james maslow feels

  • Glamour: But you do have to have that physical chemistry.
  • James: That's so important. Anybody who thinks that sex isn't one of the most important things in a relationship is insanely wrong. Once you have that requirement, it's all about personality. It's easy to find an attractive girl in L.A. It's not easy to find an attractive girl who you enjoy spending all your time with.

we are who we are ∞ you’ll always be part of me. these four boys have made me laugh cry and scoff. who would have thought that when i laid eyes on you on that summer evening that you would have turned into such a huge part of my lives? kendall, james, logan and carlos. never ever stop being who you are. big time rush is the epitome of pop music perfection. i love you guys. you’re my super hero without capes and my angel without wings. rusher ∞


“Lies” - Debut Single Teaser Video