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Daddy Daughter Duo Mario Van Peebles & Morgana Talk ‘Superstition’

'Superstition’ airs Thursdays on SYFY at 11 p.m. This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News, Tuesday, December 12, 2017.

La Rochelle is a town in the Deep South where superstitions, ancient myths, and legends are true. For generations, The Hastings Family have owned the only funeral home and graveyard in La Rochelle. In addition to providing services for all faiths, the “family specialty” is handling “afterlife care” for the unexplained deaths of folks at the hands of demonic “Infernals,” and other unworldly phenomenon that have long haunted the town.

The more things change, the more they remain the same

Monson Motor Lodge president and general manager James Brock pouring acid into the motel pool in St. Augustine, Florida, June 18, 1964. He was attempting to eject activists who were protesting the whites-only policies. James Brock was also the president of the Florida Hotel and Motel Association.

Photo by Horace Cort/Associated Press

St. Augustine, Florida police officer Henry Billitz, jumping into the pool to get the activists out. All of the protestors were arrested.

Photo by Horace Cort/Associated Press

McKinney Texas police corporal Eric Casebolt using force to subdue unarmed 15 year old Dajerria Becton. When two young men attempt to come to her aid, corporal Casebolt points a gun at them. He then forces her to the ground, placing his full weight upon her. After being placed on administrative leave, he has since resigned. All of those detained had been attending a party at the Craig Ranch north community pool on June 5, 2015. According to party host Tatiana Rhodes, a Craig Ranch resident, the disturbance began when she was verbally and physically assaulted by two white neighborhood residents. The police were summoned by a Craig Ranch security guard, who believed that most of the party attendees were trespassing at the private pool.

Photos are screen captures from a video posted to YouTube by witness Brandon Brooks.