james potter and sirius black

nothing makes me happier than imagining the marauders listening to modern pop music

all four of them singing into imaginary microphones, dancing to super bass

all four of them doing the single ladies dance

all of them singing bang bang every chance they could get

james bursting out singing chandelier, swinging from one in the castle

sirius chanting shake it off after a particularly tricky exam

peter singing what makes you beautiful to a student who went through a rough break up

remus jamming to fergalicious in the dormitory, thinking he’s alone, but the other three slam the door down and join in 

Do you know what really sucks?

It’s the fact that we can’t relate to Harry that well when Sirius dies on him. 

It’s easy to go ‘oh, i’ve also had someone i’ve really loved lost too soon.’ But unless you’re legitimately an orphan, we can’t go ‘oh, the only person i’ve ever had relation to whatsoever is now gone’. Harry had Sirius for what, two years? Only two years after around thirteen being stuck with family that we’re all pretty sure he didn’t even consider to be real family. How many times do you think ‘Aunt Petunia’ was said with empty emotions and no meaning behind it whatsoever? Probably every time. And then there’s Sirius. Wonderful, brave and brilliant Sirius Black who not only is his godfather, but had been extremely close with both of his parents and their friends. His only link to his parents that isn’t biased in a bad way and can relate to him fully because Sirius knows how it felt to be neglected by his family. And then all of a sudden, he’s gone. 

That’s death giving Harry a teaser. He gave him someone who loved and cared for him, offered what he could, and took him away just as soon. Yes, Harry had the Weasleys and Lupin but Sirius was different and he was special because he was his godfather. “Yes, I have,” said Harry brightly. “He was my mum and dad’s best friend. He’s a convicted murderer, but he’s broken out of wizard prison and he’s on the run. He likes to keep in touch with me, though…keep up with my news…check if I’m happy….”  Just reading this shows just how devoted Harry is to Sirius no matter what the man had committed. Now read that sentence, then automatically read this: “But some part of him realized, even as he fought to break free from Lupin, that Sirius had never kept him waiting before. … Sirius had risked everything, always, to see Harry, to help him… . If Sirius was not reappearing out of that archway when Harry was yelling for him as though his life depended on it, the only possible explanation was that he could not come back… . That he really was …”

Now tell me again that that isn’t enough to rip your heart to shreds.  

Harry had nothing and absolutely no one. Minus his aunt Petunia, no one could relate to him. Not even Arthur or Molly Weasley could say ‘I remember when your father and mother did…’ Remus could, yes, but the massive difference psychologically of placing the term ‘godfather’ on someone makes a larger bond.

“You are — truly your father’s son, Harry… .”  Only Sirius could say that wholeheartedly. And only Sirius could make Harry absolutely believe it. 

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drarry and jily writing/headcanons? if you don't mind



  • James Potter who checks the map first thing every single morning to see if Lily is in her bed or in her chair by the fireplace to see if she’s had nightmares or not.
  • Lily Evans  who sometimes goes and sits in the chair just so she can see James practically fall down the staircase to the boy’s dorms in his pajama pants (so what if they have snitches on them, Lils?”) in his efforts to get to her to make sure she’s okay.
  • James Potter who wears pajama pants with snitches on them. Please let’s just picture that.
  • James and Lily in front of the fire in the common room after a particularly intense Gryffindor vs. Slytherin Quidditch match. James is trying to keep his eyes open because this charm essay is due tomorrow but Lily sees how tired he is and just pulls him down so his head is in her lap and tugs his essay out of his hands for her to do instead.
  • Sirius watching them in awe because “Why don’t you ever do my homework for me? I played in the game too-!” *side eyes at Remus*
  • Remus proceeds to sigh, take Sirius’ homework, press a kiss to his temple along with a, “Only this once” and sorry I’m getting sidetracked whoa
  • Lily actually having nightmares one night because fuck there’s a war going on and she wants to help but she’s not even sure where to start. She braves the boys staircase, pushing the door open in the way she’s learned so it doesn’t creak. The other boys are sound asleep as she makes her way to the James’ bed and slips through the curtains as quick as she can, immediately crawling under the sheets and snuggling into him.
  • He wakes up kind of startled because what is wrapping around me? but then realizes it’s Lily and knows instantly what’s wrong and just holds her closer into his chest and she might start crying a little but not because she’s scared or sad just because James is so warm and she hopes he’ll always be there
  • She just hasn’t had much luck with keeping people around lately so she cries and he just holds her with occasional kisses to her forehead
  • The next morning is brilliant because there is nothing better in James’ mind than a sleepy Lily with her red hair all over the place and smiling at him.
  • Lily ‘a little more awake and realizing she is in the boys dorm and “we have class James!” ”why didn’t you wake me sooner, Potter?” is a little less lovely but he still enjoys himself when making her give him a kiss if she wants to be let out of bed.
  • Maybe she gives him more than just a kiss idk I’m just making this up but maybe
  • James and Lily walking down the halls between classes, hands tightly clasped, James with two bags on his shoulder because of course he will always carry her books and eyes for only each other (at least until James gets annoying and Lily and Remus share an eye roll- but even then still, really)

