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I want a fic....

I want a fic where Sirius realizes Remus isn’t the spy at all and rescues him before it’s too late and Peter is caught and Lily and James live and everyone is happy…

I may or may not be writing something like this soon.

James was just one of those people. Those one of a kind type of people. He wasn’t perfect. He could be ruthless, unforgiving, dark. But he was also kind, and goofy, and with a mind like no other. He was a dreamer, Mary thought. She never stopped wondering what it was like seeing the world through James Potter’s eyes. It seemed like he saw, noticed more than any other human being. Like he appreciated everything more too. The way animals communicate, the way the wind blows in a certain way, the way rays of sunshine fill the room. And seeing him notice all those things was a treasure in itself. He was a born leader. Someone, who most looked up to, and yet he loved and cared for a rare few. And Mary felt incredibly privileged to be one of them. She felt incredibly lucky to be able to see this side of James, the one he didn’t show to the outside world. And these walks they used to have, made her feel special. She felt safe in this little space of hopes, and dreams, and wonders. And she would always remember them. No matter what the future held.

[excerpt from the Trace of Mischiefs: The Story of the Marauders – coming back soon]

                                                                              Happy birthday, James Potter!


The One With The Marauders AU

Disowned by his family and tossed onto the street after fleeing his own wedding, former heir to the Black family fortune, Sirius Black seeks out his once best friend, James Potter, an up and coming footballer. Soon, he moves in and finds himself integrated into James’ social circle of twenty-somethings doing their best in the city: Peter Pettigrew, James’ other roommate and a line chef at a local diner, Remus Lupin, a teaching assistant and street musician, Lily Evans, their neighbor across the hall and a waitress in the coffee shop downstairs, and her roommate Mary Macdonald, an interior designer and fashion blogger. 

No one ever told them life was gonna be this way.

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The Marauders S1 E1 - I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good (act i part ii)

the rest of act i is finally here! sorry for the wait guys, but i’m a lazy twat who keeps getting distracted lmao

by the way, i’d like to thank everyone who read act i part i! every single one of your comments made me smile so hard that it felt like my face was splitting in half! 

if you haven’t read act i part i then here it is 

hope you enjoy!

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“One Hell Of A Party” PART 2

The party has begun and as per usual, James is hammered. 

Sirius and Marlene, wanting a break from all the dancing and music, find a quiet room. Sirius is also quite tipsy (no one can reach James at this point though), a bottle of firewhiskey in his hand and smile plastered on his face.

Marlene: *scoffs*

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Pas De Deux
James leaned against the cold door and stared at Lily in curiosity as she made her way back to the shop counter. She was like nothing he'd ever come across in Levinstown. James knew he'd come searching for a Christmas gift for his mother, but he felt like he'd gotten a gift of his own just by meeting Lily.

In ballet, a pas de deux (French, literally “step of two”) is a duet in which two dancers, typically a male and a female, perform coinciding steps together, creating a masterpiece.

It was the day before Christmas and all the windows of the shops in Levinstown were donned with tinsel and evergreen branches. Fairy lights that twinkle multi-colored sparkles were hung on doorways. A group of carolers hung out in front of a crowded pub singing desolate Christmas tunes. Despite it being bitterly cold and Christmas Eve, the overhead clouds refused to drop snow that was ankle deep.

James Potter bitterly wrapped his coat around his waist and glared at the sky, cursing the frigid wind. It already felt nothing like Christmas and lack of snow didn’t help. James recalled past Christmas’ when the snow was so high James and parents had to stay huddled in their warm house for days on end. Of course, with his dad gone, everything had changed.

He was following a pack of shoppers all swallowed in their warm winter coats with scarves tied round their throats. He’d been out for two hours looking for a proper gift for his mum. He had to find something soon or Mrs. Potter would worry when James didn’t come home before dinner. The shoppers were all burdened with heavy bags filled with presents. James had nothing but his wallet in his pocket.

A twinkling laugh echoed out of the open door of the shop to his left. James’ eyes lazily turned to look and immediately hesitated. It wasn’t the auburn hair braided into a crown atop her head or the round face blushing with bliss that made James stop. It wasn’t even the scoop neck dress covered in little Christmas trees and snowmen that caused his hiatus sulking.

