So I met The Vamps yesterday in Maryland! The Q&A was so cute and while they were sitting there, the smoke things went off and it was so funny. I had VIP tickets and I got to take a picture with them and hug them all and it was amazing! I accidentally stepped on Tris’ foot while I was hugging him though (he was wearing flip flops) and I felt so bad but they were all making fun of it/me and it was cute. I was a few people back in the center during The Tide but I left because I was feeling claustrophobic and asthmatic (stupid health problems) so I went and stood at the side near the rope that leads to backstage. I saw Dean and got him to sign the picture of us from when I met him last year. And because I was standing there, a security guard asked if I wanted him to take some pictures with my phone and this is one of the pictures he got! Everyone sang happy birthday to Brad because, as you know, his birthday is today and that was so cute. They were so amazing and I just love seeing them live so much! I had a great night! (:

Preference #27: Im Adopted, He Didnt Like Me At First
  • Brad: I never thought that I would find a family that wanted me. I was in foster care since I could remember and maybe before then. I could never find the reason why, but I always tried to keep positive. I meet the Simpsons right after I turned 16 and they wanted to give it a run. Shortly after I meet them, I moved into their place. They had a son named Brad and I thought he would help me get settled in but I was wrong. “You won’t last long, ” he said as he walked into my room. “What?” I asked. “My parents will get tied off you and give you back” he said. “And why is that?” I asked. ‘Because I’ve seen this too many times, they adopted, then give up" he said. “I don’t believe you, ” I said. “Well, I know my parents better than you do, ” he said. “That is true, but they seem like good people, ” I said. “Yeah, whatever, ” he said as he walked away. I didn’t know what his deal was but I tried not to worry about it. A few turned days turned into many weeks that lead to months. I seemed to fit in well Mr and Mrs Simpson liked me, but couldn’t say that about Brad. He would always try to get in me trouble and I couldn’t figure it out. “Mom, she got into trouble today at school, ” he said. “That’s not true, ” I said. “Look at the letter she got from school” Brad said. “They are worried that I can’t catch up butits not that I’m in trouble” I said. “Well, we will get you some help sweetheart” Mrs. Simpson said. “Thank you, ” I said. “Give her up like the last child” Brad said. “Bradley stop it” Mr. Simpson said. “You are giving her hope when in reality this is your charity case” Brad said. “Is it” I asked. ‘Of course not, we are really looking forwards to adopting you" Mrs. Simpson said. “Yeah, whatever don’t hold your breath” Brad said as he went upstairs. “Don’t worry about him” Mr. Simpson said. “Ok, thank you, ” I said. Things seemed never to be ok with Brad and I didn’t even want to question it. I wanted to find a family that wanted me and this one seemed to want me, but I didn’t know if I belonged. After I was officially adopted by the Simpsons Brad seemed to stop being mean towards me. “Can I help with your work?” he asked. “I’m catching up fine, ” I said. “Look, I know I was mean and I want to say sorry for that” he said. “You said what you said for a reason” I said. “I didn’t want you to get your hopes up, ” he said. “I never do, ” I said. “I’m sorry, ” he said. “Thank you for that, ” I said. “I would really like for us to get to know each other” he said. “I would like that, ” I said with a smile. I finally felt like I was at home and had a family and that’s all that I wanted.
  • Tristan: When my mom left this world, I was thrown into a world of hurt. I was torn from my family and put into the system. I knew a few people in my family, but when the time came to step up no one did. I was in and out of fosters home and I never had anywhere stable to go. I never had someone to talk to nor did anyone seem to care. I meet Mrs. Evans at the center and I guess she wanted to give it a test with me. Once again, I was thrown into a life I didn’t want to have. She had a son and seemed to have a stable home so I was hopeful, but I knew not to get my hopes up. “Tristan?” she asked as we walked in. “What mom?” Tristan asked as he walked to where we were. “This is your new sister, ” she said. “Stop playing games mom, we are fine without someone else” Tristan said. “Well I wanted her to join our family, ” she said. “Where will she stay?” Tristan asked. “Well, she will be sharing your room, now, be nice” she said. “Why, ” Tristan said. “Because it’s what we do, ” she said. “But why, my room, ” he asked. “Because it’s the room we have, ” she said. “Fine” Tristan said. I followed him up to his room and I knew he was already annoyed within just moments of my arrival. “Look im not here to cramp your style or whatever, I’ll take as little space as I can” I said. 