That was a lovely start to my morning! Thank you so much for the request anon!! I’ll probably be putting some Drarry headcanons on a separate post a little later today but I hope you like these :)

Requests are still open!

ok but sirius and james in a “rough” muggle neighbourhood and they’re walking round with their posh pureblood accents and so naturally, they get mugged, until a wild remus lupin appears and punches the muggers literally to the ground and starts huffing about how he can’t leave either of them alone for even a minute and blah blah blah

james starts laughing and sirius is the most turned on he has ever been

“Hello boys”

“Hey Mrs P”

“Do you need anything briniging in for tonight?”

“Nah were alright”

“So how many people are coming to this party tonight”

“Oh you know just a few”

“Yeah thats what you said last time… It’s alright just try not to set anything on fire this time boys”

okay but just pause for a moment and IMAGINE the marauders giving Harry love advice
“Listen, Harry, listen…if you compare her to a flower, there’s guaranteed success. Bonus points if she’s got red hair and you call her the undying flame in your heart.”
“No, don’t listen to him. That’s stupid. The only girl he’s ever wooed is Lily, and even she hated him for six years.”
“I’ve never been any good at talking to girls…”
“What do you think Moony?”
*there’s the rustle of papers as Remus leisurely turns the page of his newspaper* “I think that he shouldn’t have come to the three of you for advice in the first place, to be honest.”

some musings on Sirius and I

I’ve personally always been a fan of Sirius because it’s so clear that he lives by a strong code of being your own leader. He doesn’t trust authority, and he doesn’t believe in it. There’s something almost nihilist in that, but in the best of ways - an idea that you’re the center of your own universe, and your choices and actions shape the universe, and you’re accountable for everything you do. Case in point: He tells Harry to judge people by how they treat their servants. Then he goes and treats Kreacher very badly because he’s a human being with flaws, but the thing is, he would want to be held accountable for that. He wouldn’t shit on you for calling him out on that. Or he might, because it’s OotP and he’s depressed and angry, but eventually he’d begrudgingly see your point because he’s got a code of honor in his head that somehow remained intact throughout Azkaban. That has always intrigued me – how do you live through 12 years of hell after everybody you know gave up on you, and still come out with ideals like that, and an interest in fighting this war on the side of these people? Harry aside, he can’t be doing it for the people. 

He had to become that way, early on. He was raised to believe that Muggleborns are inferior, that werewolves are evil, that there’s no pride in being a Gryffindor. You can react to that in two different ways: Either you decide that all of that is crap and make up your own mind, or you whither under the assault. Having been raised into a sense of self-confidence and privilege, Sirius chose the former. He doesn’t strike me as a guy who likes to sit down and think about himself. (I’d bet it’s out of a leftover nagging sense that if he examines himself too closely, he might find that his parents were right after all, finding himself wanting. I proposed one time that at sixteen, his Boggart is himself, but slightly different, in a way that only he can see and that scares the crap out of him) So occasionally he gets things wrong, probably jumping at Remus’ forgiveness after the prank, not realizing that a part of him was treating Remus like a thing to be used, rather than an equal. But in general he wouldn’t have just dropped his family’s belief system because his friends were believing the opposite. You can’t do that. If one kind of people tell you a rule and the rule turns out wrong, you won’t turn to another group’s rule just because. Sirius believed in equality for Muggleborns and magic creatures because that’s a thing that he worked through consciously. It’s a conclusion that he came to. 