So, what made James Potter stop in the streets that Christmas Eve?

The simple fact that an odd woman was dancing. The woman wasn’t dancing alone, that was the most intriguing part. She had a little black and white kitten in her arms. The strange overly festive woman laughed merrily once again as the kitten tried to escape her grip.

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In which Lily Evans punches James Potter and he passes out.

Prompt for anon: James is crashing from exhaustion and being stubborn idiot about it.

A/N- for potting-lilies whose blog makes me smile :) this story is very different and I’m not sure so tell me your thoughts.


She watches his eyes droop as if small children are dancing on his lids and it’s against her better judgment to inform him of this fact.

But when has she ever listened to her better judgement?

“Potter, go to sleep”

He jerks up as if someone has thrown a pumpkin pasty in between his shoulder blades and glares furiously at her,

“Evans, I’m not tired” he snaps, in the manner of someone who has not slept in days.

“Potter, you’re a shit liar and we can finish this in the morning”

“I thought you were the one that always saying,”-here he put on a high voice and waves his arms around, “Potter head’s business is very important” he squeaks “It cannot be put off”

Lily rolled her eyes at her colleague and turned back to her own desk,

“Whatever Potter, I just don’t want you to fuck something up for the both of us. You’re not the only head in the school”

They work in silence for a few more minutes and until a crash makes Lily almost cry out, she wheels around in her chair and what she sees nearly makes her snap her quill in half.


James Potter starts and stares around wildly before looking down.

“Shit!” He yells, staring at the ink he has just spilt all over the papers on the desk. Lily jumps up and storms over to him, waving her wand and clearing away the mess she turns, fuming, toward her partner with eyebrows raised.

“Not tired huh?”

“Oh shut up Evans” he mumbles “I’m fi-”

“Not you’re not Potter, you’re fucking exhausted so go to your bloody dormitory and get some freaking sleep!”

“You’re not the boss of me!” He roars, leaping from his chair so he towers over his opponent by centimetres, she however, makes up for her small size with a temper the size of Hagrid.



“POTTER STOP BEING SUCH AN IDIOT AND GO TO BED” she screams, and the newly repaired ink bottle shatters once more, although this time nether attend to it, to busy trying to out-stubborn the other.

“MAKE ME” he cries with defiance.

“ALRIGHT I WI-” she turns toward the desk to pick up her wand and freezes, noticing that it is not by the (now broken) ink bottle like it was a moment before. She turns to him, ready to ask where her wand is and sees him, twirling said wand in his long piano fingers and staring at her.

“Give. That. Back.” She says, so low and terrifying that Sirius Black would have run to the hills.

James Potter was, however, not Sirius Black.

He leaned in very close to her face and stared right into her eyes and didn’t even flinch.

“Make me.” He whispers.

She reaches for it quickly but James Potter is the best chaser Hogwarts has seen in recent years, he has faster reflexes than her and they both know it. So when she grasps at nothing but air where his hand had been just a moment before, she is not surprised.

“Potter don’t fuck with me” she mutters, making another fruitless grasp “give me back my wand”

In response James thrusts the wand into the air, far far out of Lily’s reach. But this is no longer a matter of wands and sleep. This is a matter of pride. And nether intends to lose.

“Jump Evans” James says in a humourless tone as she glowers up at him.

On reflection this would be James Potter’s second mistake (the first being taking said wand in the first place) but James Potter was a stubborn little shit. James Potter was not about to admit he had made a mistake. James Potter would play with fire until he was chard to a crisp and still would not admit he had even been burned.

Lily Evans was exactly alike. She would stand in ice water until her toes dropped off and wouldn’t make a sound if it came down to it.

So an argument between two little shits as stubborn as Lily Evans and James Potter was never going to go down well. Even if both weren’t in love with one another (though one didn’t know it)

“I’ll scream Potter” she threatened

“So?” He scoffed, he didn’t care. His sleep deprived brain had lost all sense of authority and self-control (which he did not have a lot of in the first place anyway)

“Potter I’m going to give you till the count of three until I do something very, very bad” she warns, staring in his eyes with fire.