'Exactly now there is your corner and don’t touch anything" he said. “Ok, thanks, ” I said as I sat down on the floor. “Where is your stuff?” he asked. “That’s the best part about being a foster child is that you have nothing at all” I said. “Great more money out my moms pocket, ” he said. “I’m not asking for anything” I said. “Yeah, until you get comfortable, then ask for everything, ” he said. “No, I’m not like that, ” I said. 'Uh huh, just like the rest, “ he said. “I’m sorry im here and bothering you, ” I said. “Great to know, ” he said as he laid down on his bed. I tried my best to stay to myself because it was clear that I wasn’t welcomed. After a few months things didn’t get any easier and I didn’t know how to make things better. If I ran away I would go to jail and if I stayed it was clear that I was bothering Tristan so I couldn’t win either way. Mrs. Evans got the paperwork and filed for adoption and within a few days I was finally adopted and knew I wasn’t going anywhere. “Why would you adopt her?” Tristan asked. “Because she’s a part of this family, Tristan, it wouldn’t kill you to be nice for once” Mrs. Evans said. “Whatever” Tristan said as he came up to the room. I was sitting on the bed doing my homework when I saw him come into the room. “Sorry, ” I said as I got up and went back to my corner. “It’s fine, ” he said. “It’s ok, ” I said as I turned my attention back to my work. “Come here?” he asked as he reached out his hand for mine. I got up and walked over to him, he placed my books back on the bed and sat me down as well. “I’m sorry that I was so hard on you” he said. “It’s fine I’m used to it, ” I said. He pulled me back up to him, placing his hands on my hips as he kissed me softly. I was shocked, but didn’t stop the kiss as I kissed him back. “I’ve wanted to do that since you walked in the door” he said. “Why?” I asked. “You are beautiful and I want to make you feel like the most important girl in the world” he said. “Tristan” I said. “Forgive me and give us a chance?” he said. I nodded my head before I kissed him, our bodies moved as one as he continued the kiss. I finally found a home that I didn’t have to hide from and maybe I found more than I asked for.
  • Connor: I never knew what family really meant. Going in and out of foster homes felt like me being tossed to the curve. I felt like I was never good enough for anyone, nor did I feel like anyone wanted me. “There is someone who wants to meet you” My consul said. “Ok, ” I said as I nodded my head. I followed her into a room where there was a couple, I didn’t know what was going on. “She’s beautiful, ” the women said. “Thank you, ” I said as I sat down. “So 6 weeks, then you will file papers” my consular said. “What they are adopting me?” I asked. “Yes, Mr and Mrs Ball wanted to adventure out” my consular said. “Great, ” I said with a fake smile. “You will love it at our house” Mrs. Ball said. “Good, ” I said. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into but I just really wanted to stop moving around. They took me home with them where I found out that they had a son around my age. “This is Connor” Mrs. Ball said. “Hello it’s nice to meet you, ” I said. “Uh huh” Connor said as he rolled his eyes. “I’m Y/N I really hope we get along” I said. “Don’t count on it, ” he said as he went upstairs. “Don’t worry about him” Mr. Ball said. “This is a nice house, ” I said. “Let’s get you settled in” Mrs. Ball said as she showed me to my room. “Need anything just yell” she said as she left the room. I was in amazement as I looked around my room, I never had anything to myself and this huge room was a pleasant surprise. “Don’t get too comfortable you will leave within 6 weeks” Connor said as he leaned against my door. “You don’t know that’ I said. "If I have something to do with it, then yeah, I do know” he said. “I’m not here to bother anyone” I said. “Your a bother, just standing there, ” he said. “Ok, thanks, ” I said as I tried not let his words get to me. “Oh, let the games begin, ” he said as he walked out. Over the next few weeks Connor made it impossible for me to fit in and would always get me in trouble. I didn’t know my status with the Ball’s and I would probably go back to the foster home. They ended up filing for my adoption earlier than 6 weeks and finally I was in a home that wanted me. “Why would you adopt her?” Connor asked. “Because she fitted in our life so you have to accept it” Mr. Ball said. “She’s not the good girl you think she it” Connor said. “Be nice” Mr. Ball said. “Whatever” Connor said as he went upstairs. “Guess you can finally put your stuff away, ” he said as he walked into my room. “Yeah, ” I said. “Guess my plan didn’t work and your tougher than I thought” he said. “I never give up, "I said. "Well im sorry if I caused you any issues, ” he said. “I would like it if we tried to be friends” I said. 'I guess we can do that, “ he said. I knew things would always be tough in my life, but I never gave up. This was where I belong until the next chapter of my lift started.