Being in puberty and working through that kind of mental exercise is hard work, though. Kids need support and love by their family. Sirius traded that love for his ideals, and friends can’t fully replace that. No wonder he was so close to James; I bet James was the one who was cheering him on the loudest, and Sirius would have needed that badly. Remus can’t afford to cheer so much; to Remus, Sirius’ choice for their side is a necessity for his survival. You can’t cheer somebody on for being a decent human being, you just breathe a sigh of relief that that danger is gone. Anyway, you’re in puberty, you’re living with a scary sense that you’re losing your family, and the carpet’s being dragged away from underneath you. You’re angry and obnoxious and unbalanced all the time, anyway, and you keep acting out. You play a really stupid prank on Snape (and see above for how you don’t quite realize the implications of what that says about you) because, as it feels like, you’re angry, and you’re scared. Next thing reality is crashing down on you while everybody is rushing around doing damage control, Remus hates you, Snape is scared for life as if he’s a real human being instead of just the kid you hate (you’ll do your best to suppress that bit quickly), everybody is praising James as a hero, and you’re sitting there still scared of yourself. You’re in trouble, and you’re a known troublemaker to begin with, so obviously neither McG nor Dumbledore use this opportunity to notice that you could do with some extra attention and support, and you need to get your act together on your own. You don’t get help with that. Meanwhile you’re in the middle of betraying all your family ever stood for. You grow into a sense that you’re your own fucking responsibility. There are no adults telling you you’re doing the right thing, not the ones you look up to anyway. Dumbledore is supporting your friend Remus every step on the way, all the while only noticing you when you do something wrong, and never noticing that he need help as well. I can make out a broad breeding ground for subconscious resentment here. Sirius has two groups of authority in his life: His parents who he has to reject, and Dumbledore whose gaze wanders right over him. Nope, he won’t grow up a sucker for authority. 

When I was writing Sirius, I stole a line from somewhere and kept reusing it, a sense Sirius had about James and Lily’s death and how “I might as well have killed them myself.” It was his idea to switch Secret Keepers. He did a thing and it made everything around him happen. He doesn’t say to himself, “But James and Lily decided it, too.” He doesn’t share responsibility. Another idea I was fond of was an idea he had that doing things because you were ordered to is the stupidest reason to do anything. And that he makes for a terrible soldier but a great officer. This is the guy who became an Animagus at fifteen along his friends to help another friend, and that probably taught him that helping and protecting the people you love is a fucking amazing feeling. This is also the guy who became the first to ever break out of Azkaban, because he needed to protect Harry, because he was the only one who could. It was his responsibility. It was a non-choice in his book. 

Sirius was thrown into Azkaban, among other reasons certainly, but also because Dumbledore confirmed to the Aurors that he had been Secret Keeper (this is canon), although Dumbledore obviously couldn’t know that for sure – seeing as how it wasn’t true. In Dumbledore’s place, Sirius would have taken full responsibility for that. Dumbledore never did that, and never started working on clearing Sirius’ name. People in the Order treated him as if he was trouble. And a person like that would turn that back on himself. He’d keep looking for things that he personally can do to make his situation better, but he’s being told from all sides that “doing” is exactly the last thing that would help anybody, especially Harry. It’s a crappy situation to be in. 

This is the guy who used to rely on James championing him to feel good about who he is. There’s no James now. Remus prefers doing what Dumbledore says. Nobody present subscribes to the idea of questioning orders, leadership, hierarchies, unspoken beliefs of what the world is like. Sirius is back to being considered a troublemaker, just for being himself, while the guy giving the orders is busy with more important things. 

One time I proposed in a fic that Sirius let himself be hit by Bellatrix’ curse on purpose, and I got a lot of flame for that. 