“Do what you want Evans” he shrugged, now examining her wand “I don’t care”


“You know Evans you really should clean this thing”


“It’s filthy.”


“Really Evans I-”
James Potter, however did not finish his sentence, being to busy being punched in the face by the love of his life. And when Lily left an unconscious James Potter on the office room floor and sprinted off for Madam Pomfrey, when stood watching him being levitated away by the disapproving Healer, even when she was being chewed out by Professor McGonagall. Lily Evans (not that she would tell a soul) felt a little bad for punching James Potter, because although she knew she had to, because the git seriously needed a reality check and a good nights sleep, she still felt bad. Not that she told anyone this. She didn’t tell Sirius Black when he approached her, laughing and holding his hand up for a high five, she didn’t tell Mary McDonald when she raised her eyebrows in shock at the news, she didn’t even tell a screaming Professor McGonagall who was questioning her sanity in ever making Lily head girl in the first place.

James Potter knew though.

James Potter (it seems) always knew with Lily Evans.

He knew because when he woke up (after a three day nap) there she was, sleeping peacefully in the chair beside him, clothes ruffled, hair knotted, legs sprawled everywhere and snoring slightly.

Looking like she hadn’t moved since he had arrived.

And James Potter smiled.

what are you doing this new years eve?

gift for: @puttingslothstoshame

a/n: happy holidays, love!! i hope you enjoy your gift and i hope you get to ring in the new year just as nicely as jily does <3

word count: 2,051

Lily found Marlene quarter to midnight.

“Where did you go?” she said, setting her drink down (was it a gin and tonic? She couldn’t remember what James pushed in her hands ten minutes ago but it was cold and tasted good).

“Dorcas Meadowes put her hand on my thigh and I’m currently waiting for her to get another drink which, by the way, is the only reason I’m talking to you because I can’t talk while I’m naked in Dorcas Meadowes’s bed which, by the way, should be where I am in,” Marlene paused, glancing at her brand new watch, “Twenty minutes.”

“You’re mean when you’re drunk,” Lily mused.

“And you’re a hell of a cockblock when you’re drunk,” came her friend’s reply. Lily took a sip of her gin and tonic (no, it was a rum and coke, she realized, why did she think it was a gin and tonic?). “Though I suppose cocks aren’t exactly involved here.”

“I need you to be that for me,” Lily said, glancing across the room to where James and his mates were rather badly playing darts. As if he sensed her looking at him, James turned and grinned lopsidedly at her. Lily flushed and turned towards Marlene again.

“Excuse me?”

“James is fit,” she whined and Marlene sighed exasperatedly.

“Sure he is,” her friend said and Lily knew she was rolling her eyes without looking at her (her eyes have turned back to James—damn).

“He’s also my mate.” Lily cocked her head, looking at herself in the mirror on the wall behind Marlene. Her eyeliner (borrowed from Marlene) was suspiciously neat tonight and she was quite proud of herself for it. She made a mental note to borrow it more often.

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Sirius and Lily part 2

•Sirius found a way to get into the girls dorms, but refuses to tell anyone how he did it.

•Sometimes Lily and Sirius will sit on her bed and do muggle studies together.

•"Why the hell would you need a big ass fire filled glass ball all over your house?“

•"To see Sirius.”


• Lily helps Sirius with muggle studied and Sirius does his best to either talk James up or down depending on his mood.

• His response to Lily saying James is an arrogant git could vary from: ,"You should give him a chance,” to “Yeah you right.”

•One night Sirius makes a deal with Lily: she goes to hogsmead with James, and he will ask Remus.

•They shook on it. They were ready. They were going to do it at the same time, but once they were both standing in front of Remus they chickened out.

•"I have something to tell you…I am going to Hogsmead with Lils here,“ Sirius grabbed her.

• "Yeah uh…that’s why we’re here.”

•They didn’t think they’d be happy gong to hogsmead with each other and leaving the others behind, but they soon realized that the rest of the marauders were stalking them the entire time, and the trip got better.

(Remus and James thoughts on this to come soon)