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Munday asks!

07: What languages do you speak?

I speak English, I also know a tiny bit of Japanese, due to it being apart of the syllabus in Australian Schools

08: How long per week do you estimate you spend on RPing?

To but it bluntly. No clue, other than simply a lot……. I spend a lot of time on Tumblr RPing lmao

09: Which writer(s) inspire you?

Well this is an interesting question. @tortureisims‘s mun James inspired me to make this blog, and start RPing, and if we’re talking about this from a RPing perspective, people like @anokaua @androsswannabe @alola-dad @craniumaniac @plumeriaxskull @savagejack @branch-chief–faba and a lot of other people inspire my writing and I always look forward to reading their interactions and replies so I can learn how to write better.

If we’re talking actual writers, well I’ve been writing for a long time, way before I started RPing, and the biggest inspiration for me was a guy who’s name I’ve dropped a couple of times on this blog, Derek Landy, the author of the series Skulduggery Pleasant. I love this series and a lot of my humor and writing style was inspired by the Skulduggery Pleasant series. I’m also really excited because he’s reviving the Series with Book 10, Skulduggery Pleasant: Resurrection, which is coming out in June, and I’m super excited for it!

Jarryd James has been making waves in the Australian music scene as of late and for good reasons as well and now he’s teamed up with fellow Australian songstress Julia Stone for his track called Regardless. Its quite interesting as this is the type of style I thought Angus and Julia Stone would take if they ever went down a more melodic electronic route and I kind of love it just for that. Its got these soothing deep beats mixed with these absolutely lush harmonies, their voices just work so well together its unreal - Jakk

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hey!! so i feel like james needs even more cheering up after that stream, so here’s what i thought i could do: if everyone could reblog this, reply to this or send me an ask with something nice to say about james, i’m going to compile every single thing you all say into pictures and link it to him where i can! no guarantee he’ll see it but it’s worth a shot because he deserves the time it’ll take to do this. 

i’m not posting this in the tags for obvious reasons, so if you could please make your friends or other creature/james-loving blogs aware of this post, i’d appreciate it!

you can make your message however long or short as you want, so let’s try and get at least 50 messages!