So basically I like Sirius because never mind his many flaws, he’s reliable in his ideals, and I would trust him if he was a real person. I would respect him in a way I wouldn’t, for example, respect Dumbledore. 

And where people think the whole drama queen thing fits into his personality, I haven’t even got the faintest. But well. 

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remus and sirius and the song transmission by zedd :0

the song is so upbeat but the lyrics are so deep.  i gave it my best shot

background info that i accidentally went into but had to add

  • remus knows that he’s a genuinely nice human being.  but deep down, he’s not a human, he’s a werewolf
  • the marauders try telling remus it’s the other way around, that the wolf is just on the surface
  • but remus is a tricky thing, all knots and tangled scars.  the comments make it worse; somehow confirming that he’s a vile, treacherous creature
  • sirius is the closest to remus, yet he knows only a fraction of remus’s inner workings.  it is enough to reason with the lycanthrope
  • in the fading light, sirius holds his friend close, telling stories
  • this is the part moony never remembers, and never believes

more under the cut because im just full of ideas

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Headcanon that before she went home for the holidays, Lily Evans would decorate the Christmas tree.
And then in her seventh year, she invited the Marauders to come decorate it with her. She left the room for a bit and came back to find ½ of the tree covered with dungbombs and various items of the sort with a few standard ornaments scattered throughout. Lily looked at Sirius, who had his back turned to her, though his posture indicated his pride with what he had done, and then at Remus, who had the decency to look slightly repentant, but she knew he had put at least half of the dungbombs on the tree.
She approached the disaster of a tree and found ¼ of it neatly decorated with an assortment of candies and chocolates that she recognized from a trip to Honeydukes a while ago and a smiling Peter sitting under his section.
Finally she looked at the last quarter of the tree and looked upon a mass of red, white and gold. She couldn’t seem to find the actual tree.
“How many trees you plan to decorate James?”
He looked at her with an eager expression. “I wasn’t sure which ones you liked so I put them all.”
Lily looked at the disaster of the tree, and smiles, giving James a huge hug.

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Imagine the marauders dancing to 'ymca' after all it was the 70s

Ah, yes. 1978. The Marauders are 16 years old, and they’re alone in the Common Room. The fire is low, and most everyone has gone to bed. But not them. No, they’re tinkering. A radio, a fancy Muggle contraption, has made it into their hands, and as yet they’re unable to listen to a single tune.

“How is this even possible?” laments Sirius into his folded elbows. It’s very late, and he’s yawned more times in the last five minutes than he ever thought possible. “We made the Map, for Merlin’s sake. This stupid Muggle box should be a cinch!”

James ignores him and swats the blasted thing on the side a few times for good measure, because by all rights it should be working. He takes the wand from behind his ear and holds it aloft, but he’s cut off before he can get a syllable out.

“Are you sure it’s plugged in?” Remus sighs, but the grin on his face earns the torrent of scarlet couch pillows chucked his way.

“We don’t even have electricity,” Peter says seriously, and all four boys laugh.

“Wait,” Sirius snaps suddenly, his features dog-like as he turns his head to listen.

“I think I heard–” Peter began.

James slapped the box a bit harder while Remus fiddled with the volume knobs.

…pick yourself off the ground.
I said, young man…

Sonis clamare,“ Sirius firmed, pointing his wand at the radio.

And there was no mistaking the noise emanating from within the wires and tubes; a new sound, popularized by so many and highly catchy, at that.

Young man, there’s a place you can go.
I said, young man, when you’re short on your dough.
You can stay there, and I’m sure you will find
Many ways to have a good time.

It’s fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A.
It’s fun to stay at the Y.M.C.A.

They have everything for you men to enjoy,
You can hang out with all the boys …

“So this is what’s been making headlines,” Remus says, raising a single, impressed brow.

“At least now we know what it is,” James grinned. “And, we can get the WWN if we keep at it.“

The song continued into completion as their heads and feet swayed to the irresistible rhythm. But as it faded into obscurity, Sirius looked rather serious.


“Yeah, Padfoot?”

“What’s a YMCA?”

James paused to consider this. “I have no idea.”

Remus and Peter simply rolled their eyes as the next song began to sound.