james p. lee


Display case for the week of November 20th: 

  • Arthus Caspari, Buch aller Lieder mit Bildern von Hans Platschek (Berlin: Rainer Verlag, 1980). 
  • Edward Ruscha, Hard Light (Los Angeles: Heavy Industry Publications, 1978). 
  • Vera Frenkel, X String Games: Improvisations for Inter-City Video (Canada: 1974). 
  • Geoffrey Detrani, Plan for a Walled City (Paltz, NY: Detrani, 1996). 
  • James Lee Byars, P. I. I. T. L. (Florance, Italy: Maurizio Nannucci, Exempla and Exit Editions, Zona Archives, 1990). 

[17.07.26] The whittier ymca just got one of these machines so i can finally workout my upper body without straining my elbows on the cable machines. I was getting tendonitis in my elbows from working out so much and going through a funk because i couldnt do much physically other than walk. Even the bouncing from running is aggravating the arthritis in my wrist. A guy named jerry randomly came up to me at the y to say the journey is about God, not us. I made the photo b&w because i was about to cry and looked like a little cry baby ( #lilgunit ) but small victories like this are reminders that #godisgood