  • James: I only had two more years before I turned 18 and I could be by myself. Until then I was in and out of foster homes and really didn’t have any say about it. They always sit trail runs in the family, but we never really get a say if we want to stay or not. Lucky for me, I didn’t stay in any of my other homes because they were bad. I meet Mrs. Mcvey while I was working in the center, didn’t know that she was thinking about adopting me. My case worker placed me with her. Walking into a new home is not only scary but also weird because I never knew if I would stay. "Who is this” James said as he walked into the room. 'This is Y/N, we are thinking about adopting her” Mrs. Mcvey said. “Why though? Aren’t you happy with me?” James said. “Of course son but we just wanted to help some misfortune kids” she said. “Well guess the pay check is nice” James said. “Its not about the pay check James” she said. “Sure tell yourself that” James said. “James be nice please” she said. “Whatever” James said as he went upstairs. “Don’t pay any attention to him” she said. 'Thanks for bringing me here but you don’t have to keep me" I said. “We want you here, James will come around to the idea” she said. “Where is my room?” I asked. 'Well you have to share a room with James" she said. “Great” I said as I walked upstairs. I could see James laying on the bed as I walked in. “What the hell are you doing in here?” he asked. “Because we have to share a room, ” I said. “Great” He said as he rolled his eyes. “I’m sorry that I’m bothering you, but let’s just make the best out of this situation” I said. “I won’t, ” he said. “Ok, fine, ” I said. James has been just rude and mean to me. I couldn’t figure out why so I tried my best to stay out of his way which was hard. It was more of teasing than anything so I tried to act like it didn’t bother me. It seemed like I was a good fit with the family and they filed papers for me to get adopted and James wasn’t really happy. “Guess you are staying” he said. “Yeah, I am, ” I said with a smile. “I really didn’t want you here’ He said. “And can I ask why?” I asked. “Because If you are my adopted sister, I can’t do this, ” he said before he kissed me. He pulled away and I just looked at him in shock not knowing what to say. “That’s why I was so hard on you, ” he said. “It can be our secret” I said as I moved closer to him. “Keeping secrets, ” he said with a slight smile. 'Yeah, “ I said as I leaned up and kissed him. I finally found the home that wanted me and found my prince charming in the process.
Are you jealous? (Brad) requested by anon

“So your actually going to go for a drink with this guy?” Brad smirked a little too forcefully As you sat in his kitchen. You and brad had been really good friends for years and just got on so well, you had always had a crush on him but because you were such good mates it might have ruined everything if you took it any further so you kept it to yourself. It was no surprise when you called him up on a Sunday evening and asked to hang out because you were bored.
‘Brad is such a good cook damn it’ you thought to yourself as you swirled your fork round and round your nearly empty plate of noddles in brads kitchen. ,“ yeah, I really don’t get what the big deal is.“you giggled. Brad took a sharp intake of breath and ran his fingers through his hair, “I just…I just don’t think he’s good enough for you that’s all.” He blurted out quickly . You put down your fork in annoyance and stared at him from across the table in rage. “ Brad, Toms a really nice guy, just because he doesn’t have the best of jobs and lives in a pokey flat doesn’t mean he’s not good enough for me. God I thought you for all people would be happy for me. And anyway I’m not going to marry the guy, it’s just a few drinks” Brad was shocked. In fact you were shocked yourself. You’d never had a disagreement with Brad and it didn’t feel almost felt bad for raising your voice but it had to be said. There was an awkward pause before Brad broke the silence by standing up and taking both your empty plates, then he finally spoke up,“ the reason I’m saying it is because I want you to be happy (y/n) he’s a loser with a drinking problem and a shitty car Who has only just moved out of his parents house. You don’t need that .” He said walking towards the dishwasher Turing away from you shaking his head, “ And what do you think would make me happy Brad? You?” You said laughing sarcastically trying to shake off the fact that secretly you knew he could indeed make you very happy. Brad stood still with his back still to you not saying a word. You felt the atmosphere drop suddenly. “Brad?” You spoke in a softer tone this time making it almost a whisper. You saw his whole body tense up and his head drop. “ and what if I could?” He replied in the same tone as you. Without thinking you found yourself standing up from your seat and putting your hands on his shoulders to turn him around gently while a very confused look formed on brads face. You cupped his cheek and looked into his now dilated pupils only to see a lost young man starting back. “ what did you say? I want you to say it again.” You said your lips almost touching his but not quite. Your heart beating so fast it felt like it was going to fall out. “ I could make you happy.” Brad said not taking his eyes of you. “ I know” you replied. Suddenly you lips attached his. The kiss was long and sweet until Brad licked your bottom lip practically begging for entrance. You gave it to him gladly as your hands traveled up and down his chest pulling on his half unbuttoned shirt . The kiss deepened as he put both hands on your waist and effortlessly lifted you up onto the counter so he was now standing in between your legs. Brad suddenly pulled away leaving you breathless and wanting more. “ your not just kissing me because you feel sorry for me are you?” You smiled and pecked his lips, “ no Brad, no I’m not.”