dating brad would include...

• forehead kisses

• bear hugs

• cuddle, pizza & movie dates

• falling asleep while cuddling

• neck kisses

• tickle fights

• “can I kiss you now?”

• calling him cute all the time

• “stop calling me cute, I’m manly”

• only getting into fights when he’s jealous

• him pouting when he wants a kiss

• waking up in his arms

• him complimenting you during sex

• “you look so pretty right now babe”

• playing with his hair

• this boy is definitely a top

• “come her princess”

• your parents loving him

• he’s cheeky when no one is around

• slow and sweet kisses


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The Vamps on why they love Taylor Swift and April Fools’ Day 

Interviewer: What or who inspired you the most when you were growing up?

James McVey: I like Taylor.

Interviewer: I mean Taylor Swift is so important to you, isn’t she?

James McVey: She was for our second album, definitely. I think that 1989 kind of revolutionized the industry at the time, so yea. Wake Up, our second album, was influenced heavily by that album. I genuinely love Taylor. This is not a joke.

Interviewer: Every time I see you, at some point we talk about Taylor Swift.

James McVey: Yea, well, she’s a serious part of my life.