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Picnic Adventures

Hello everyone. Today was an adventurous and fun day for us. Max and Aiden had two of their little friends over (Micah and Quinn), and since the weather has been AMAZING these past couple of days, I decided to take the kids out on a little “picnic,” if you can call it that. Plus, it honestly felt so nice to be outside for once - and by “outside,” I mean really outside and about in our little neighborhood, and not just out in our own backyard! It’s been awhile since the last time we were really out of the house like this, but the weather has been… very unpredictable!

I began the preparations for the picnic that I had planned pretty early in the morning, with a bit of help from Emily and William, before they both left to visit a friend. We made some fun animal toasts for the little kiddos to eat while we were out, and I also made 3 different types of smoothies (mango, melon and strawberry - mostly because none of my kids like the same damn smoothie!) I also brought some Cheerios for Noah and Lumi, since that’s literally their favorite thing right now! I then packed some of the kids’ favorite toys and books for entertainment, and with Micah and Quinn’s arrival at our house, we were ready to go out and have lots of fun. Too much fun, I even had trouble convincing them to go back home!

I’d say the picnic I had planned was pretty calm and simple. The very first thing I did, was to take the kiddos to the little nearby pond, so they could all say hello to the ducks (I know how much Max loves going here, so… we just had to go!)

Next, we then had to try and find a quiet place for us to sit, and I’m happy that we managed to find a bench to sit at, because we have grass growing literally E V E R Y W H E R E! (I’m not sure if someone maybe forgot to bring their kids’ table back home with them, or if someone have purposely left it there, since that actually happens pretty often around here). But with everything set at the table, and I then quickly realized that barely any of the toys or books were touched, or even thought much about. I think we adults sometimes forget how much of an imagination our kids have to play with. But I’m still glad I brought it with me, since I did get to read a book or two for them, while we sat in the grass together, after they had used pretty much all of their energy, haha.

But I’m so excited for Summer, and for the weather to change for the better. And I want to take my kids out to see more of the world this year, and I hope to bring all of their little friends along with us again in the near future.

One of the reasons I love late night hosts so much is because after every horrific, disturbing, disgusting and awful thing that happens in the world, they can make it seem bearable. They make it seem like there’s hope. They have to report about it that night and they share in our disbelief. If it is too soon or just too terrible to make jokes about, they can at least make it feel okay, they make it seem like we can get through it. It reminds me of in Titanic when the strings players kept going after the ship started to sink, they were bringing a little comfort and a little distraction to people during the worst part of their life. Our hosts are that for us. The fear will unite us and they will be able to bring light to us when we don’t think we can see it. They will make us feel safer and less scared, Colbert said it best with “You cannot laugh and be afraid at the same time”.

Sean… Sean no hop off the bandwagon please 😂 maybe he’s not dead have hope 😂😭😭


11 months old/emotional mother rambles!

Hello everyone. I’m back with a tiny update. We’ve been quite busy for the past couple of days; we celebrated my 30th birthday on the 19th of March, and we have now started the preparations for Noah and Lumi’s 1st birthday next month! I cannot believe that they’ll be turning 1 year already. I know it must sound so cliché coming from me, but I can remember the day they were born like it was yesterday. And although the pregnancy wasn’t planned at all, I wouldn’t change it for the world! Every single one of our children have brought something unique and amazing into our lives, and I can’t imagine a life without them in it. Bringing these children into the world, and watching them grow up, is one of the biggest gifts life has ever given me, and I couldn’t be more proud to call myself their mom. This past year has been very challenging, but also a lot of fun. There have been bad days, and there have been good days. Some days I feel like I have everything under control, and other days I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. Being a parent of six little children is not easy, but to wake up every morning, and seeing those sweet little faces, see their smiles and hear their forever heartwarming giggles, makes it all worth it.