james may [1]


James May on BBC Breakfast 1 June 2017


Reposting these two separate tflns in honour of James May’s 52nd birthday!
[Image 1: James May is standing outside (or so it appears) in profile, holding a glass of wine. He is looking back over his shoulder and sneering. The caption reads: “(717): The amount of alcohol I’m going to consume on my birthday is directly proportional to the amount of shit I’ve had to put up with this past year. Which is a lot.”]

[Image 2: A screencap of James May on the TG set sitting in his chair. He’s wearing one of his stripey like bad wallpaper shirts. He’s got a look of shocked realisation on his face. The caption reads: “(608):  i just did the math…im a product of my mothers birthday sex”.]

A bit early, but technically it’s the 16th in the UK now. :D