And Snape.

That’s it, The only two close people of Lily we meet in the serie are two very abusive people.

So I think it’s very hard for me to swallow the whole “they were soulmates, perfect, wonderful, happy forever married couple” discourse about James and Lily because their relationship lasted what ? 3 to 4 years ? 

I’m not saying it’s not possible, but all we have in the books are the point of views of James’ friends. Lily apparently didn’t had any friends, or any left after the war to tell her side of her story.


james x sirius au; both graduated hogwarts with flying colours, but decided to open up a pub & call it moony’s. james accidentally adopted a cat and it’s their infamous pub cat now. they visit art galleries when they’re hungover, take day trips on sirius’ motorbike and are so very in love. 

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