james master

My 2 major OTPs finally combined!
And now they have 4 hearts lol

Doctor Who crossover, I’m soooo into this last season, and its soooo about the Doctor and Missy (Master)… then it came out.

Jessie as Missy (The Master) and James as the Twelfth Doctor. It was quick, I have a lot of work to do.


Akira (1988) / Cel x 2, Original Background + Douga  / 250mm x 350mm

Tetsuo braces for impact with Takashi at the end of the opening bike battle.

I thought I should post something special today. Subject-28 has hit 5k followers. Thanks for all the support!

Note: Production art from the opening bike battle is very rare. It was stored low in the container crate used to ship the artwork from Kodansha in Japan to Streamline Pictures in the US. As a result, much of it got waterlogged en route when the ship transporting it was hit by a storm.