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james grew up as a member of the order of the phoenix, it is likely that he was saving lives. Snape literally joined a terrorist group but keep it up with that 'James never changed' bullshit 😘

awww honey it’s cute that you think james ‘terrorized a kid for seven years’ potter is the Good Guy™ but i’m sorry to tell u that his character is more nuanced than that

here, since u don’t seem to understand…. james is, at the same time, the guy who tries to blackmail a girl to go out with him and also learns to be an animagus to help his friend. james is, at the same time, the guy who joined the order but also bullied a kid relentlessly just for daring to exist.

james didn’t really change, as far as we know. he hid his bullying from lily bc he knew she’d never go out with him if he continued to do it. he grew up to be a father and a member of the order, but being a member in the “good” group doesn’t automatically make you a good person… as evidenced by pettigrew. or by fucking dumbledore himself… you kno, the guy who was all for grindelwald’s plans??? he likely did a number of good things, just as he did a number of bad things…. just like any other complex character.

and since we’re discussing change, and my disbelief over james’, why don’t we discuss SNAPE’s change. if you want me to hold with your ‘james definitely changed’ spiel, then all i ask is you recognize that’s true for snape too. if i can’t hold james to the shit he did in school - like bullying a kid for seven years - then you have to also recognize that snape changed from his death eater days. that he joined a terrorist organization and then GOT THE FUCK OUT OF IT. like…. does that even register for anti-snape people??? your own hypocrisy????? telling me that i have to accept a character has changed while refusing to recognize the character you hate has changed as well and forcing him to stay stuck in the dark part of his narrative as if he never spent twenty years atoning for the mistakes he’s made? he literally gives his LIFE to see voldemort dead, but all he is is the guy who joined the terrorist organization? are you fucking kidding me?

honey, i accept james changed. i also accept that he was a bullying braggart in school and that he tormented someone just for kicks - and that doesn’t get erased just because he changed. you know what you need to accept? that snape was a death eater, but he was also the man who left it and the man who gave up everything to see it decimated. i’ll cop to yours when you cop to mine you hypocritical piece of shit, thank u for ur unneeded comment and goodnight. 😘


Full Official London Theatre interview with James and Lesley Manville

The best bit is when James talks about cheating on Jamie Lloyd! lol


I just want to let everyone know that I am first and foremost a major James Bond films fan. I love all the Bonds Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig. To me they’re all awesome.

I have all 23 EON Bond Films on DVD and I love them all so much. To me they’re all super and wonderful.

I love the new and old Bond Films and I love seeing how they evolved throughout the years. I don’t have the novels and I never read them personally. I do know about them and some things that happen in them. 

They seem great too.

James Bond is my favorite film series of all time and that will never change.