james potter and sirius black

Actual Dialogue Between James and Sirius after the latter moves in:
  • Sirius:*Pacing the room angrily*
  • Sirius:You screwed me, Prongs. I told you this was none of your business.
  • Mrs. Potter:*Enters*
  • Mrs. Potter:Sirius, James, here's your cocoa.
  • Sirius:Thanks, Mrs. Potter!
  • James:Thanks, Mum.
  • Mrs. Potter:*Leaves*
  • Sirius:You're lucky I don't kick your ass.
  • James:*Smirking*
  • Sirius:...Are you gonna eat your cookies?
  • James:*Hands them over*

201. We are not allowed to turn the walls of Hogwarts pink, glittery, and furry.

I can’t believe how long the walls stayed this way though. I thought the teachers would “Finite Incantum” them back to normal. - PP

They couldn’t. Remus found some runes that would keep the new additions permanent until the runes were broken. - SB

That’s amazing! - PP

It wasn’t difficult. Sirius was the one who found the place to put it. That’s why it took Flitwick so long to find it and reverse it. - RL

Good use of time while I was at practice, mates. - JP

When Flitwick found them, I couldn’t tell if he was more impressed or exasperated. - SB

Both. Definitely both. - RL

Credit to @ihavetogetoutofhere. Sorry for the delay!

  • Lily Evans flying in the morning with James and Sirius.
  • Lily Evans helping Remus after transformations.
  • Lily Evans trying new hairstyles with Sirius.
  • Lily Evans watching muggle movies with Peter.
  • Lily Evans exchanging books with Remus and lipsticks with Sirius.
  • Lily Evans cooking with Peter and giving him her family recipes.
  • Lily Evans cheering on James’s quidditch matches.
  • Lily Evans comforting Sirius and Remus after their rare fights and giving them advice how to apologize to each other.
  • Lily Evans bonding with Sirius over their family issues. 
  • Lily Evans teaming with Peter and Remus to mock James and Sirius’s helplessness when it comes to muggle technologies. 
  • Lily Evans making the number of the marauders’ photos grow twice.
  • Lily Evans stealing Remus’s sweaters, Peter’s hats, Sirius’s jackets and James’s shirts.
  • Lily Evans brewing potions for them.
  • Lily Evans buying plants in their flat that she thinks match their personalities.
  • Lily Evans being the perfect touch of positivity the marauders always needed (but still having her own interactions and her own squad aka Alice, Mary, Marlene and Dorcas).
‘there’s no use crying about it’

‘There’s no use crying about it.’ This line was practically Sirius Black’s catchphrase and he used it in every situation. Even if the person he was 'comforting’ didn’t have a single tear in their eyes, he would shrug his shoulders and with a smirk he would say; 'There’s no use crying about it.’

When Lily failed to understand Transfiguration. When Peter stubbed his toe. When Remus got the answer wrong in class. When Marlene had broken up with her first boyfriend he showed no sympathy. When Lily rejected James. When Mary had mud all down her skirt from sitting on the grass. When Dorcas had written her Charms essay on the wrong thing. When James broke three ribs and his leg in Quidditch. When Marlene accidentally hit Flitwick with a book and got a weeks worth of detentions. When Mary was too full for desert. When Lily  found out she had gotten so drunk the night before she threw up on James. When Remus tripped up over his own feet walking to History of Magic. When Dorcas and Mary’s potion blew up in their faces. When Peter fell down the last three steps. When James had a bad practice and was just so frustrated with himself. When Lily would get horrible letters from Petunia and he found her crying by the fire. “Crying won’t make it better.” He would say.

However, on the night he lost everything, he sat in his Azakaban cell crying until his body hurt. After what seemed like days he sat up and wiped his tears away with a shaky hand. “There’s no use crying about it.” He mumbled to himself. Crying wasn’t going to fix anything. Crying wasn’t going to bring James and Lily back. Crying wasn’t going to give Harry a proper home. Crying wasn’t going to make Remus believe him. Crying wasn’t going to make Peter pay for what he had done. “There’s no use crying about it.” He said again before bursting into tears.

A Present from Asgard (Marvel AU)

In the middle of the night a loud crash of lightning woke the kids of the Gryffindor Common room. Everyone thought it was just a storm and went back to bed. The next morning, on one of the tables in the middle of the common room sets a hammer. As the students slowly awake they become interested with this strange object. They soon realise that it could not be moved. Now do you really think four incredible mischief makers and a fiery red head can just leave this alone? Of course not…

James struts up to the hammer and has the first attempt. He tries with all his strength to lift or move it. 

James fails. Sirius as bold as ever moved James confidently aside and stood in front of the hammer. 

Sirius pulls with all his strength and soon begins to realise James was not exaggerating upon it’s difficulty.

But of course Sirius Black aka Mr. Stubborn wasn’t going to give up that easily…

James was loving it and couldn’t help tease. At least they both failed.

James: Yeah but it’s funnier because you were so sure you could do it.

Sirius was determined, he tries again. Like he was going to let James take the piss. 

Now frustrated Sirius realised the inevitable. IT’S RIGGED. Ha maybe Peter placed it there to fool them. 



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FMK: James Potter, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin.

Fuck: Remus and James (Can we add Lily to the mix to? Or..)

Marry: Sirius 

Kill: None of them, I don’t think I could actually bring myself to do that..that would just kill me…

  • Sirius:Prongs, the big question is does she like you? ‘Cause if she doesn’t like you this is all a moo point.
  • James:A moo point?
  • Sirius:You know, like a cow’s opinion. It doesn’t matter. It’s moo.
  • James [turns to Remus]:Have I been living with him too long, or did all that just make sense?

sirius black giving people advice he has zero intention of following for himself is 100% canon and i feel like ppl miss this as a fic opportunity??

sirius: moony you really want to stop lending out your possessions if you’re this fussed about them coing back damnaged
remus: you were the one who returned my jumper with a sleeve missing???
sirius: my point exactly. 

sirius: james, mate, you’ve got to listen to birds if you’ve any hope of wooing them.
james: mate, you’re gay.
james: and i’ve been married for two years.
sirius: your point?

sirius: pete, buddy, you’ve got to stop drinking so much. when you drink, bad things happen…
pete: yeah mate that was you who got trash and pissed on that pool table and got us kicked out, not me, so–
sirius: my point exactly. if you were more sober, you could’ve stopped me.

sirius: evans you really shouldn’t let your sister get to you, you know.
evans: didn’t you just punch your brother last week???
sirius: irrelevant


favourite friendships (1/7): The Marauders

“For the first time ever, I had friends, three great friends… I was terrified they would desert me the moment they found out what I was. But […] they didn’t desert me at all. Instead, they did something for me that would make my transformations not only bearable, but the best times of my life. They became Animagi.”