Imagine finding the Marauders when they’re setting up a prank and James and Sirius getting to Remus to flirt with you to convince you not to tell any of the professors because they know the two of you fancy each other.

“Shit,” Sirius whispered underneath the invisibility cloak with James.

“What?” James asked.

“Y/n is headed this way.” They both knew that if you caught them, you would go directly to Professor McGonagall. Sirius stuck his head out from the cloak. “Remus,” he called and motioned towards you. Remus blushed, but nodded. Of course he would have to be the one to distract his crush. He rushed around the corner and blocked you from going any further.

“Hey, y/n.” You stopped, shocked before blushing and ducking your head.

“Hey, Remus,” you replied shyly. Remus couldn’t help the stupid smile that found its way on his face.

“Sooo…where are you going?”

“To the library. I’m having some trouble with my Charms essay,” you explained trying not to drop the multiple books you were juggling.

“Here, let me help,” Remus said as he grabbed most of your books. “I have some books in the common room that might help.” Remus started to direct you to the Gryffindor common room, but you quickly moved out of his arms.

“I really do need to go to the library. Madame Pince promised to pull some books for me,” you explained, but Remus persisted.

“We’ll go to the library. Let’s just swing by the common room and see if I have anything that might help you out.” You looked down the corridor suspiciously.

“You aren’t trying to distract me while your merry men do some prank, are you?” you questioned. Remus instantly got nervous.

“No! Why would you think that?” he said as he fidgeted and almost dropped the books. If you could have seen Sirius and James, you would have seen Sirius facepalm and James shake his head while rolling his eyes. You looked down the corridor again and saw Peter who waved and smiled. You raised your eyebrow, but decided to humor Remus.

“Alright. Let’s go,” you said with a smirk. 

As they watched you walk away, Sirius murmured, “We really need to teach that boy how to lie.”

okay but imagine

literally any au where peter pettigrew wasn’t a complete waste of a human being and james and lily lived and raised harry so naturally they have the #marauders squad all in its prime glory so there’s “uncle moony” and “uncle padfoot”

except, because harry’s only known them by their nicknames, he doesn’t realize that moony and padfoot aren’t their real names

so imagine small 10 year old harry’s being picked up from somewhere, like a birthday party or something, and whoever’s in charge goes to him and says, “harry, your uncle remus is here to pick you up”

“my what?”

“your uncle remus?”

“i don’t have an uncle remus”

and they’re both really confused, until remus comes in and harry’s “oh! uncle moony! i don’t get it, why did she call you uncle remus?”

which leads to remus having to explain that moony and padfoot aren’t their real names, that it’s actually remus lupin and sirius black. imagine the shock. the anger. the betrayal.

sirius and james think it’s hilarious

Holy Ground

I was reminiscing just the other day,
While having coffee all alone and Lord, it took me away.

Lily’s heart pounded as she hurtled up the stairs, Harry clutched tightly to her chest. She wanted to squeeze her eyes shut, to block everything out, but forced herself to stay alert. James’ words echoed in her head. “Go! Run! I’ll hold him off!”

He didn’t even have his wand.

Trying to get a grip of herself, she turned her mind to the happy memories she had wallowed in the other night, after Harry had gone to sleep and she could curl up on the sofa with a cup of coffee and a book. Those memories always transported her back to a mysterious castle, and rolling grounds, and a smirking, arrogant black-haired boy she loved very much.

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On Sirius’s Hair
•So I said in my last post that Sirius loves getting his hair touched
•And of course he does after 11 years of being basically ignored by his family (because I don’t think the real abuse started until after he went to school, it was probably more of them ignoring him and not giving him the attention he OBVIOUSLY NEEDS)
•He’s starved for any kind of human affection
•And lbr getting your hair touched feels great
•like when someone washes it and massages your scalp? Yesssss
•anyways Sirius thought it was relaxing and likes having his hair in pretty braids and such
•and he refuses to cut it cause he thinks it looks punk rock when it’s down
•he’ll toss himself in Remus’s lap while Remus is studying and Remus will just kind of absently stroke his hair
•and he lets James try to replicate whatever hairstyle Lily is currently rocking because James is just amazed by Lily’s skill
•but Peter is the one who knows how to braid
•so it’s Peter that Sirius sits with for hours while Peter practices “this new four strand French braid technique one of the Ravenclaws taught me stay STILL Padfoot”
•and the gryffindor girls will weave red and gold ribbons into his man bun for quidditch matches
•also when he’s Padfoot I can totally see him walking up to girls in Hogsmeade to get a good pet
•cause only that one Hufflepuff knows how to scratch behind the ears the best
•and it’s all just adorable and Sirius gets all the pets he needs forever

Imagine getting into a fight with James and him laying across the entrance to the girl’s dormitory and not letting anyone in or out until you talk to him.

It had been about a week ago that you had stopped talking to James. You had been talking to your crush when James had came up behind you.

“Hey, y/n, what’s keeping you- oh, is this that cute Ravenclaw you’re always talking about?” You had been absolutely mortified. James had been constantly trying to apologize to you since then, but you ignored him. James had then been resorted to his final option.

“James, so help me,” you heard Lily threaten. That wasn’t anything new. Lily was always threatening James. Either she was threatening to hex him or threatening him with bodily harm.

“Nope, I’m not moving until y/n talks to me.”

“Y/n! Please talk to James so that I can finish my homework,” Lily yelled through the door. You set down your quill and reluctantly opened the door. You found James lying across the entryway preventing anyone from coming or going. You huffed before glaring at James.

“Fine. Speak, Potter.” James got up on his knees and grabbed one of your hands.

“Dear, y/n. One of the most beautiful women at Hogwarts, second only to my Lily. Please forgive me. I promise to try to keep from offending you from now to eternity,” James said dramatically. You rolled your eyes but couldn’t help from smiling.

“Fine,” you sighed dramatically. “You’re forgiven.”

“Good, now can I finish my homework?” Lily questioned with a smirk.


The next morning, you smiled into your tea.

“What’s got you so happy?” questioned Lily.

“Oh, you’ll see,” you told her mysteriously. Only a couple of minutes later, James cane strolling into the great hall. The hall fell silent before bursting into laughter with people pointing and staring. James seemed confused but continued to his spot near the Marauders, who were barely controlling their laughter.

“Mate, what happened to your hair,” Sirius asked.

“What are you talking about, Padfoot?” James grabbed a piece of his hair for him to see that its color had changed to neon pink. James’s eyes found yours as he smirked. “Very funny, y/l/n. Are we even now?” You returned James’s smirk before grabbing your bag.

“Hmmm, I’ll let you know at the end of the week. By the way, Potter, love the new hair color,”you said before heading to class.

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Who is your James hc? Because I can't stop picturing him as Richard Ayoade tbh

Okay so Richard Ayoade is one of my two James’ headcanons.  Because look at this fucking nerd…. (I love him so much)

Okay but I also have a second one because Sendhil Ramamurthy is a goddamn glorious human being and he’s my second HC for Desi James.

The progression of Remus Lupin
  • Headcanon that when Remus is a little boy he hates magic because magic is what makes him turn into a savage beast every month.
  • He arrives at Hogwarts terrified someone will find out his secret and hating himself for what he is.
  • It takes the love and acceptance of three mischievous boys to show him not only that he is not a monster, but that magic can be fun when enjoyed with friends.
  • Later on it is the all consuming love from Sirius Black that shows him his scars are worth loving too.