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James Shigeta & Glenn Corbett in The Crimson Kimono (1959)



“I said, I’m a junkie.

Helena Bonham Carter and Don Johnson as Dr. Theresa Lyons and Detective James Crockett

Miami Vice (1987) S3, Ep16 - Theresa

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Oh yeah, Harry was asking for attention on that segment. He could have stayed on his lane but no he decisive to make his "comment". he was seeking a reaction from James. Some blogs are saying it was scripted just to take the blame away from his actions but no, he instigated that question.

He did, this is all on him. People are slowly starting to come to terms that the Harry Styles they thought they knew is not the Harry Styles he is showing himself to be.

I’ve said this before but yachtgate solidified the image that were seeing today. The pretentious, elitist, who sleeps with models and is excitedly pursuing a solo career with his BFF.

That set the stage for everything else that has unfolded ever since. I see a lot of people just blaming his team or even a few that are still in complete denial of what is happening. These are stages of grief because it is heartbreaking to realize someone that you loved is not who you believe they were after all.🌼